Ebike Tuning: speeding up your ebike easily.(does not work on all Ebikes)

Ebike Tuning: speeding up your ebike easily.(does not work on all Ebikes)

A very cheap way i found to make my ebike a lot faster.(it also works on some other brands i heard form others) just 1 lashing -or ducktape- and 1 magnet is needed. it tricks the speedsensor so it doesn’t shut off at 25km/h. *IMPORTANT UPDATE!*- if this system doesnt work on your bike , you probably have a newer version of Ebike. I made a new video wich works on newer Ebikes,BUT takes more effort , here is the idea — – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElTS-BVY3Vs .

btw; if you live in Europe, speeding up your ebike is just as illegal as tuning your moped or carengine. But you already know this offcourse ;-).

You don’t have to point me on the dangers of this thing. If i would drive this bike on public roads, i know it can get me n trouble. private courses for mountainbikes are a different story. In my kingdom i can drive on my own propertys and land as fast as i want, as long as i don’t bother anyone with extreme noise or danger on the parcel next to it.
same for closed roads on special occasions. rally is not legal untill there is a closed course for it.
Now prove me wrong…

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  1. Works nicely on my older Bosch touring but also on my latest bike 馃檪
    Bought August 18 2020 it has the Bosch Performence CX with the 80nM update.

    Small 10mm neodyn magnet on the back of the pedal arm and the sensor placed on the underside of the rear fork.
    Even though the sensor and magnet is 15mm apart it works right away.

    Top gear ratio is 40-10, so when going "10km" I actually go with 40km (and I can do that up-hill !!)

  2. Just tried this on my 2018 cube acid one Active line plus and it’s working , as he says it depends on your gear ratio so along the flat I can go at ease to 24 mph or 38.624 kmh only did 7 miles just to test and no issues. It will only improve max speed so it will not make it go faster up hills that all stays the same. Just brought a wireless speedometer to replace my current computer as the speeds are way out but all other functions work as normal. Great idea as no panels are removed so no issues with warranty as long as you put it back to factory conditions. This does use more power from the battery but that’s understandable. Update just been out on a 20 mile ride all still working.

  3. Ciao sai dirmi come sbloccare velocit脿 nella Samebike LO 26 500w? Grazie mille

  4. Nifty little hack bro

  5. Hi!! Have you done this to your personal bike? Will it burn the motor out? Cheers

  6. werkt het ook met een voorwielaandrijving?

  7. the wild runners November 28, 2020 @ 7:54 pm

    Lol thnx now it goes 45

  8. Amazing it works! 30 mph on a decathlon rockrider e-st 900. 5 mins to setup, very easy used a cable tie and some tape. Thank you.

    Update 38 mph on the flat! Absolutely crazy! 10Ik in no time at all and hardly touched battery.

  9. Unkept Northern Bloke November 28, 2020 @ 7:55 pm

    Speed cameras love ebikes

  10. Where exactly can I get one of these magnets?

  11. enyone tried this whit a shimano e8000 ?
    got a new one and serius its like trying to move a tank when you hit that 25 km/h and whant to peddal faster on flat roads

  12. I just need to go to about 32 kmph on my Bosch CX Performance 2019, and not have that sudden stop of the engine at 25 kmph.
    I dont have much power in my legs, so how fast will the bike go in turbo with the derestriction and a cadance at 50-60 and in 12 th gear?

  13. On latest Shimano steps software it will give you error E014 after about 10Km since crank spin and wheel spins are the same. Before you could move the sensor back and spin the crank for about 100 times. No this does not work any more. Motor has to be replaced. So this is a warning for to user with newer Shimano steps system. This may work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ecj4Mzsxsg

  14. Will this turn walk assist mode into cruise control?

  15. Only if You have a midmotor

  16. Nice 馃槑

  17. Will this work on newer versions?
    Cube acid hybrid one 500 2020 Bosch performance Line gen 3

  18. That’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this? I went as far as to put a microcontroller in between my pick up unit and my speedometer that cuts the speed in half when it reaches the limiter speed so it keeps pulling well past the limit. I have the files and code available for free (shameless plug). This is so much easier, though.

  19. Err Naughty but Nice…
    I have a 2018 BMW ebike (Cycle).
    I dont know how long i can resist the temptation.
    Probably when its fully out of warranty…
    It certainly made my 17 year old sons eyes light up when he saw the potential…

  20. Do u know where da magnet is placed by a e-bike Totem Pioneer ? That speedlimiting sucks

  21. Hello . how i can change the speed sensor ? I found no viedeos

  22. Does anyone know if this works with a Riverside 500 Electric?

  23. Works great on the Scott E Sub Universal 2017 can get up to 50kmh

  24. works perfect!!! on my brand new 2020 Giant FATHOM E+ 3 POWER

  25. Thanks Jorgen . Work around works a treat. I only ride my bike on farm roads and can cruise at 55 kph now . BINGO

  26. Work on Brose S?

  27. Funny fortnite Clips November 28, 2020 @ 8:16 pm

    Does this work on Bosch performance line cx 2020?

  28. What things can break or get ruined

  29. European Union is more like Soviet Union you are just forbiden to do enything that ic cool an usefull.

  30. Thanks
    Just did this hack to my 2018 bianchi impulso e-road, with the Polini motor and goes like a rocket.

  31. Thank you Jorgen for a simple solution to make sense of owning an eBike. I have applied your modification to my 2019 Raliegh Modus Grand Tour with Bosche Active Line Plus and it works a treat. The small chainring limits max speed to just over 25mph with the battery still giving max help. The cadence limit for the Active Line Plus is 105 rpm which I cannot attain. So now I can comfotably cruise at 20mph even with a head wind, as I used to do on my road bike, with a bit more sweat.

  32. Ciao. Sai dirmi se il metodo funziona sui motori Bosch CX gen. 4 2020? Grazie.

  33. Frederik 脴stergaard November 28, 2020 @ 8:20 pm

    Hello everybody

    First really nice video. I just bought the SCO E-Basic 7-gear 2020
    , and i was wondering if this model are easy to tune?

  34. TomBrenner in Canada November 28, 2020 @ 8:21 pm

    No problem understanding you,carry on,thanks for the video.

  35. Google Profile 6 November 28, 2020 @ 8:23 pm

    Tried it and it fucked up my bosch active line, keep getting 503 error codes even after returning the speed sensor to it’s original position. Speed doesn’t get read correctly, randomly jumps between 3mph to 25mph back to 10mph etc… I even replaced the speed sensor, the problem went for a bit then came back recently.

  36. Het is mij gelukt, mijn fiets gaat nu zoon 50/60 kmph. Alleen gaan mijn accu leeg en als ik hem oplaad komt er geen km bij.

  37. Abdelali El akhdar November 28, 2020 @ 8:24 pm

    Plaese is this hake destroye the motor and the battry i have boche cx please ??

  38. Koppel 馃檪 Torque, you mean.

  39. Does anyone have eny experience if the motor will fail or break over time because of this tuning???

  40. Mario Passendorf November 28, 2020 @ 8:27 pm

    Any idea how can I mount a bigger capacity battery on Haibike with Bosch Performance CX ? 504Wh is not enough for mountain trips over 45km range .

  41. Any point to set the wheel size in the computer after tuning ?

  42. YJ MUSIC OFFICIAL November 28, 2020 @ 8:30 pm

    Thankyou, you are legend ! Works on my 2020 Perfomance line motor no faults or errors . 馃挩

  43. If i knew this would almost have a million views, i would have concentrated more on my spoken english 馃ぃ.

  44. I just did your mod on our iZip Peak E3 with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor and it worked! We have a lot more top speed, it got up to 30mph. The gauge reads incorrectly so we paced the bike with a car. Thanks for posting this mod!!

  45. Works on my eBullitt 馃檪 It is powered by a Shimano Steps System. I have to turn of the automatic starting Gear and switch to manual gearing. At 43kmh the engin gives only half power – iam fine with 40kmh GREAT 馃檪 thanks for sharing

  46. Hello very interesting 馃檪 i must try on my Promovec center motor. I think this is mathematical: i麓ve mesured my bike & the sensor is 21 cm from the middle the wheel & if i make your hack it麓s coming to 18cm from middle of pedal; so signal will be 16% faster 馃槈

  47. Just
    spotted this:


    Unfortunatley my bike developed a manufaturing defect with a loose motor and as it was less tha a year old I took it to where I purchased it, the shop tightened the motor and upgarded the software. Disaster, the new software does not tolerate this mod and puts the motor in Error 503, get you home mode. Bike back to the factory!!!!!! If the factory had bolted the motor in correctly I would be a happy bunny, now I am pissed off and will sell it PDQ.

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  49. Megawelle Vienna November 28, 2020 @ 8:45 pm

    It works on my 2017 Bosch CX but I always get a 503 error code after a riding for while. Anyone knows why? I have to fiddle around a bit, turn it off and pedal a while with intuvia turned off and then it kind of resets and it works again. Kind of annoying it shuts always after a while.

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