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  1. Would this void the warranty after installed?

  2. It鈥檚 really not worth 拢140 when you can move the sensor and place a magnet on the pedal

  3. I already bought for my polygon path e5, it work… LOVE IT 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏

  4. Romi Nur Ismanto November 29, 2020 @ 8:04 pm

    Could you give a tutorial for Steps E5000

  5. Fitted mine last night. Piece of cake to fit. And keeps going after 16mph :))))) not sure of top speed as I’ve not been for a good blast yet..
    Thanks speed box well happy

  6. Luxus good chipping

  7. How do i turn it on if i can not switch on the light because the option is blocked in mein setup is there a other way ???

    I have a conway e629 e8000

  8. Does this work in U.S spec motors to remove 20mph cap?

  9. If I have Shimano Steps E6100 series motor with 36V 250W 50Nm + 36 V Comfort Li-Ion battery 625Wh (17.4Ah) 40-65Nm what will be the highest max speed ? Thanks

  10. I understand that this method only works in some frames. I had a carbon bike with the Aston Rider kit and I switched it to a bamboo bike in 10 minutes and I didn’t have to cut any cables

  11. Is it for every software status from the E8000 ?
    I hear from a provider that you have to know the software status !

  12. My bicycle with Shimano steps e7000 motor doesn鈥檛 have lights. Will this also work with it?

  13. What firmware does it support

  14. Hello
    I Have shiamno e 6100
    Already bought speed box1
    Bt i dont know how to open the motor system
    Any help ??

  15. Hello Speedbox, I want to order the unit for my Shimano Steps E8000 motor and have a question regards to changing the chainring from 34t to 38t. Wich chain should I use and what length (how many links)? Does the bigger chainring need some software update by the dealer or can i swap it by myself. Thanks

  16. Really good info Can you give me a link on how to install one for a Shimano steps E6000 please

  17. Hi Speedbox
    Please can you reply I鈥檓 looking to fit x2 of your kits to are ebikes
    Many thanks

  18. Mikael Peter Resting-Jeppesen November 29, 2020 @ 8:46 pm

    Hi peeps 馃檪 I have a E6100, and it looks nothing like what you see in the video. Can you please do a video on the individual motor setups? Or just pictures, or tell us in words. Many thanks.

  19. hello, i have an e-bike with shimano e8000 engine and e8000 display, both with and without the modification i can’t access the light function; it always beeps me and doesn’t enter the menu. If I install but modify it always remains active and the km counter no longer marks correctly. Do you by any chance know how to solve this problem?

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