Electra Cafe Moto Go! Review, so many feels, so many looks

Electra Cafe Moto Go! Review, so many feels, so many looks

The Cafe Moto Go! Super cool, super smooth, right at home at a car show. Hey, while you’re reading the description here, go ahead and subscribe. You’ll see the upcoming reviews on electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, wacky mobility inventions, and even electric cars.

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Readers Comments (42)

  1. Antikythera Mechanism April 26, 2021 @ 12:12 am

    If you are 70+ you will like this. It looks very senior.

  2. Excellent report.

  3. Victor McQuaide April 26, 2021 @ 12:14 am

    Got one. Best bike ever. The belt drive with twist shifting and unlimited gears. My grandson rides in front. Stable as all get out.

  4. $4k plus?! Big No for me. There are lots of good alternatives nowadays. Vanmoof is one!

  5. Shaun Frederick April 26, 2021 @ 12:18 am


  6. The purpose of the front fender ???

  7. I got a deal on the bike for 800 dude bought it barley fell off it once there are no scratches or anything and now he sold it I got it for 800 his wife kicked him out though

  8. we think it bad

  9. how come nothing is said about modes? Is it possible it wasnt in the correct mode and that’s why you had to pedal so fast?

  10. Hi… I’m looking for a E bike for my wife.. she’s 5’2 petite and will just be using it for local rides around the park.. Do you think this is too much of a bike for her? The height or the speed? I want it to be a surprise so she will not be testing it before… any suggestions on a ‘good’ E bike if not this one? I appreciate your input and suggestions. Joe NYC

  11. No throttle no buying.

  12. quick feedback, I really like this intro. when you ask for subs and bell notifications at the beginning its kind of annoying tbh, but this is more subtle while also looking and sounding really nice. Well done!

  13. I picked it up for half of the suggested price he said and then some discount plus it’s a Phenomenal bike it is seriously out of this world how clean it is and smooth everything just functions so perfect together

  14. buy 2 vanmoof s3 for 700 bucks less// 2 vanmoofs 2k x 2 4k// maybe

  15. Are there Tea Moto Go version for UK market?

  16. Why do they always have fenders that look like they stole it off a kiddy bike? Also looks like it shrunk when it got wet.

  17. Interested in the shot going up the hill – did you stop half way because there was not enough power or were you simply in too high a gear (resistance) and lost momentum?

  18. Love the looks… But that price… It’s too damn high…

  19. George Pretnick April 26, 2021 @ 12:42 am

    You were really struggling to find compliments for this bike. The only thing good about that bike is the Bosch motor. Apart from the motor, the rest of the bike is uncompetitively bare bones, overpriced, hardtail and fork, and small tired.

  20. I was loving it until you mentioned the $4500 price tag. Although it’s definitely a quality bike and will outlive the $1500 bikes a few times over. Is that “bulge” in the top tube functional or is it purely cosmetic. It reminds me of the “gas tanks” on 1930s bikes. How did you like the Brooks saddle? They always look so hard and more suited for an enthusiast.

  21. The price is totally ok, especially with the Enviolo. What I think is, they should have gone for a Bafang 750W midrive or even 1000W to let it run like a little motorcycle.
    I also don’t understand the Bosch Speed for this bike.

  22. I wish someone would make an “affordable” ($1500-200) bicycle with:
    1. Mid-drive Electric motor
    2. Internal geared hub
    3. Belt Drive

    C’mon china, don’t you see the need?
    unfortunately I can’t see USA doing it…we are always the last one on board.

  23. dylan resciniti April 26, 2021 @ 12:47 am

    It’s for sale for only 75$ after shipping rn xD bought one

  24. Валера Шатера April 26, 2021 @ 12:50 am

    у него же колени не выпрямляются)), разводы)) и сколько он так проедет)), сборка отстой, все перетягивал, трек в премиум не тянет ваще, после Gocycle. слезы, и ощущение развода((

  25. Chef Kendra Nguyen April 26, 2021 @ 12:51 am

    No throttle and it also cost $4,500? You can get a used smart for one electric car for that. These ebike companies are tripping or they just have rich clientele.

  26. 14k??? Extremely expensive, 14k for three was acceptable

  27. Who buys these bikes? I’ve wanted one for years but I’m not paying thousands for a bike. I could see if you’re a professional racer or something. Other than that it’s not a wise decision to buy one.

  28. Cool bike, but would rather see the Gen4 Bosch motor.

  29. For rich hipsters only.
    Where’s the love for cyclists’ wanting a proper EV bicycle on a budget?

  30. It’s really hard to take this reviewer seriously since he doesn’t even know how to pedal a bike.
    Also, those Brooks saddles are as hard as an anvil. Talk about numbnuts.

  31. I own a much less expensive eBike, and it has over twice as much wattage motor. I am wondering how it compares? I am new to this eBike revolution and I am 76 years old. Please I am asking a question that I have been wondering about for quite a while. Maybe its MidDrive vs. hub drive? Thanks for your answer.

  32. I really enjoy this video however I have to take an exception to it. Having owned two of these Cafe Moto Go bikes by Electra (the first one had a faulty transmission and had to be replaced), I found that in order to achieve the 28 miles an hour easily, one must have the bike shop set up the transmission in “ overdrive”. Unless you do this you will experience exactly what happened to you , you had to pedal so fast just to get anywhere close to 28 miles an hour. Put this transmission in overdrive and it’s a totally different story. This is so unknown that it actually took a phone call to Electra an order for my bike shop to realize that this was a necessary alteration. I think this might have something to do with the Bosch motor spinning 2 1/2 times with each pedal rotation, Requiring a modification to the Envilio transmission.

    With the your only shortcoming that the bike really is NOT a speedster, makes this bike really fun when it is set up properly.

    Yes it is Butterly smooth, and I really enjoy this bike. Thanks for the review.


  33. Great review Mikey, I enjoyed watching it. My wife and I are casual riders getting out 3 to 4 times a week for a 5 mile ride. Last year I started to consider the purchase of an ebike so I could venture off on much longer solo rides. After looking at and test riding several ebikes I walked into our local bike shop and seen this Electra Cafe Moto Go, it was love at first sight! I took it out for a good ride and left a little underwhelmed, maybe it was the riding position, the harder than rock saddle or the price. What I did like was the speed motor, variable shifter, belt drive and definitely the looks, it’s really a great looking bike. Trouble is, I just couldn’t get it out of my head, I read a few reviews on how comfortable the Brooks saddles are after they break-in and that along with me saving quite a few bucks on a backyard project I was working on at the time, I decided to gave it another go. This time I had the bike shop spend I little more time setting it up for me and I went out for a much longer ride. Turns out they had this on the floor for a while and the owner was eager to deal, I took it home with me that evening at the end of February. I treated the saddle a few times to help break it in and have put on just over 400 miles, 110 of them in the last three days. I love this bike, it turns out this is exactly what I was looking for. Hats off to Electra for making this ebike, while this bike may not appeal to a wide audience I’m sure Electra had me in their crosshairs when they designed it. And that Brooks saddle is definitely working its magic.

  34. I would like to see your impressions on Electra Townie Path Go! 10D
    have a nice time riding!

  35. I’ve owned both the speed and non-speed versions of the Bosch system. The non-speed version always felt too slow. It would not be too hard for Electra to offer both versions. The bike is priced well enough for what it is, but I’d be interested to know the weight. My guess is – not light. It looks more about form than function. The fenders would not offer much protection from the rain. Getting back to the weight – many may say ‘who cares, it’s electric’. Lugging around a huge, heavy ebike is not fun. And the lighter bike feels more spritely. I have the sub 50lb Riese & Muller Roadster. It’s far less expensive and has fewer extras and lower level parts than some of their other higher end models. My shop let me ride one of the big ones while mine was in for service. I’ll keep my cheaper, lighter Roadster. Any day.

  36. I don’t get these comments particularly the price? £69 here.

  37. Richard Lovell April 26, 2021 @ 1:07 am

    All these bikes are too much money. If ebikes evey want to really want to be ubiquitous then get them below $1k. There will be a shake out of the business and all but a few high end makers will survive. I’m looking at some of the asian makers and there’s a lot of choice.

  38. Hello, I do not understand why you stopped during the ascent of the hill. Was the engine support insufficient, the gear engaged was it inappropriate, was it not possible to change gear? On the other hand, the position on the saddle seems very low to me.
    Thanks, Marc

  39. Using the hill shot perspective was a great way to illustrate climbing capability. Electric bike videos should make this standard.

  40. So basically it sells for the same price as a used Nissan Leaf? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  41. How much do they pay you for reviewing stuff like this? I mean the price? It’s obvious that it’s a sponsored vid.

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