Edge 10000W High Performance 50mph E-Bike Fast Racing Electric Bicycle

Edge 10000W High Performance 50mph E-Bike Fast Racing Electric Bicycle

Edge 10000W High Performance E-Bike Fast Racing Electric Bicycle
The very latest in fast high performance electric bike technology
More powerful than stealth bomber.


We also sell all the components you need to create your own Edge E-bike / E-moto

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  1. I built a legit 45mph bike for 2k. Not overweight like this thing.

  2. Are your wheels 17"?

  3. I would think that with 10000 watts it would go faster than 50MPH

  4. Nice video bro

  5. Can’t, even hear anything he said due to wind and poor sound 😔

  6. man u loose so much energy in friction… if that was just 25% maglevitation thatd be easy go that speed or more n not be so bumpy

  7. Wind + mic = shit impression.

  8. Don’t forget that you have to register it in most places in the world (likely all of the US as well). I can get away with a 1kw motor where i live and from experience i can say that i’m glad i have a controller and wheel that can easily provide more(specially up hill), though you could be happy with a 1kw motor where there are less hills or less long ones.

  9. Sa a de la gueule quant meme

  10. If you’re going to showcase your bike get someone who can ride the thing to its maximum capabilities. …….I offer my services 😉

  11. Seshra ArtMoor Bey December 14, 2020 @ 9:26 pm

    $ 5,999.00 WOW…..that price!

  12. 110mph pedal assist battery charger

  13. Love your work – its all about the power. I run with same rear hub 10k peak. nice 4"8 fat rear tyre and 3"5 front.
    Have to feather the throttle off the start or front tyre pops up to wheelie.
    I found its all about the battery you use – need a high discharge lifepo4 – headway recommended
    but its all about the journey to get to the point you are happy
    i have snapped a frame while going 60km, another time snapped forks and had to judo roll
    lost my front teeth when throttle got stuck on 100% and no where to go
    but i keep coming back – you gotta love the power 🙂

    keep rockin brother

  14. what about 96v and a 8k hub motor like the Sharmic Cyclone

  15. At no time was he going 50mph

  16. 6k and on alibaba .com you pay 2k

  17. ตาปื้ด หม้อดิน December 14, 2020 @ 9:29 pm

    เออ..น่าสนโชค์หน้าแบบมอไซค์ซี่ลวดล้อแบบมอไซค์ ดูล้อตะกุยดินม้นแรงดี พร้อมซื้อใช้ลุยภูทับเบิกเล่นโค้ง สนุกมันส์ ใครรู้ทำทริปเที่ยวภูทับเบิกดู เป็นทีม คาราวานเลย อยากดูจะเป็นอย่างไร….

  18. A clone of the original australian bike "stealth bomber b52".

  19. I live in a nanny country otherwise known as Australia if the super bike doesn’t come with compliance plate and all the other bells and whistles that make a bike road legal down under we have no chance of registering the bike for use on the road the only other option is to own a huge property with a bike track on it to ride on if not maybe a friend with a huge property with a bike track on it other then that your screwed the authority’s down here frown on people having to much fun.

  20. That motor can take a lot more than 10k peak 18k peak more like it

  21. максимум тут 6 квт и то с натяжкой.

  22. one dislike, thats my suport for you jajaja

  23. The motor can output 10k but your batteries can’t supply it lmao.

  24. My name Is my name December 14, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    You can buy that exact same bike for 4k on Amazon!

  25. Worst video I’ve ever seen very poor quality get your act together you got all the money to afford the bike bits can’t be bothered to sort your editor out

  26. Great – i would wish riding it in Germany

  27. if thats 10000w im cutting my dick off

  28. 10KW is ok

  29. Hermann Nicholsson December 14, 2020 @ 9:52 pm

    Wow…. that’s super powerful… what kinda battery do u use ? 18650 ?

  30. Hi, my name ’tis and I’m a sanitation Doctor and I take the trash out.

  31. Hey Alan remember us. My Buddy bought this bike from you. He also has the A2B. And I well I have the Iacocca ebike. Still running strong. Seriously he sold his car he can’t get off this bike can’t blame him it’s badass. Well what can I say I sold my truck we went Electric. Still having fun 5 years later by the way where’d you go you’re cool dude it was a pleasure meeting you hope you’re okay later dude. 😎👍now let’s ride. ✌bro.

  32. Awesome

  33. u prolly go into the air a wase riding this to top of olympus mons on mars

  34. I love it! The price can suck it! This will NEVER be a viable source of transportation! Especially if I can go buy a bullshit streetfighter motorcycle street ready for 600 bucks! MAKE THEM CHEAPER or sell us your frames when you go bankrupt trying to sell this ridiculously priced piece of high tech foolishness!!😱

  35. damnnnnnnnn XD he even called out the stealth bomber, nice vid tho, bikes are even better!!!

  36. your cycle analyst is off center bro…..

  37. Nice bike but it was NOT a good idea to demonstrate the bike by making two holes there, I suppose you filled them back?

  38. With 10,000w… Why would you have pedals? These are made in China BTW just so everyone knows. He did not engineer this bike. Lol I live in China and have seen the factory where they are made as well as seen them on TaoBao and MadeInChina.

  39. Good fun off road I guess, But you can buy some great much more powerful dirt bikes for much less than what this thing costs! I love electric pedal bikes, But there is a limit to the point of them.

  40. You lost me at "My name is Alan". Something’s fishy here.

  41. Dude wants like 9 grand for a electric pedal bike please someone bitch slap the stupid out of this kid I could go by 1000cc sportbike with that type of money I thought it was hilarious that he could only get to spend the wheels when it was in the sand LOL

  42. bansheebandithot350 December 14, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    That’s shit mine does 45 mph 1500w 45amp. Lol

  43. What, no kickstand! Very disappointed, JK.
    Cool bike

  44. I am interested about a bike like this one. How can I contact you? The website link from the video description is not working!

  45. What douchebag smh

  46. awesome bike

  47. Wow if i want some motor parts How can it be contacted?

  48. AWESOME!

  49. It’s proved its worth every single day.??>share4.photo/ebicycle?82 It charges relatively quickly and lasts me a good three-four days of riding to and from campus. In fact, I charge the bike fewer times than I charge my cell phone. I would recommend this bike to anyone in the market for an affordable e bike for the city/campus. It’s built with only high quality components and since it doesn’t utilize a cheap gear mechanism just for the sake of it, all it’s moving parts are very durable. Definitely a purchase I’m very happy with!

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