Electric Bike 101 – How-to remove a freewheel, (cassette, gear cluster) from a hub motor

Electric Bike 101 – How-to remove a freewheel, (cassette, gear cluster) from a hub motor

In this video we show you how to remove and refit the screw on freewheel from a rear drive hub motor like those found on a Dyson Bikes Hard Tail or 26-inch folding mountain ebike.

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  1. Criminals Hate Cameras January 5, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    i can’t get it over the cable, hole needs to be bigger than the tool.

  2. Hi, can i upgrade a 8 speed freewheel to a 9 speed cassette on a bafang motor hub?

  3. damn, the connection on my power cord is too big to get the nuts and washers off …so I’m guessing I got to either somehow detach that connection from the wire or use some other make shift tool that can do the same job as the lock ring but bypass the nuts and washers

  4. what do you do if the nut and washers that bolt the wheel to the swing arm are not big enough to come off the wire so you cant get the tool on

  5. If I want to convert a bike which has no gears (single rear with back-pedal brake) what is the best way to go for the new rear for an e-bike conversion? Ideally I’d like 7 to 9 gears in the rear and two up front for a 14 to 18 speed. This is an aluminum Schwinn cruiser that I want to make into a robust e-bike capable of steep hills so Im thinking something like the Shimano 14-34 rear sprocket or similar cassette with 48/38 front chainrings. If I can get 25 mph on flat ground via pedaling or the battery I think that will be ideal for my goals. Any advice you (or anyone that reads this) can give is appreciated!

  6. i wish limeys could speak a bit more clearly

  7. Hello I have a stromer st1 platinum step thru, I am trying to replace my drive train (basically everything except derailluers). Need some advice on buying a cassette. Do I need to buy a new cassette hub when replacing my cassette? Reason I’m asking is because no local shops stock this 9 speed hub for ebikes and I was hoping I would not need to buy a new one (in other words just reusing the hub already on there). Thank you!

  8. What kind of sprocket is that and which freewheel body fo you use?

  9. so no need to use a chain whip? because i tried using a chain whip and it doesnt seem to do anything. i stopped because i thought i was doing something wrong but im guessing it is too tight

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