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  1. can it handle hills like real long and tall

  2. VW please explain how your bike can better fit the needs of e-bikers who can buy alternative foldable ebikes? I think you are going in the right direction…

  3. CARLOS UCRÓS PIEDRAHITA March 20, 2021 @ 10:59 pm


  4. hope bike get charged automatic when it’s back their on a spare tire place, while driving , other wise it’s another balast .

  5. Dancing Spiderman March 20, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

    @MrSHITTYSHORTS i would buy this bike to get me to and from MickyD’s… and Arby’s … and Dunkin Donuts… and QuikTrip… yumm

  6. @MrSHITTYSHORTS it’s not about replacing regular bikes by electric ones… but think about how many ppl have to go long distances or climb hills and they rather do it by a motorcycle or an automobile.. i think the main concept is to make people use more this electric bike for their daily uses rather then a gas fueled transportation system.. and we have the concept of hybrid bike that just gives u some extra power so you could climb hills or gain some nice velocity but doing some exercise as well

  7. HELLOOOO!!!

    Actually this is not a bicycle. Where are the pedals?
    Are this VW guys a MORONS?
    And what is blue about bicycle without pedals?

  8. That’s great. Not cheating on anything here, are you, VW? I mean, the customer can be sure of this, right? That is to say, you wouldn’t be bending the rules anywhere, right? I mean, we can trust you, I am sure, right? Just like all the other companies out there, right? Always thinking innovatively, aren’t you, like circumventing emissions? Are you sure this isn’t diesel bicycle? I mean, I’ll believe you if you tell me.

  9. @MrSHITTYSHORTS Dude you are just being ignorant. Electricity is not a limited supply you idiot. This invention also has practical benifits. In case your car breaks down you can just take this out and ride to the closes station. Also if you have to cover a long distance you’d get tired after some time. This thing can you help you cover that distance with hardly any effort. It’s also much mobile. And if you care so much about how fat you are how about walking or going for a jog? Try it.

  10. GIVE IT PEDALS TOO! This is a scooter.

    OMG, please stay in the sales department… shittiest arguments I’ve ever heard..
    an electric bike does not mean you can’t pedal.
    The electricity needed to recharge those is minimal… plus, it means less gas because you could easily do your grocery with an electric bike.
    OF course it’s helping the environnement, what is wrong with you ?

  12. For each food calorie you spend cycling, you’ve spent about 10 petrol calories for the shipmnent of your food across the world. You would need to consume more food to power your muscles, which power the bike. As a result, it is no less green to ride an ebike than it would be to cycle regularly. If you’re fat, you should cycle anyhow. On the other hand, if you eat only locally grown organic food and from your garden and cycle, perhaps that scenario is more environmentally friendly.

  13. Supermad Australian Hacker March 20, 2021 @ 11:04 pm

    電動自行車 2011少花錢,LESS蹬踏!前輪驅動! check on my cheap ebike 2011!

    Also, it’s a bike design to help you out in case of emergency, of course it looks kind of shitty.
    Seriously, WTF

  15. @juanchisgt
    i totally agree with you ,this bike is amazing
    its just some people are assholes and always criticize new things even if they are good

  16. where are the shocks? hit a bump and your fuckeddd

    atm energy is limited because of governments spending all their money on investing in cars. If they start investing their money in electric cars, bikes and more electric resources this will be a possibility in the future. Maybe this isn’t the best way and solution but they’re going about it the right way. And people that uses bikes will still use bikes i think this is aiming for the maybe older or people using cars, people using cars will get as fat as people using these bikes

  18. It might need several versions, as different countries have different laws in regards to pedals and speeds etc. There are other foldable ebikes with foldable pedals as well.

  19. Electric bikes are for pussies

  20. VW pieces of CRAP ! They produce it in CHINA to void EU and US. SHAME ON YOU pieces of craps !

  21. bakersfieldmusicnow March 20, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    i want one call anytime 661 326 1604 want to learn more..if ya get the machine leave # and info.

  22. Electric March 20, 2021 @ 11:12 pm

    Excellent video. See my channel electric motor new design.

  23. With the same logic, how about the automobiles? Let’s just take everyone that might use a public transport to their work everyday with no bother of finding parking spaces, no gas purchase, no extra addition to the heavy traffic problem which is pretty messed up already and just replace it with a dozen tones weight automobile per each person and says now you have a better social status… As much as I think the same as you, let’s accept that it is way more environment friendly than a car.

  24. yes you are right …it seems to be developed for using in a Vila that has big rooms……………….

  25. Fuck china

  26. Dancing Spiderman March 20, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    Hahaha, there’s something very Dr.Evil – MiniMe about the look of this bike and the entire vid in general.

    "No no Mini-Me… we do not gnaw on our kit-ty…"
    I see Fuk Mi and Fuk Yu are models in this vid… sex-sayyyyyy

  27. Juan Pablo Valdés Maya March 20, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    COME ON! this is a Volkswagen, that bike is so cool!!… and electric bikes already exist but this is really good one 🙂

  28. not giving pedals mean no chain and easy to fold ..would have been difficult to fold with pedal and chain on place

  29. Need to know the wattage, weight, top speed at least. My criticism here is that apparently, no-one seems any more to know the basic design for proper fenders. This concept must have been lost with time. Common sense is a precious commodity, I see. Fenders on bicycles MUST keep rain from being flung onto the rider, Rear fender covers to 3 O-clock (bike facing left) Front fender should cover from 10 or 11 O-clock in front, then reach as low as possible in back, as the rain is flung easily upward.

  30. 0:54 Nice, but there is no pedal, so that means there is a battery. Where is it stored? Each wheel attaches to wheel rim at one side only (force is uneven), so motor can’t be very strong, can it?

  31. Maquiladora, Maquiladora, da,da,da,da,da,da ….

  32. Audi E-bike is better. Lol.

  33. HA! This is the only reference of an ”EV” that’s linked with VW. They are going to fall behind, they can do much better. They can’t live up to the ”most environmentally car maker” standards they view themselves as.

  34. this is like DURACELL trying to make rechargable batteries…basically anyone can do it, im not buying a duracell youve had enough off me

  35. When I saw that curve in the middle I was laughing at it but when the showed how it could be folded my jaw just dropped.

  36. Dancing Spiderman March 20, 2021 @ 11:32 pm

    @quantengott BWAAahahaha…. Topic: How to piss off an American:

    Tell him that all great inventions are from China

  37. Without "functional" pedals, it is no longer classified as a bicycle in the U.S.

  38. Produce it in EU and US ! doggy eaters never will buy it. They love to pull rishoes and ride 1930 bicycles ! I repeat . SHAME ON YOU American and EUROPEAN cars factories ! Keep on crushing our economy with nice ideas like this.

  39. yea it may be…but in my country i dont think so coz here in India people dont follow rules regarding Motorbyke let alon bycle……lol

  40. KPR Legionowo TV March 20, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    ale gówno , kolejny chiński badziew

  41. I wish they included info about the range and speed of the bike, or if it keeps a charge while stowed. I’d rather have some hybrid that I can pedal on level pavement, but don’t need to kill myself going up steep hills. Or at least pedal after the battery dies.

  42. US Law allows up to 750 watts on an e-bike (One horsepower = about 755 watts) and be propelled at no more than 20mph. You can pedal it faster if you like, but the motor can’t push beyond 20mph. State laws may be more restrictive, so check local laws.

  43. Um, i have just one question. Why?

  44. Great except you can’t pedal like most ebikes. I bet this has problems with hills.

  45. @MrSHITTYSHORTS are you a troll or just ignorant? an electric motor requires less energy than the human body to travel a similar distance, so in comparison, ebikes are actually better for the environment than regular bikes, since they have a smaller footprint than regular bikes.

    Also, OUR electricity supply isn’t limited, at least in any practical sense. Electric power can be generated quite easily…. it’s not like there is some finite amount of electric power that we are running out of lol…

  46. If VW can get more people riding with these electric bikes the roads will be better for ALL bikers.

  47. When I looked at how that bike folded up, I thought wow this would be great for that niche market of people who own small airplanes or boats and need quick local transportation when they get there. After they’re done, they can fold it back up and put it back in their airplane(boat) and head back home. No taxi needed.

  48. I wish it was bigger

  49. shit, where can I buy one???, I cant find it..

  50. charlenecarter60 March 20, 2021 @ 11:53 pm

    I think all VW should have one built in the trunk

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