Electric Drag Racing!! // Energica + Zero // 2020 1/4 Mile Cliffhanger Sprints

Electric Drag Racing!! // Energica + Zero // 2020 1/4 Mile Cliffhanger Sprints

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Lex’s Bike:

John’s Channel:

Sweet fly-by footage by David Birch

🏍 Bikes: 2015 Zero SR + 2020 Energica Ego
🎥 Gear: Huawei P20 Pro + insta360 + GoPro Session
🥝 Location: New Zealand
🎵 Music: Lukrembo – Imagine, Lukrembo – Marshmallow

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  1. "What is this, Long Way Up?"
    Haha! Great watch, as ever!

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out, Sam. Really kind of you!

    Some awesome sounds there (as well as awesome food from the food stall). You and Jen sound best, of course! 😀

    Glad you got to the bottom of what was limiting your power. There’s always next time.

    Credit to you both for spreading the EV awareness to other bikers too. Looks like a good event and a good crowd.

  2. Awsome !!! The 13.1 she got is high. For exemple on my 2017 SR with Powertank and 45 pounds 13kW chargers i got 12.97s last year : https://youtu.be/pKqmnEU2No0 and even lower at 12.8s with the same setup but with the windscreen: https://youtu.be/_wk5rhImgjA

  3. That looked like a blast! I think TC on killed your run times. Thumbs up as usual my friend!

  4. That was fun. Looking forward to the hill climb.

  5. Jonathan Helton April 30, 2021 @ 12:08 am

    How many stickers do I need to be like Lex? 😍

  6. The first run of an Ego at the Texas Mile 2020 ran 165 mph IIRC

  7. The 10.5s the CAL guy got is with the 21.5kWh battery. I guess that the motor controller is programmed with higher battery current limit so it get more power due to better battery performance

  8. This appears to be the same spot that Option Magazine and Daijiro went to test the top speeds of some JDM imports back in the mid 2000s. 340km/h in an R34 GTR, 280 in an mx5, etc. the video’s floating around on youtube.

  9. How did you close the road? Is it legal? 0_0

  10. I got a hoodie, but there’s a small problem. The placement of the NewZeroLand logo on the back is too high so when the hood is down it covers up the logo. Other than that, I’m enjoying the swag.

    I’m envious you get to participate in things like this. The track nearest me requires a 1-piece leather racing suit to do a track day, and I can’t justify that kind of expense for something I will use very rarely. Maybe when I check a few other things off my list I can save up for one.

  11. this is great!!
    you should look in the manual to see if there is a limiter or something…

  12. I’m looking at the 2021 Eva Ribelle+ RS. I hope it doesn’t have the same limitations on launching because I’d like to smoke some gas bikes off the line here in Hollister, CA … and I’d rather not disable traction control and ABS, for obvious reasons.

  13. Lol, im up to ep8 on long way up now, I think they called in the diesel genney about 5 episodes so far 😁, just wondering (flashing lights) is the power limitation the battery ie not warm enough or the motor getting too hot, I assume the battery is not thermally managed only passively cooled? The zero seemed to hold its own piloted by smiley Jen 👍

  14. contact Energica and see if they can help you figure this out! should be doing better than that. still looked super fun

  15. rightsideofthecamera April 30, 2021 @ 12:19 am

    Really enjoy all your videos, keep up the good work 👍

  16. You didn’t mention the temp during the event, do you think the cold affected your speed? Compared to the guy you referred to with an ego in California?

  17. Marius Rodenburg April 30, 2021 @ 12:20 am

    Problem is the temperature of the battery. To get the promised power it needs to be around 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. Energica is over protective and reduces power when battery is cold. Zero and other manufacturers do not mind that much and are less critical tuned for temperature. The way to go is charge the bike with CCS 22 kW from low SOC to 100%. Most likely you get a yellow indicator. When the indicator turns back to green you have reached the status of maximum torque delivery and the battery is just below 40 degrees Celsius.

  18. HAHA the Video was so fun to watch… I hope you can fix the speed limit.. i have no clue why this happens? 🤔

  19. How do I get one of your stickers

  20. Ahahaha dude ur hilarious! So 118 mph?! Thats damn amazing irregardless!

  21. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTbu-vwjAIs
    ¼ Mile at 10.55 sec. with Energica Ego

  22. With the new Software 0-60 mph 2,6 sec. (For Ego and Ribelle)

  23. So now with the new Energica EGO+RS, can you re-map your bike and get those few more kWh or is this bespoke to the new Energica EGO+RS only

  24. The Ego sounds kind of how my Empulse used to sound, but better!
    You think you guys should try a run with the SR next time with a windshield that has decent aero? You could see a few more kph top speed bump maybe?

  25. Kiwis are so friendly. Depending where i would rock up with my eNinja in Australia I would be tarred and feathered.

  26. Great video man! Hope you can hot 10 next time! I know under 60% gives a preformance decrease. Energicas coming in friday!

  27. Max speed is officially limited to 240KPH so I think you should contact Enerigca to find out what’s wrong. Too much fast charging? Definitely want to turn that traction control down, I had to learn that the hard way on the RSV4 on the first few laps around the track since I’d only ridden it for a few miles before that.
    Hell yeah! Aprilia representin’. Zero unofficially released the software update for the SR last year so it’s limited to 167 for short periods currently for thermal reasons and will cruise at 150 OK, so I ride at my SR’s top speed too often which is why I had to get the Aprilia. I needed something that could keep up with other bikes when I wanted. My SR’s top speed is a nice cruising speed on the RSV4 when the traffic cooperates.
    This is awesome though, wish we had an event like that around here, I’d like to take my Aprilia beyond the 260 I was getting on the track’s front straight https://youtu.be/OiBtY2aUOiw

  28. This looks like so much fun! 🙌

  29. Time to hack the firmware to get the speed you deserve.

  30. Manfred Groebel April 30, 2021 @ 12:37 am

    Wonder, how the SR/S would be compared to the DSR and the Energica. Anyway much better than the DSR.

  31. I have that limited power problem on my 2018 Ego as well sometimes. Then max speed is 210 km/h even over 80% SOC and it has a somewhat sluggish acceleration. I suspect bad battery balancing because when I recharge it overnight it runs just fine with max speed 242 and much more power. Can’t be traction control since I don’t have one.

  32. Hahaha yooo coming in hot with the shoutout!!!!.Quality edit 👌. Was nice to meet ya dude.i am rapt to hear you sorted the speed limiter issue,must of been fun to test lol.if you ever want/need cnc laser or machining done hit me up i make alot of stuff for my bikes etc

  33. Glenn Henderson April 30, 2021 @ 12:42 am

    Fantastic video. I hope you have installed another clip-on handle bar clamp bolt, replacing the missing one.

  34. DDダイスオー April 30, 2021 @ 12:43 am


  35. new king of streets= electric bike

  36. Liked. I’m a Zero fanboy so take this for what it is, but your Energica seems very finicky. It’s just a complicated bike compared to the Zero SR which is very bare bones. And speaking of the event… these type of things are the only time the ICE sport bikes can actually do what they are made for which is insane high speeds. Another reason why electric bikes are better… much more practical. Extremely fast acceleration to the speed limit. Everything else is technically illegal. Were you able to vote?

  37. no live wire???

  38. Man that looks like a lot of fun! Surprised that the Zero couldn’t go faster tho, being the "lighter" bike and all.

  39. 😲 new intro sound??

  40. i better order some stuff….

  41. Really enjoyed this. Petrol bikes will go faster but hey electric is way cleaner and the speeds you got were pretty respectable I thought Sam. Where abouts was the event held? Take care! Cheers from London!

  42. Joe is On the Road Again April 30, 2021 @ 12:54 am

    That was fun! Some crazy sound! Can’t wait for the next race. Lex is a killer

  43. At least there was no clutch slip to blame here 😁

  44. You forgot to switch it to Ludicrous mode. Lightning LS-218 would have solved all your worries, better sell some more Beanies. I’m sure the Energica can do way better than that. I would talk to the factory for a competition firmware upgrade. Could be a ‘while under warranty safe mode’ too.

  45. Jan Gabriel Reyes April 30, 2021 @ 12:58 am

    Wow sounds like f1 😍

  46. UnclearFizzyCyst April 30, 2021 @ 12:58 am

    You need to eat lots of beans for breakfast, so you get the additional jet boost off the start line 😀

  47. After watching all the launches from the Energica and Zero the launch from the Aprilla(?) felt really slow. I lurched forward just watching it.

  48. Makes one wish there were "easy swap" batteries, although it occurs to me that nothing as big as these could be considered "easy" even if you could remove them between runs. and then how would you transport them? a cycle trailer maybe? Ah, new world problems. I definitely plan to hop on the merch wagon as soon as I pull some spare cash. Holiday shopping might get weird this year.

  49. moonshinethics April 30, 2021 @ 1:00 am

    Is it possible to set up a solar and battery system to charge the electric bikes off of?

  50. Did you reboot it?

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