Ebike Problems Fix – Controller repair replacement

Ebike Problems Fix – Controller repair replacement

One of our hire bikes developed a problem after getting excessively wet.
The dash lights up but there’s no drive to the motor. We tried a working controller off another bike in the fleet and it works fine on the bike, narrowing it down to a faulty controller.
I have tried to source the exact controller with no luck, so after much looking i’ve found one with 90% same spec. Only one block connector doesn’t plug in directly, it has the same 6 coloured wires, so we solder on the block off the old one on to it.
It works to a point, but not perfectly, so it’s off to the pro’s. I’m keen to know the problem so comment below and hopefully a solution will emerge.


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  1. Why when I disconnect the black throttle cable then the motor spins crazy by its self when I connect back the black it stops but the throttle didn’t work ?

  2. Good god!!! Voice level really low, Music level way too high.

  3. the reason is the syncronisation is not good between your hub motor and your new controller. Which means you need to figure out by try and fails which colour combinations are matching now. So the original 3 wires and 3 sensors inside the hub programmed differently in the new controller. so the right sequence need to be found by simple tries. exchange the cables till the nornal torque is back.

  4. Did you put a deans on the controller

  5. Hi. I just got a Lectric Xp about a week ago and the back tire is locking up. I loosened my brake calipers and it will move about 2 feet freely and lock up again!

  6. Just fitted a new cyclotricty ebike
    kit with a display LED 890 and it’s show a flashing just one light and not the full battery level. I have tried a new LED a different battery, a new system cable. Also tested these on another bike and all working. This is a real head scratcher

  7. Munther bin Gmail February 5, 2021 @ 9:07 pm

    So what was the problem?

  8. 3:07 mount wires for soldering

  9. Hey I ave problem with my ebike I really wish u can help me.

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