Electric Bike Conversion Kit Options | DIY E Bikes With EMBN

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Options | DIY E Bikes With EMBN

There’s no denying that EMTBs are expensive. However, there are various kits available that allow you to convert your existing bike into an electric bike. Here are Steve and Chris to talk you through them 🔧⚡️

⚠️ Check with your bike manufacturer before installing any aftermarket kits to check warranty stipulations ⚠️

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Readers Comments (49)

  1. Reasonably good comments but didn’t explain that there are thru axle hub motors available which is more relevant to modern frames

  2. Just what we need at the mountain bike trail. Fat slobs with $10,000 electric bicycles

  3. I also liked the video a lot. There was also a lot of information.
    thank you

    But as far as I know, there is a site that has some good information,


  4. Good info….U.S. commenter here…..I considered a conversion and it is important to take one big thing into account….. if your "donor" bike does not have disc-style brakes that might be a problem…."squeeze" brakes offer less stopping power. That equates to less safety especially at 20+ MPH…..so you’ll have to replace them (the entire wheel) or install rotors and new brake hardware on existing wheels…. more money and skill required…..overall if you are new to this consider a modestly priced pre-build (which you will fall in love with…trust me). If you keep it in decent shape you can re-sell it at a fair price…. then either build or buy the bike with the performance and features you want from the experience gained from your first e-bike experience

  5. Look, I have the AstonRider mid-engine and I’ve been using it quite well. I have changed it from my folding 16 wheel to 26 mtb and now into a 24. My husband changes the kit in a few moments by tightening one screw/nut, everything is connected and the screen has a cell phone charger

  6. The most unfun people telling you how to do fun stuff. Quit asking a billion questions wether or not if I should or can’t do it, just skip to what is good for what. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t interested, you think people just look up niche shit like this all day?

  7. ఆ ఆi love u girl.

  8. Very helpful thanks.

  9. Way too much banter

  10. I have a Carrera Sulcata 29er, would this be easy for a mid drive, I dont have a spec sheet and Halfords dont seem to have them either :/

  11. What an absolute drips talking claptrap with some sense chucked ine for balance Trying to scare people from building a bike to buying one off the shelf ..sounds fishy..Pair of nobs with no nobs

  12. 👏👌👍

  13. Well that’s turned me off an e bike kit

  14. Old guys theses are all made in China

  15. crap i got a downhill tank bike and the axles are thick so these ebike kits dont work

  16. I’m over here in the USA. I’ve got several Townie Electra Bicycles (not electric). Love the ergonomics of them….want to convert one to Electric. Can you recommend a front drive/battery system? Any other comments would be appreciated.

  17. Hello dear . where the. Address. ?

  18. What I’d like to know is about ebike kits direct from China and Chinese kind of places. On ebay for example the kits listed state that import duty charges may be added when the kit arrives, has anyone had any experience with this and how much would I expect to pay if this happens to me ? I’m in the UK.

  19. Anthony Crothers December 7, 2020 @ 8:11 pm

    I’m looking to convert a cheap second hand bike. I’ve not owned a bike for several years. My main use would be for commuting and ‘fun’ rides (not mountain biking). I have limited technical ability, although my son-in-law is a motor mechanic. I want to keep the cost as low as possible, would you say the ‘plug and play’ rear hub drive is my best option? Ive only just come across your channel (watching Ray do his barefoot engineering!) Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  20. One thing to add, you’ll still pick up punctures, and on an ebike this can be a chore . The product ‘Green Slime’ is a self sealing compound you can put in your inner tubes. Also I would also I nvest in puncture proof tires.

  21. I’m so excited about doing this. I signed up swytch. Conversation kit. Either threw them or buying a 2nd hand one from someone?

  22. Cheaper and easier to buy a trial motorbike 😂🙈

  23. I saw that the mid drive motors all come with T44+ chainrings. Can you run then with smaller chain rings (32-34T)?

  24. The Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid drive (750w/52v) running the latest open source firmware is a solid competitor to any of the big name mid drives IMHO. Especially when price is taken into consideration. I have run two of these TSDZ2’s over the last couple of years now, on different frames and as the firmware has improved along with the ability to customise the specs I have found them great for tinkering which is great if you like that sort of thing. Please note I also have a 1500w hub drive 29er as well but this unit is really only for commuting running slicks as it’s not the best for off road/mtb as the weight coming off jumps etc is pretty hairy.

  25. Can you combine all three at once

  26. Are there any rear wheel options for 177mm or 197mm rear dropouts? Considering converting one if my fat bikes.

  27. micahphone moseley December 7, 2020 @ 8:28 pm

    I dont have time to look thru the comments and im not concerned with intellectual property…but is anyone considering triple drive systems? If not you heard it here first.

  28. mywave78 wellowoody December 7, 2020 @ 8:29 pm

    hello guys, what’s the best for computer flat road ? thanks

  29. Wow sir can i have one sir for free.

  30. I’ve been looking to buy one of these for a month did little bit search to figure out the cost of having e-bike but i’ve decided to renew my motorcycle insurance … $62 monthly.

  31. Did you say bat tree?

  32. I wish YouTube had a feature to block channels from your searches. If I could I would block this gigantic advertisement of a channel.

  33. Electric Mountain Bike Network,
    you have such an outdated info !!
    and it looks like you are in your legal box !!
    totally useless video !!

  34. I have 48v controller with 5 level pedal assist display. How do I find compatible motor and battery for same. Will 36 and 48v 250w motor work with this controller. Can you help me with my e-bicycle project.

  35. If I’m converting my regular bike to an E bike Do I have to run E by shocks front and rear ?

  36. I’m so glad I live in America you can build anything you want the laws here not bad for ebikes yet lol

  37. The bike u converted with the 250 Watt motor…………locks like you screwed your viewers and u made the motor pregnant and now its a 1500Watt unit….😂😂😂😂

  38. Hello there I really enjoyed all your videos and I have a question for you. I’m planning to buy my e-bike kit from Amazon. So what I’m doing is buying a foldup bike from Amazon then purchasing a ebike motor kit. Problem is I want to buy a front ebike motor because I want as little modifications and simple installation as possible. The problem I have is a fold-up bike on buying from Amazon has the disc brake on the front tire. Is there a rear brake part make a note that I need to purchase since the e-bike motor is the front tire? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  39. what would you recommend for a throttle assist MTB that you can buy off the shelf and whats the best centre crank driven bike please?
    Im looking for a bike that can cope with the above with a reasonable range and 20-25mph at times. i have heard the rear hub drives burn out, is this correct?

  40. Very nice! and thanks. One question, does the legal limit of the motor, @ 250 watts, to keep "Street Legal" apply to the whole bike, or could one fit a 250 watt motor, to the front wheel, and anther 250 watt motor, to the back wheel, and still be "Street Legal"? Thanks, once again.

  41. Look, I have the Aston Rider mid-engine and I’ve been using it quite well. I have changed it from my folding 16 wheel to 26 mtb and now into a 24. My husband changes the kit in a few moments by tightening one screw/nut, everything is connected and the screen has a cell phone charger

  42. Built my first one 40 years ago with an old starter motor and a trailer to carry heavy old car batteries .Was pretty crap and every one laughed and said that will never catch on. last year I fitted a kit and it’s awesome.

  43. Save up for what you want
    Don’t settle for what you can afford now

  44. oh for God’s sake!!!! just buy a motorcycle!

  45. Interesting video .Cheers lads .I’m in the middle of building a cyclotricity 250/1000 dual power bike from a montague paratrooper .Bit of head scratching but coming on nicely .Ps don’t carry your battery in a backpack .Its a nice way to snap your spine if you come flying off and land the wrong way .A water bottle in a backpack was responsible for a snapped spine last year … …..Yip.

  46. Fantastic guide! thank you for your help!!

  47. kits always look ugly af but at least you can service anything and reconvert it back to a normal bike. I don´t know how all these pricy "performance" EMTB fare years down the road.

  48. can someone plz just do a video on the cheap kits on amazon? like the $200 ones

  49. In this video you mentioned that there is a back pack battery option. Would it be possible to get that on a 26" by 4.8 mulfut fat bike tire. 2wd fat bike in the snow is the plan. I like the idea of throttle control over assist. Having more that an hour or two of battery life would be nice. What options would one have?

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