Electric Bike Company – Model X Ebike Review

Electric Bike Company – Model X Ebike Review

Electric Bike Company – Model X Ebike Review.

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Readers Comments (37)

  1. Very nice look at a nice, simple machine. Thank you

  2. Awesome cool e-bike. 馃憤馃憤

  3. great review but I have made up my mind that if they going to limit my speed I don’t want one. that’s pretty much why I stopped looking at buying one. I but one back in the early 90’s with a electric 24 volt wheelchair motor and it would run over 60 mph before the spokes started coming loose. I know these new bikes can handle the speed and i’m sure the motors are even better so they should but the controllers stop it.

  4. Voinea aurelian-sebastian November 28, 2020 @ 7:45 pm

    sorry i got 404 Page Not Found error 馃檨

  5. New Ebike Review, New Ebike Podcast, New Comments (Your turn!). What did you think of the Model X?

  6. Great work I like the buckhorn bars!

  7. Thanks again for the great forks!

  8. Kevin Bissonnette November 28, 2020 @ 7:51 pm

    Kyle–thanks again for reviewing ALL types of e-bikes….recognizing that there are many different user needs for e-bikes!! I wish more vendors would adopt your attitude of customer satisfaction is first priority. Gracias!!

  9. Great video. Please review EBC Model R I value your opinion.

  10. Uwe Friedel Koslowsky November 28, 2020 @ 7:57 pm

    Maybee ok…but why have an american Bike never Fenders.When you have bad rainy weather馃you go wet and dirty馃槪like a Pig in his Pool馃ぃ

  11. Billiam van roestenberg November 28, 2020 @ 8:05 pm

    Another really good review!

  12. Captain Codswallop November 28, 2020 @ 8:07 pm

    What is it with the ebike industry trying to copy tesla at every turn. It’s a fair bit of bike for the money I guess.

  13. Looks good!

  14. Kyle, When going to ebikepodcast.com on my system getting a warning message that security certificate is not properly configured and that site may be unsafe. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thank you.

  15. looks good. would you send to Ireland?

  16. What do you think of the Voltbike?

  17. Very much like your reviews. Easy to understand. Can鈥檛 wait to get a ebike. Thanks

  18. Excellent review.. ( the sound got a little funky in a few spots ) ..

  19. Voinea aurelian-sebastian November 28, 2020 @ 8:14 pm

    unfortunately i got the 404 Page Not Found error for the podcast

  20. Not looking to good

  21. SOUND!!!!!

  22. I finally received an email from the factory in China and they sent me a PDF of the control manual for my Eurnorau Cargo Bike Controller. I am very happy because I was able to adjust the peddle-assist settings/speed settings and I was able to overcome the ridiculous 20mph max speed on my bike. I am now able to get the bike up to 24 to 25mph on the flats and I am able to get the bike up to about 28 to 29mph on slight downgrades, but I’m only talking about very slight downgrades.

    I want to get a smaller, tighter, gear cluster, so I can get the bike up to a bit higher speed because right now I am spinning my feet/legs to the point where it’s just silly to try and I’m sure drivers in cars are probably laughing when they see me spinning my peddles SO fast. So, I know I could get my speed up even more once I get a smaller gear cluster.

    I already feel a lot safer here in the Los Angeles area street traffic. Thank you, Kyle and Bolton Ebikes staff!

  23. I tryed and Did sign up for the podcast. And can not sign up 2 Times ? so how do I enter for this giveaway ? and any other giveaway. in the other. giveaway when you have them ?

  24. The bike is not for me, handle bars too wide, I guess I don’t want a cruiser. I would need shocks, fat tires, derailer, fenders, rear rack, to name a few things. If you have hills I must have mountains, Here we have some pretty steep slopes. I would also need the stronger battery. I could register to win this bike, butwould have to change a lot of stuff on the bike, so I won’t put my name in for the bike. I guess I am more of a Rad Rover type of person.

  25. Good review thank you. This bike would work just fine for me here in Phoenix. I’m signed up for the pod cast so with a little luck, I’ll have a humongous crate getting delivered to my driveway! 馃

  26. Good review. Sounds like a solid and dependable bike.

  27. Yes sir!

  28. Great bike review as always !!!

  29. I know where I saw that bike on the Wizard of Oz the wicked witch rode it lmao 馃槀

  30. Thank you for a good thorough review of the Model X. You asked for an opinion, when I see bikes, especially relatively fast ebikes, that are sold without fenders it bewilders me. The Model X comes with hydraulic brakes and they saved money by leaving fenders off? Hmm. So after you ride over the puddle and you are blinded by whatever flew in your eyes you’ll be able to stop…That’s a relief, eh? How much can a couple of mass produced fenders cost? Pennies I’m sure. When I was a kid, in the 50’s, ALL bikes had fenders. Of course, we took the fenders off our bikes, but in Southern California all the streets were paved and the temperatures were moderate…and most important I was just a kid. Well, I’m not a kid anymore and I no longer live in Southern California and enjoy paved streets…or moderate temps year round. Now days, I’m pushing 70, living in rural Kansas and ‘staying dry’ and ‘safe’ matters. It’s not fun getting covered with mud splatter on a damp dirt road on a chilly day. Even on dry warm days, your legs get pelted with gravel while road debris flies up and hits your face and eyes as you’re speeding down the dirt road on a fenderless bike. Simply put, any vehicle driven on a public road without fenders shouldn’t be sold…and…It surprises me that manufacturers don’t make more of a point of emphasizing that their bikes have fenders. I know a lot of riders that bought ebikes without fenders who wish they had them in hindsight.

  31. Yes or No. Going 20+ mph should you be wearing a helmet?

  32. Charles Berlanga November 28, 2020 @ 8:31 pm

    Didn’t the Brits ride those during WW2

  33. Kinda ugly, sorry

  34. Glad you review different bikes. First e bikes I saw was an older couple on 26 inch high step. The guy spent $1500 and could not get on or off the bike without help and was his toes when at a stop. They bought the wrong style. Like seeing different companies and models. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  35. Great video very good bike for money but very very dated looking

  36. Got one on order, w/optional suspension front fork & seat post and Larger battery for price & warranty. should be a good buy.

  37. I’m impressed. I like it a lot. Thanks for the review.

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