Electric Bike Ultra Motor A2B The BikemanforU Show Episode 13 "Glad We Made It!

Electric Bike Ultra Motor A2B The BikemanforU Show Episode 13 "Glad We Made It!

http://bikemanforu.com/ BikemanforU gives us a close up look at Ultra Motor’s 80-pound A2B electric bike and salutes everyone who had to work on July 4. As always, get free shipping on bike parts, tires, tools and accessories with the BikemanforU. http://bikemanforu.com/

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  1. STOP the cowboy mount and dismount… you will crash…. Now if you had a rope in one hand that would be a diff story…

  2. stay away from many after market coversion kits. I was quoted a twenty mile range on the battery, and eight hundred charge. which should have given me 16,000 miles. The battery died at one year two months and under 600 miles. supplir said to bad, $750.00 for a new one. I get better milage in my buick. Thanks G.S. from G.M.

  3. sure bring it over.. Eastern Long Island NY

  4. Point taken…

  5. Thanks

  6. Yeah I heard those are a big market in China. 40mph on a sidewal? That’s retarded. I like ebikes but if going 40mph on a sidewalk is asking for trouble. That may be one reason why one third of people out there don’t like ebikes. I used mine at the lake on a walk way used by people walking. I only went around 10mph tops. If I got close to other people, I slowed down to 5mph.

    While they are electric and can go fast, some common sense still applies. 馃槢

  7. THANKS for the help

  8. Most of the pre-built E-Bikes suck! Go custom, click on my name for my channel to see my custom builds. My daily driver E-Bike costs about half of what the A2B costs, and it is a 27 speed, and can go 30+ miles on a charge. I use it daily, including in the winter. Plus, converted bikes use regular bike parts, that you can get from Bikemanforu or any local shop, instead of some really expensive parts only available the original manufacturer.

  9. Rastislav Ku膷铆rek January 30, 2021 @ 8:29 pm

    I live in Europe, so I will probably never see you in action, but from your videos you seem to be doing some awesome job! Keep up the good work! Respect.. "You own a car not the road."

  10. I hate em’

  11. i love you videos bikeman

  12. lol. Well my "electric moped" has 700c size wheels on it.. 馃槢

  13. I’m in between don’t care and like If they would make a decent conversion kit the I would make my own bikes I’ll take that one if someone gave it to me Thanks for the Video UdaMAN !!!

  14. Awesome. now to find away to trade emails so i can get a full addy

  15. what about folks like myself who rode bikes for years but had to stop because of a knee injury, I cannot walk without a cane let alone pedal a conventional bike, if it wasnt for my a2b I wouldnt be able to cycle at all, and my physical therapist says hes notice a big improvement in my leg since Ive been riding the a2a, so since Im practically one legged am I cheating? and what am I cheating at? Is everyone on a bike in some kind of race I dont know about?

  16. thank you

  17. Thanks my friend.. Stay cool

  18. Ahh so you do work on ebikes! 馃榾 I’m part of the one third that likes them. I converted my existing bike using a mid drive system. It will top out at 25mph. A little over the limit, but I rarely get to go that fast due to all the dam yield and stop signs in my town. 馃槢

    Happy 4th of July. 馃榾

  19. Bike Man For U- Mister Natural from Long Island – said he dropped in & met the Crew there- at the Brick & Mortar Shop – You really made a positive impression & He told me You are the Man! Glad to know you have NOW become part of our Freeman Pad extended Family – Keep It Up- Still need to get you on CABLE ! I am working on that one !

  20. I think it’s a little early to buy an electric bikes, I have ridden the Pedego and Stromer, but I will wait for batteries to get cheaper and frame designs get more MTB-ish, the motorcyle will go electric like KTM’s FreeRide and the Electric Bike might beat it and we will have this awesome transportation form, if you want to dream and laugh check out the Specalized Turbo it was an April Fool’s Joke about E-Bikes.

  21. Rastislav Ku膷铆rek January 30, 2021 @ 8:46 pm

    You dont need papers to ride electric bike, its quiet and perfect for elderly. Its bullshit, but its better than buying some gasoline crap and support oil industry, which basically screws the earth completely up. 馃檪

  22. electric bikes use batteries to power an electric motor, they don’t use gas.

  23. Sorry for your disability. In your case it seems an electric bicycle would be beneficial. My comments were intended to be general. I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to bicycles. I prefer simple and reliable.

  24. Good point…I should have known that. But I still stand by my opinion. And that is that electric bikes are a perversion of what it is that makes bicycle-riding special. The concept behind a bicycle is that it is both human-guided and human-powered. The bicycle is essentially an extension of the rider in that speed and distance are directly related to the effort put into it. The way I see it, riding an electric bike is like cheating.

  25. Until now I hadn’t really thought much about electric bikes. But now that I know a little more about them I guess I’d be one of those 1/3 people that hate ’em. People ride bicycles for the fitness it provides, the independence from gasoline, and the satisfaction in knowing that they are traveling under their own power…not to mention they are very quiet. If someone wants to power their bike with gasoline, enjoys the noise, and expend less effort in riding then buy a frickin motorcycle!!!

  26. man i wish i knew where you are stationed. i would love for you to get your hands on my 4 bikes…BMX, Fixie, Mountain Bike, 1957 Hiawatha Cruiser. if possible plz send information on your location

  27. mount a waterbottle hoder for the man..

  28. This dude is creepy

  29. Hose can you see ….

  30. thumbs wayyyyy up !!!!! I’ve been waiting 4 a e-bike review

  31. Also, it’s more work, but overall it’s usually cheaper to convert an existing bike (depending on how expensive your "existing" bike is though) to electric. It’s a little more work intensive but you’ll save a little money.

    And my ebike can go 25mph despite having a 50 pound SLA battery on the back. I’m upgrading to lithium though so once that’s widdled down to 8 pounds (I only weigh around 130 pounds my self) it will probably haul ass. Might want to keep an eye on any nearby cops. 馃槢

  32. Man you ROCK !! lol

  33. JustCurtis FromCanada January 30, 2021 @ 8:59 pm

    I had one of these and they suck in the cold.

  34. Great Video, I am one of the 1/3 that doesn’t care. Show a old road bike with campy components.

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