eBike Conversion Kit, Install & Review ll Bafang BBS02B 750W motor

eBike Conversion Kit, Install & Review ll Bafang BBS02B 750W motor

Tired of that boring pushbike? Why not spice it up into an eBike! Easy to install and blast to ride.

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Bafang eBike Conversion kit
AliExpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_A1sKDn

Bottom Bracket removal tool: http://ebay.us/9J3wCE

Chain Breaker tool: http://ebay.us/M8H4Rt

Gear sensor https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001598904377.html
42T chainwheel https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001792836481.html
Throttle https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001835557675.html
Extension Cable https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33007580140.html
Brake sensor https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32842902753.html
Headlight https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001602623132.html
1T4 Cable https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32598405209.html

Motor & Battery Combo’s:
250W motor and battery https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32863211202.html
500Wmotor and battery https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32552095390.html
750W motor and battery https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32841521705.html
1000W motor https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000917297965.html
1000W motor and battery https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32858461400.html



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  1. Good review thanks. I have done this conversion and it is very easy with the right tools. Range?, my backside has had enough long before the battery runs out.

  2. piblin? oh, PEDALING!

  3. Archaic kit!

  4. Great vid kid thanks

  5. No thanks takes the fun outta cycling.

  6. How easy is it to clean cable routing. It looks like a spaghetti bowl of wires

  7. BBS02 kits are fantastic, I have 2. I would recommend putting heatshrink over all of your Bafang connectors. It helps waterproof them and keeps them from inadvertently coming unplugged.

  8. Can this be put on a 26 inch BMX cruiser with out gears ?

  9. My only problem is in buying that kit you are supporting a genocidal oppressive slave supporting system no thanks , but if another country made the kit I’d buy one

  10. those small bike chains and strong electric motor torgue, likelyhood short lifespan of chain.

  11. anton oudenhoven February 23, 2021 @ 9:46 pm

    Is there also a sensor on the schifter cable.
    So when shifting you dont putt to many forces on the gear’s

  12. I’m wondering how does it handle hills and long distance

  13. No need for background music a big distraction, it got up my nose i switched off a great video

  14. Price approx?

  15. Helpful video. I’m just looking at a 750w full suspension conversion, looks like I will have to drill another bottle mount hole with rivnut to move the battery further up, anyway can you use this without connecting the thumb throttle? I just want pedal assist like most off the shelf bikes, I want to take away the temptation of laziness 😂🤣😂

  16. This a good review on the installation of this very popular kit, and I look forward to your follow up in a few months time.

  17. It’s looks soo… complicated..
    I thought is a lot easier.

  18. Thanks

  19. theoriginalmungaman February 23, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

    Solid built bloke? Solid what?

  20. You will wish you had more power quickly, once you start riding. I would say skip the BBS02 and go with the BBSHD. If you get it from Lunacycle, it is stamped on the motor casing as 750W, but can be increased to 1500W with just a few programing changes through the display. 1500W not enough? With the BBSHD, you can even swap out the integrated controller to get 3000W output!!!! All with a motor stamped with the legal 750w info. I run a BBSHD at 3000w on my custom stretch cruiser for over a year, aprox 600miles with no issues. I am a throttle junkie, I use the throttle A LOT, and can hit 50mph on flat ground. Plenty of torque, for hills as well. Do yourself a favor, and spend the extra $ on the HD version. You will be glad you did.

  21. I´ve been using my Bafang for a couple of years now, and like it a lot.
    There were problems to overcome …….
    First it would not slide fully in to the bottom bracket, it fouled on the chainstay, and I had to return the frame to the dealer for some fancy welding.
    That was sorted vey well, and not too expensive.
    I found the automatic pedal assistance could be dangerous where pedestrians or unfenced mountain roads were concerned, depending which gear the bike was in it could surge forward when I wanted to creep.
    I dismantled the motor, (quite straightforward) and cut the appropriate wire to disconnect the auto function and reassembled.
    To my dismay, the motor was dead.
    Opening it up again, I tested all the connections and found that a white connector had not been fully connected, I pushed it in, it clicked, and all was then well. My ministrations had been the final thing to break the connection.
    After a while, the thumb throttle broke, due to being flimsy plastic, and I had to fix up another one. This took a few attempts, and on a couple of occasions the return spring failed with results that are only amusing in retrospect.
    I´m on solar power here in Spain, and need two batteries so I can ride while the sun shines and charge the other battery during the day.
    I´ve no regrets about buying Bafang, living in the mountains it´s a real gas to flash past the professional Lycra-clad locals as they puff and pant.
    One thing I would emphasise, is that putting my 1Kw motor on a bike without disc brakes would be about the daftest thing anyone could do.

  22. I used a blob of silicone between the motor and the down tube to hold it in place. They can move over time. Great video.

  23. You should never show yourself making the 1st pancake you cook, they always come out half-assed… just like this build. Channel locks to tighten the lock nut? Way to show people how to do the minimum. It won’t matter for you since you seem to be way more about showing the videos than riding. Do everyone that actually wants to build themselves a good ebike a favor and stop the half-assed bullshit. Stay safe.

  24. You dont need an e bike big boy.

  25. You also need to check the dept of bb

  26. I have burnt out 5 bbsh motors from 250-350 500 as the centre spindle with the coil around it cannot cope with hear and shatter. So avoid and get bigger motor like 1000 as that can

  27. I fitted a BBSHD to an old Rockhopper last year. One thing I would add, is that before buying a kit, check that the gear housing will not foul your chainstay. If it does, you will need the 74mm – 100mm or possibly the 101mm – 120mm version and use spacers. luckily, mine did fit the Rockhopper, but not my Cannondale. The supplied chainring is poor quality and you may have to modify the cassette to get chain alignment right. I reduced the number of rings to five and used spacers. The bike is great fun to use and goes like ****.
    Search the following for more help "Will the Bafang mid-drive motors fit on your bike"

  28. Hi there mate, thanks for the video. I’m guessing the motor was 48v, is it ok to use a 52 v battery with the motor? Thanks again.

  29. A great video. Clear and concise directions. One of the best installation videos. Thanks.

  30. i would like to see you mod a motor to use on e bike nice video anyway ty

  31. The 02 runs better if you fit the HD controller giving 28 amps, I had a controller blow on my 02 and couldn’t find an 02 in the UK only the HD, so I fitted it, it retro fits fine, it also has better mosfetts than the 02 version ..

  32. Cuanto cuesta ese motor me interesa y como muedo comunicar conel vendedor

  33. Could have given the bike a clean between removing the unwanted parts and fitting the new.

  34. Just found you and I must say one of the best very informative, thanks.

  35. Jack Black ?

  36. mate are you from NZ?

  37. Stumbled on this by accident and have to say very good review and I love your honesty! New sub although not sure what all you cover but this peaked my interest! Have a fantastic day everyone

  38. Nice video. I bought/installed similar kit, my battery is 48v11.6a, kit cost ~$900USD. So, free would have been much better. 🙂 Been riding it about 4 months. Very happy with it, provides me more inducement to explore places uphill. Battery takes ~twice/thrice/4-times as long to charge as it takes to discharge. On flats with battery off there is a drag on the drive train. Nonetheless I am very happy with it.

  39. €800! That’s crazy.

  40. 愛97前香港的漢奸 February 23, 2021 @ 10:24 pm

    Can you tell me, this kit made in where ?

  41. if i convert my bike with this kit i assume i can back off the power assist and use it for normal bike exercise?

  42. Loved the vid brother! Stay safe 👍

  43. You failed to mention that the battery BMS is a limiting Factor to how much current can be output.
    No point having 8 amp cells in 5p when the BMS is 15 or 20 amp

  44. Got to say the control box being out of the motor isn’t a bad thing. Yeah it’s going to be ‘one’ extra thing hanging on the frame somewhere but once it’s on, it’s on. Learned an important thing though, lithium batteries DON’T take jars and bumps of the road too well. Second note is unless it is LOCKED onto the frame, it’s a quick ‘stolen item’. I got around the problem by putting my lithium set in a simple and small backpack. What’s six to seven pounds to carry yourself? Also your body is going to make the BEST shock absorber versus the bike’s frame. Other ‘small’ annoyance is you’ll have to hook and unhook the battery whenever you leave the bike. ‘Small’ annoyance given how expensive lithium battery packs are. Front wheel mounted e-bike motors are not bad either BUT you should to must buy some reinforcement to lock the wheel in. Front bike mounting was NEVER designed for torque. Don’t matter how tight you tighten it, once the torque of the motor forces the axel to twist, that front wheel is going to break loose. But the reinforcement kits are actually fairly cheap compared to the entire project. Second thing ALL batteries are sensitive to is very cold weather. Leaving batteries outside in freezing weather seriously shortens their life. Lithium packs are easily connected and disconnect and when not in use, take them inside at home or work. Learned this lesson the hard way with my four twelve volt lead batteries. Half the Amp hours and better than four times heavier. When your lugging almost fifty pounds of batteries, that is NOT a quick and easy connect and disconnect. Fifty pounds of batteries take a lot of careful strapping to a frame because you definitely do NOT want fifty pounds on a bike EVER shifting. Learned that with a heavy duty rack bolted on. Just a ever slight wiggle anyways… you definitely feel it throw off the bike’s center of gravity. Next bike had a WELDED RACK! Made a world of difference. Anyways when something has play, you definitely know it’s slowly loosening itself. Well I’m going to point out the one shortfall the system you installed does have. Only one of know of granted. Don’t be surprised if you bike chain snaps. It was designed with human limitations in mind and that motor can and will put a lot more stress on it that you can. Remember saying you can go a nice clip up a hill? Can most people do that? Remember when you are going faster than most people can do on their own, you are stressing that bike chain that much more. Nicely, that’s the only flaw I really see with that system. Actually that is the very real flaw of ALL e-bike kits. General rule, don’t push the bikes much past the speeds they were designed for. Anyways this time I’m skipping an e-bike and going for e-trike. Starting to get too heavy myself for e-bikes and can use the basket on trikes for important things like grocery shopping, doing laundry at a laundry matt. Course I do know the drawback with trikes, MUCH less stable at high speeds! So have another reason to slow it down. Especially with the single wheel at the front of the bike. But I’m not going for speed but for ease for them 10 mile round trips from places I need to go. Anyways slower also means better mileage. Its acceleration that eats the majority of all batteries. Well, that is my two bits, all learned the hard way. These people who want to go 25mph plus on their bikes? I think they are just a little nuts because anything over twenty can easily kill you on a BAD spill. Should know and got the scar my head, two cracked ribs, punctured lung, broken collar bone and broken sternum. Hit the shoulder of the road over a dark patch. Doing 20 was the biggest mistake. Was running late for work and in trying to save time, never made it. If I wouldn’t of been found and taken to a hospital I would of died as my lung filled up with blood and I already have breathing problems. Ex-smoker who did 25 years of damage to my lungs. Haven’t smoked in six but the damage is STILL there. So people who want to go FAST on their bikes, don’t be surprised if it leads to a quick way to die. You only NEED to be UNLUCKY ONCE. I just hope someone new to this type of project reads this and gives pause to what I’m saying because e-bikes are an awesome and cheap mode of transportation BUT only if your smart about it. I’ve learned my lessons the hard way. Mom asked how could I go back? I simply said if you get in a car accident, does that mean you’ll never drive again? Sometimes you have to work with what you can afford. Especially when you live on your own and your job… isn’t that great a paying one either. Anyways e-bike are super fun to ride! Get to enjoy the ride without wearing yourself out, well, until the batteries die! LOL

  45. Nice! I am across the pond in the US. I had a pretty severe fall a few years that left me partially disabled. I can only be up and about for a couple hours till the muscle spasms start in my back… but in that time I LOVE my eMTB! I converted a Montague Paratrooper and added a 1500w BBSHD mid drive, I went with a half throttle…like yourself I have a history of riding from the little mini bikes with lawn mower engines in the 80’s, to mopeds, motorcycles (street), and Quads and trikes (off road)…I wanted a throttle on the right side. I used it mainly when one day I was standing up pedaling in the mud and the arm stripped out, also damaged the pedal…but I bought it on Amazon with an extended warranty so they refunded me 20%, and I ordered me a new pair of cranks, and new Pedal’s. I am 53, My cardiologist thinks its great for my heart(just had a double bypass in december, and the surgeon came to ask me in recovery if I was an athlete because I have kinda thick calves and muscular and he said my heart was a good size for my age and was very muscular.) I told him about building myself up to doing 8 miles a day , and I go looking for wild life, deer, foxes, and the like here in the suburbs. I keep trying to encourage my out of shape friends to give ebiking a try. I took a ride to where my best mate in grade school lived, on the corner of a real steep short hill on one side, and a long slow grade hill on the other. Even as kids we would ride down the steep hill for speed, but would always pedal up the lower grade hill. Well I put my bike into pedal assist 3 and I rode up that hill like it was flat terrain LOL. https://www.instagram.com/hermitage_leathers/ couple pics of my bike, and my little transit connect camper I converted. Happy Trails!

  46. Why on earth do you have this bad habit to through away a useful triplet and install an mid drive motor. What would you do when you will face a situation where the battery will be dead (exchusted) and you have to climb steep hills? This is absolutely the wrong way to convert a bike to ebike. The motor should always be on the back wheel and have all 24, 27, or 30 gears if possible.

  47. Nice installation, keep up the good work.

  48. One of the best and most honnest reviewer on youtube, bravo!

  49. Grease!

  50. Interesting and looks like a good kit. It lists 750w kit but includes 250w sticker is that a fraud or oversight?

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