Electric Bike Buying Guide | Halfords UK

Electric Bike Buying Guide | Halfords UK

We’ve created a video to answer all your questions about the electric bike and how do electric bikes work.

We have loads of options for you to choose from, whether it be an electric mountain bike, and electric road bike or an electric hybrid bike.

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Carrera Crossfire-e Electric hybrid bike

Carrera Vulcan e bike

Carrera Crosscity e bike
Carrera Crosspath

Halfords e bike range

At Halfords, we stock a variety of e bikes – electrically power assisted bicycles – making cycling slightly less tiring!

With the price ranging from £600 to £2000+, we have quite the selection.

Let’s begin with our electric hybrid bikes, this one being the Carrera Crossfire E.

This bike comes equipped with a 417-Watt hour battery that can power up to 60 miles of pedalling on a single charge – allowing you to keep up with your speedy friends or kids!

The battery pack is removable for convenience and security; you don’t have to bring the whole bike inside to charge it!
The motor helps you as you pedal, but you can choose how strong the assistance is – choose a lower mode for more exercise, and a higher mode for more power.

The Carrera Crossfire has many great features, including a digital display on the handlebar, which relays information like speed and mileage, and allows you to control the assistance levels from the motor.

If you’re more of a mountain biker, then the Carrera Vulcan e-bike is for you!

Its carefully balanced weight distribution and grippy 650B tyres give you the ultimate control on those tricky trails.

For the city commuters, we have our folding e-bikes, like this Carrera Crosscity, that allows you to travel to work easily.

Perfect for arriving to work in a fraction of the time without breaking a sweat!

It’s folding frame means this bike is extremely compact and easy to store, and if you decide not to ride, it can be taken on most public transport without booking in advance.

Or, if versatility is what you’re after, perhaps the Carrera Crosspath E electric hybrid bike is your perfect ride!

It combines all the best elements from both road and mountain bikes and features a step-through frame, making it easy to get on and off.

Halfords e-bikes aren’t disguised motorbikes to conform with UK law, there are no throttles and the motor assistance cuts out above 15.5mph, which is a common average speed for fit cyclists.

So after that, its all up to you and your legs!

The best way to get a feel for these bikes is to visit a store and take a free 30-minute test ride – you’ll be amazed how much fun they are.
If you want to delve deeper, head online where you can see our full range and book a 48-hour e-bike trial.

If you’d like more information on e-bikes, pop in-store where a member of the team will be happy to help. Or to see our full e-bike range, head over to the Halfords website.

Readers Comments (9)

  1. Konstantinos Kalem January 26, 2021 @ 8:00 pm

    Hi guys I bought my crossfire carrera from you, does the tool box come with it ?

  2. rubbish Halfords. Dont buy from them . They dont care , once they have your money if they stop working.NEVER AGAIN!!

  3. Do NOT buy an e bike at HAlfords as their follow up service is rubbish

  4. Helpful carry on

  5. How many miles does crooscity electric bike goes with a single charge

  6. I am not happy I am £600 out of pocket after purchasing 2 faulty E bikes ,it’s a fold up Apollo, and it seems there is a battery issue on this model ,I have found the service I received at the Lancaster store very awfull as they currently have no e Bike tecnition in the store , by broken bike is currently in the Kendal store where the guy is at a loss WHAT to do next as he is unable to find a working battery in stock in any of the others stores ,they all appear to be faulty ??? Yet Halfords is still selling this bike knowing there is a problem with this model, poor product and poor service ,poor customer relations Norma paddock

  7. Was interested, but it cuts off at a certain speed?

  8. Don’t ask for a Carrera Crossfuse if you want one soon, they don’t have any in any store throughout the UK and are not getting any more till quote "sometime May" which by then we will probably be out the EU and they will be in some backlog import container in Calais or Dover for 6 Months. Damm annoying when you want to buy one in March during a Sale with a 20% discount on offer. Not a particularly professional procurement policy Halfords.

  9. I bought a pendelton e bike and the battery went dead and wont recharge. I have tried to get a replacement but Halfords has been utterly useless at ordering a new one. Please help . Without the battery it is a very expensive heavy bike!

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