Electric Bike Accessories | What I Use (Summer 2020)

Electric Bike Accessories | What I Use (Summer 2020)

Summer 2020 electric bike accessories: https://ebikeescape.com/summer-2020-electric-bike-accessories/
Full electric bike accessories list: https://ebikeescape.com/electric-bike-accessories/
Electric bike deals: https://ebikeescape.com/ebike-discount-codes-by-company/

Rad Power Bikes Forum: https://www.radowners.com/index.php

Ebikes I own:
Ride1Up LMT’D: https://ride1up.com/product/lmtd-2/?wpam_id=85
Rad Power Bikes RadWagon: https://bit.ly/2VMSVHl

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. You have a time stamp from an extreme hill test but the video cuts out before.

  2. I enjoy your reviews and helpful information in your presentations. Make you a deal, I’ll subscribe when you invest in a lavalier microphone (clip-on mic) see examples at this Amazon link. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=lavalier+microphone&ref=nb_sb_noss_1.

    I’ve been producing video since 1981 for a large corporation and although the equipment I use very expensive I’ve found I can get great results at home using less expensive/consumer equipment.

    My favorite trick is to use a Zoom recorder body pack and although I have had great results using the much more affordable lavalier mics plugged directly in my camera the Zoom Body Packs removes the need to wires. You just have to sync the voice in post.

    Here’s a video you may want to review

    Look forward to better sound quality, I can’t emphasis how important good sound is.

    I’ll be checking in to see your progress.

    Thanks, Gale

  3. A small bag of rubber bands is great at attaching stuff to your handlebars. Get out a few good ones and then use the bag of bands underneath the phone/light/whatever as an adjustable impact cushion. The bands provide constant tension so bumps do nothing and the plastic of the bag slides so it’s easy to spin around the bars with your hand but quick momentum shifts and impacts do nothing. I needed some way of attaching a battery pack/light to my bars one evening because I didn’t have a headlamp with me and I figured it out with what I had and it ended up working so well I never tried anything else. In the rain I just put the light in a sandwich bag and attached it the same way, no problem. Only thing I’d add is a piece of cardboard in the bag of bands to provide a bit more shape to it, especially for a phone to provide some backing to the force of bands on the phone. With an assortment of bands right there the tension and screen visibility/usability is up to you. I like how the Radrover frame provides a base of support to be able to play with in many ways. I’ll have fun trying to figure out some hobo DIY cargo solutions on there. Could just buy all that stuff, but I’ll enjoy repurposing something else a lot more. Edit: Except for a suspension seatpost, that looks worth the investment 馃檪

  4. The Radwagon and the Ride1Up LMT’d, mmm hmm, that is a tasty combo, especially with them all kitted out. Thanks for clarifying the long term goals 馃檪

  5. I found some very useful items from this Mom and Pop sight. All items are made in the USA. Better than great customer service. I use the thumb throttle lever. Best thing ever! I also use the Battery Terminal Protectors. Here is Link, https://1859-northwest.myshopify.com/

  6. Great video man!! Do the mirrors fit any ebike? Is there anyway when your doing this type of video you could tell us the prices of each item?? Is that allowed?? Either way good work doing these videos very informative!! Peace my friend!!鈽笍馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫

  7. Eugene Tackleberry December 29, 2020 @ 10:49 pm


  8. How difficult was it to install the Cloud 9 seat? Does it add any height? I am short and have the have the seat all the way down.

    We just got a used 2018 Radwagon. What accessories would say are essential for a person on a budget? It already has the Caboose and a Thule seat, a headlight, along with a mirror. I’m currently looking into the skunklock – as that seems to be the least likely to be cut. It also has a front basket, 2 storage bags and a seat pad.

    I was also wondering about maintenance – this is my 1st E-Bike and I wasn’t much of a biker previously.

    Please feel free to private message me if you don’t want to respond on here.

    Thank you!

  9. I really like that saddle bag I mean pannier. I wonder if they have another colors what is the name of that again I didn’t catch it I got to go back through the video it’s not under it is it?

  10. Could you tell me where you got the handlebars, or did they come with the bikes. Thanks

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