Electric Bicycle Throttle Installation

Electric Bicycle Throttle Installation

This video shows how to install a throttle on a Beyond Oil ebike (electric bicycle). You can get a quality ebike at a great price along with caring service from www.beyond-oil.com. Have a look at our well equipped lithium ebikes, etrikes, and escooters.

I see that this video has a few thumb downs. Please let me know what you are dissatisfied with by email to service@beyond-oil.com and I will fix it. Thanks.

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  1. my throtlle cable was pulled out of twist bar. is there possibility to put it back or do i need to get kit cable plus bar? somehow connect it to metal ring in twist bar?

  2. Its a spring of some shape. It is possible to dismantle the throttle housing, but it is very fiddly with tiny parts. The beauty of the half throttle is that you can clamp your hand position on the stationary part of the grip. That way it is easy to hold the throttle in any position.

  3. Hi there, thanks for the vid. Hoping you can help me.. I have a Easy motion Evo Snow e bike which is pedal assisted only. It has two motor hubs one in front wheel and one in back.. Im wondering if it would be possible to install a throttle on these bikes and how would one go about it given they come in pedal assist only???

  4. My throttle failed after many years of service (to be expected really as I use it nearly 100% of the time) I got a full throttle from aliexpress for ten bucks recently, works like a charm.

  5. Rovshan Charyyev April 27, 2021 @ 12:52 am

    Dear friend,I need to buy the same throttle but without switcher ,Do you know where I can?
    Thank upfront so much
    Nice video 

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