Electric Cargo Bike camping- Pushing the range of an ebike 285 miles in 3 days

Electric Cargo Bike camping- Pushing the range of an ebike 285 miles in 3 days

I log 285 miles riding my Benno Carry on fitted with a BBSHD and 25.7ah 52v battery.
Portland to Astoria (Fort Stevens) and back. 110 miles there in one day, 140 miles back and 40 miles exploring Astoria.


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  1. чудово.. +1

  2. curiousgeorge555 January 22, 2021 @ 7:44 pm

    12:35 lol

  3. Why would you rather ride on the side of a highway than in the woods.
    Youre more likely to get hit by lightning than attacked by a wild animal.
    There is electric everywhere, churches, schools, industrial parks after 5 or 6 pm.

  4. Have my 2nd battery on the way. Nice run man. I’ve only done 37.5 miles max on my ebike so far.

  5. "THAT SHOULDER SUCKS" hahaha dude I know what you mean there 🙂 I absolutely love coming along on these adventures. Awesome long-distance ebike tour. The benno carry is such a cool frame. I enjoy the thrill of finding an outlet, but I understand the awkward conversations 😀 Looking forward to following along!

  6. You got to watch out for them Bigfoots 👣

  7. 72v ebike will Last long but find outlets outdoors are harder to find

  8. like it. Going to do it in Europe. Might try solar cargo trailer.

  9. nastythomashobbs January 22, 2021 @ 7:51 pm

    I live in a black bear and cougar area as well. Run in to Black bears all the time. No real concerns as they are more interested in berries and garbage. Cougars are far more concerning and they want only prey. Had one run across my path while EMountain biking. It was a smaller one but it still freaked me out.

  10. You need a recumbent trike for those distances for real comfort..two packs for redundancy..

  11. Play a game- Take a drink every time he says amp hours

  12. You were able eat and charge, but you call it a shit hole.

  13. Nice! Yeah that would be like a 10 day trip for me lol…but yeah I know what you mean about being right there… today in the suburbs of central nj I saw a red fox dart across the road like 5 feet in front of me… it was an amazing sight!

  14. I just finished doing something like this. I wanted to take my ebike but since the max range on Eco is only 60 miles, i took my regular MTB with some hookworm tires on it, took me 13 hours to cover 132 miles. Riding in the dark highway is quite scary but after a while you figure, meh if somebody is going to hit me me stressing about it now does nothing lol

  15. Crazy people never sleep…you’re just semi

  16. I have a Giant Road eBike. It’s a production, road style, eBike. It has a 500WH battery pack. I stop 2-3 times, for about an hour each time, during a 100 mile day. My battery is removable. That makes it easier to charge. You can take the battery inside with you, if necessary, and plug it in anywhere. I can also hold it in one hand so it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to anyone. I use 10-12 watts per mile, at about 16-18 mph, so I only need to charge for a couple of hours to do an 80-100 mile day.
    I’m a former bike racer and ultra marathon cyclist. I’m now 64 years old, and have congestive heart failure. One big piece of advice I would give you about long distance cycling. Start each riding day early! Before the wind, traffic, and heat. When I was doing ultra marathon riding, I would start each riding day at 4:00AM. When touring with my eBike, I try to not be so serious, but I still try to be on the road before 5:30AM. I ride 25-30 miles and then stop for breakfast and 60 minute charge, then 35-45 miles, a stop for lunch, and another 60 minutes or so on the charger. After 20 more miles, I start looking for a place for the night, or a place to take a break and charge for a little longer if it’s going to be a longer day. I’m off of the road no later than 6:00 PM. 60 miles is enough for me each day, and 100 miles is my max. One more thing… get comfortable in the wild. You are the most dangerous thing in the woods 🙂

  17. Waiting on much better solid state batteries, with preffered titanium coated discharge ends. My 105 pound battery only got 240+ ish miles new. But with new tech I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to get the weight cut in half or 3x smaller. While reasonably enjoying 300 mile range, faster charging, & longer battery life.

  18. Do you feel like you’re getting exercise at the same time as you never sound out of breath. They say to exercise to the extent where if you were going to try to converse that you really would not be able to effectively… being out of breath. You don’t seem physically tired, at least by 6:09 and you’re going to sleep for the night.

  19. good adventure..i do the same energy scavenging game but mostly off road here in australia..iv seen puma and 3 yowies:)and im scared of the dark.you might like bike packing events

  20. Thanks for the video! I’m curious to know what eyeglass frames you’re using. They look like they provide great protection!

  21. I can understand the raw expectation that other people are going to finance your electrical motor’s hunger for power, and you are more than comfortable to take electrical power whenever and whereever you find it. You are no better than a common thief, and while that is an everyday thing, it ain’t Nothing to be proud of. It’s like what an 8 year old might do if left to his/her own devise. Low down and animal like.

  22. That was fun! Ebike for sale, will trade for MC. lol 😁

  23. How many calories did you burn? I burn about 800-900 calories commuting to work (one way) on PSA level 3 going roughly 20 and it’s only a 14 mile trip

  24. Autopilot I felt that on the river at 75-100 miles

  25. Great adventure. How hard would it be to take the battery inside with you for charging? Is it portable?

  26. what type of camera did you shoot your video with ?

  27. brilliant journey.

  28. I dont know if finding a plug is still a problem, but you could get a 300 watt+ solar generator and a folding solar panel and bring YOUR OWN plug

  29. When charging, just say…"Hi I’m on a bicycle touring camping trip on my electric bicycle. I would like to ask you a favor. May I use your electrical outlet to recharge my bicycle battery."
    Just be friendly and smile.
    No biggy.

  30. I have a 500w 48v Bafang mid drive. I pull a bicycle camper with two 100w flexable solar panels on the roof. I have two 14 ah batteries run in parralel through an mppt. On a sunny summer day I average 140-150 km per day (approx 90 miles).

  31. Cool! 👍🏼 I know a lot of ebike tourers pull a trailer with a solar panel that continuously charges their batteries

  32. I just find Your video , if it was your first trek ,You did great , I guess You need more experience and exercise ,but the video was great

  33. This isn’t a camping video. Range testing only. He camps overnights, but it’s 99% him talking about his range and charging and maybe 1% about his camping, very little of which is documented. Disappointing result for bike camping search.

  34. Doesn’t matter if car or bike, the limitation is the same. Need charging stations everywhere and charging takes up a lot of time. The more we try, the more we learn tho.

  35. Very cool!!!!

  36. Always take a second battery when on long trips

  37. 17 mph is way to fast for touring 12 max.so relax smell the roses.

  38. The cost of electricity on the US power grid averages about 13 cents per kWh or 1000 watt hours. Your battery pack is about 1.4 kWh. That’s about 18 cents worth of electricity. With the inefficiency of charging probably brings that up to 20-22 cents for a full charge. You probably only get a 30% charge at any place you stop. Tell them up front you would like to put about 7 cents of electricity in your battery. Put a little extra on the tip and you can stop feeling weird about it.

  39. Cool beans 🤹subbed

  40. I loved this video. It inspired me to put together a cheap ebike set up to go touring. check it out here. @EVIo

  41. Was there enough speed on your e-bike to outrun the top speed of the Big Cat/Cougar (30 MPH)? Do you use the PlugShare software on your smartphone to find the closest outlets to plug into? Or plan your trip around outlet locations that are friendly to e-bike and e-car owners/users? I’m new to your channel so I don’t know if you’ve embarked on these trips with solar panel(s) yet and the outcome of charging for free.

    Have you thought about getting some night vision goggles? Or using newer LED focus adjustable flashlights with 1/2 mile range? Sure they eat through AA batteries but there are models that can charge via USB, you can get hand crank and pedal crank dynamos to make power rather than tapping your main power. Plus you’ll be able to see and be seen quite clearly at night.

  42. Cool to watch and hear the commentary of what was good / bad / worrisome. Very appreciated.

  43. That was awsome

  44. Javier Rodriguez January 22, 2021 @ 8:36 pm

    Could it be possible to charge the batteries while you ride. Adding a small generator on the wheel or/and small solar panel.?!🤔 just thinking outloud.

  45. Victor Ian Cardin January 22, 2021 @ 8:37 pm

    No wonder you had a bad time, you were so negative about almost everything.
    I have a 500 watt motor and I only use the assist when i am going up steep hills but I am still pedaling, for the motor is to assist me not take over.

  46. sometimes less is more .but well done

  47. I need an artificial ACL and have a torn miniscus in my left knee. I dream of a ride like this !
    I think with pedal assist its possible to ride a bit of distance again

  48. If you have 80v ebike or 100v ebike its would be easier to go to camping

  49. 12:26 – me whenever I want to ride beyond my hometown in Oregon, lol

  50. Good to know one can actually get more than 20-25 miles range if one actually pedals(gasp) and kept it under 35-45mph..(but what fun would that be? :>)

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