Electric Bike Chargers Explained – 7 Things you should know

Electric Bike Chargers Explained – 7 Things you should know

Do Electric Bikes comes with chargers? Are they compatible with different bikes? How long do they take to charge? All these questions answered and more!

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  1. Accidental Relevance January 13, 2021 @ 10:51 pm

    I just received the 24V bottle batteries and chargers for electric bicycle project, and the instructions for charging them were poorly translated, so this was very helpful. Good job, thank you.

  2. is there a 12v car charger?

  3. Very nice explanation thank you also for articulating. Helps big deal to non native speakers

  4. Excellent battery charging review! Thank you

  5. Thanks for sharing. I want to buy the Cycle Satiator. I will be using it on a Rad Power Bikes 2020 RadRover battery. Can you please tell/link me what kind of adapter I need to do this? Thanks in advance.

  6. RIP headphone users, that intro is loud

  7. Thanks so much for the advise buddy!

  8. so for battery like 48v 13.7ah i should get charger with 54.6v 1.5amp on label ? This should charge it in around 7~8 hours ?

  9. I made my own super battery charger out of spare recycled parts for my ebike LOL.

    I made it with 4 Xbox 360 power packs & 9 volt transformer
    connected in series.
    = 57 volts 17 amps
    I have 2 big battery packs on my ebike =
    14s 11p.
    And it charges them together very very fast in no time……………………
    Compared to some of my first battery charger.
    what I paid £27 for on eBay 54v 3A.
    Takes a very long time to charge.
    But it broke after 2 weeks
    the seller sent me a new one.
    It lasted about 5 days broke again.
    So I bought a different one for £30.
    well it’s still working
    But it’s very loud with fun & get hot & only 3 amps charging current.

    My homemade charging what cost nothing to make is much much better…….
    Because it’s made out of 5 different transformer. You can connect 1 or 2 Xbox 360 power packs to separate wires in series.
    With the 9 volt transformer and it will work for 36V & 25V & 48V to 58V Battery Parks.
    All this fit inside of a small box like shoebox size LOL.
    With 3 separate output connections.
    What you can plug-in charging wire

  10. Very interesting thanks

  11. Trace zach daniels January 13, 2021 @ 11:10 pm


  12. My original charger has 5 pin plug and its broken bought another1 witch it has only 2 pin I check the battry inlet witch is 5 pin female and 2 connector comes of it 1 with thickener wire red and black 2 wire connector and another 1 3 wire connector witch they both plug to bms so how can I use my charger here!!!!! Pls advice

  13. I generally purchase batteries with a credit card. That way, they have already been charged.

  14. good advice for the 48v charging setup, thank you

  15. I build chargers using laptop chargers i get from thrift stores that equal voltage or a few volts over it wont hurt the batteries.
    Never waste your money again, I’ve built sold and give away many 36v 48 and 60 volters its easy and almost free. I sell them for 20.00

  16. If you’re new to electric bikes, say hi and make a comment below! Someone will win a free t-shirt.

  17. You said in the video all these charges will charge the battery 100% fully charged.
    Not true because a
    48V 14 series battery fully charged needs 58.6 volts.

    All the charges in the video will only charge to 54v.
    That’s only good for a 13 series 48 volt battery

  18. What is…balancing the battery. My battery has about 2k miles on it and I have not…balanced it…ever. The battery is $550 so I hope I have not done damage to it.

  19. What’s the third wire on the output for?

  20. Very nice video Bolton ebikes,I am starting from scratch, moving to covert a gas power minibike to electric.So I been watching videos and wondering how to match a ebike battery charger to the batteries purchased separately .Since most of the parts,i’m using is from ebikes.This information is great Damnskippy thankyou very much.Maybe I will see a Bolton minibike to electric conversion kit video.

  21. Thanks for the battery information.

  22. Hi just visiting. I have to hub motors from CSC and the chargers provided are 2 amp but the charger has a fan. Good quality!

  23. marcdenver toribio January 13, 2021 @ 11:27 pm

    hi, can you help me about a PRIMA RUNNER ebike please

  24. Actually Not That Bad January 13, 2021 @ 11:28 pm

    Such a useful video, 10/10

  25. Many of your charging question answered here with chargers and parts .

  26. 1:00 I don’t want to rant, but while that question SHOULD be a no-brainer, more and more electronics (phones, handheald gaming devices, etc.) that NEED a charger in order to function for more than a few hours are being sold without a charger you need to buy seperately. Because Ebikes don’t need their electronic parts to function, I could see a company requiring you to buy one for extra money. Luckily it looks like the ebike industry is above that, but it still irritates me how many businesses aren’t.

  27. Blowin In The Wind January 13, 2021 @ 11:30 pm

    Should I let my ebike battery drain all the way down? Or close 2 it. Doesn’t make since that this would be the case but I saw a video claiming doing this would increase battery life. Thanks 4 great channel with lots of really good info.

  28. Hi,can I use a different charger for a Scooter electric GIO different than the same brand suggested by manufacturer ?

  29. @16:00

  30. I read the torque ratings for bafang hub motors are severely exaggerated, according to a Google website with non native English grammar. I think it might be legit since the stated figures are equivalent to mid drives, which makes no sense…

  31. Good video we just got our ebikes my wife’s is a rad and we charged it like they said.for the first three times you charge it for twelve hours each time then after that till the green light comes on my himiway battery doesn’t give a hole lot of info should I charge it like the battery on the rad? Thanks

  32. Brian M. Armstrong January 13, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    Great video as usual Kyle 👌! Thanks for the info 👍 😀 I’m actually looking forward to an IN DEPTH REVIEW on the "Cycle Satiator" charger, if you would be so kind! I know you are busy, but I’m holding off here ( in Canada 🇨🇦) until I get the lowdown on it! Many 😊 thanks!

  33. Trace zach daniels January 13, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}
    …OOO COOL..I NEED A CHARGER for mine…voilamart kit….it did not come with one they say 12000 mha 48 volt there is 2 of them…anyhelp…?..call me at 661 472 7203 Tee in BAKO…bakersfield ca USA

  34. Is iy ok to replace the oem battery with a more powerful one for added mileage?

  35. Tip 6 : charge to 100% & leave it connected. Its good for the🔋
    Tip 7 : charge to 90% is better than 100%. So 90% is better ?
    Honest question. Thank you

  36. Kelvin Strickland January 13, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    I have a 72 volt lithium batteries on my Terminator but it will charge with the key in and in on position and the headlights on.What could be the problem? Please And Thank you.

  37. Hey, what does it mean if I plug in and neither the green light comes on or the red?

  38. Have you seen the wall mounted e-bike charging units or Parkent Cycles secure charging station?

  39. Should I keep my battery in my house during cold winters? Should I periodically charge it over the winter?

  40. 2019/2020 Giant models have a new style 5 pin connector. Giant also charges like $300 for their "smart" charger… while everyone else sells these 36v (42v) 2-4AMP charges for $30-50… only problem is what seems like Giant’s proprietary 5 pin connector… any insight where to get just the connector? then I can solder it on any generic $50 charger and keep the change… I believe everyone will want a 2nd charger at point B if they use their bike for committing from A to B but spending another $300 on the charger seems like too much of a luxury

  41. Thanks for the video. Good stuff.
    Hey, have that battery satiator and would like to know where to get an adapter from the XLR connection to the 5.5×2.5mm barrel end.
    Does anyone know where to get that?

  42. Great piece on batteries as an old veteran and new e-tricycle rider i appreciate this information. One question do I unplug the battery from the controlor/motor to charge it or leave everything connected?

  43. You for got to tell everyone how hot the charge controller get’s …..😎 and not to panic 🔥

  44. hi i’m about to buy an ebike i just wondered if you can get a 12v charger you see i live on a boat and trying to do without turning my inverter on thanks Jack

  45. Thanks for your videos I find them very informative pity I live in France I ham new to ebikes Radrhino M 1-e A witch I find very pleasing wishing you well in the new year cheers

  46. I haven’t got my electric byke yet so am viewing on what and how to do things. This battery information was great and extremely useful . I am excited to receive be electric byke very soon. Thankyou. 🌈

  47. Great info/video, thanks!!

  48. My battery charges and it says that I have 4 bars and I’m ready to go I start riding the bike 10 minutes and took my adventure the battery cuts out on me as soon as I hook it to the charger for one second the battery comes back to life in the bike is good to go for another 10 minutes? I need help

  49. i just got my bike but i’m having trouble charging it

  50. I like the Cycle Satiator, I really think I should get one.

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