Electric Bikes. Great e-Bike accessories

Electric Bikes. Great e-Bike accessories

Electric Bikes. Cool e-Bike accessories

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The smartphone (both Android and iPhone are supported) has a dedicated cradle on the bike’s handlebar, but it connects to the bike wirelessly, via Bluetooth. You can see a GPS map of your surroundings or statistics about your ride on the phone, with all your data being stored in the cloud.

Ford e-Bike

Smartphone can be used to allow the rider to choose from three different support modes: Economy, Comfort and Sport. It appears these modes allow the user to change the tightness of the suspension so as to provide the best ride for different types of environments, e.g. bumpy, off-road, street, etc. It can also be used as a message display to notify the rider of things going wrong with the bike, as a fuel gauge and as a means of displaying data such as speed, distance traveled, etc.


The computer system includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connecting with the accompanying Trefecta iOS app, as well as using other iPhone navigation and fitness apps. A built-in waterproof dock in the upper frame provides a convenient, visible place for mounting one’s iPhone.

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