Electronic Mountain Bike Shifting | What Is It & How Does It Work?

Electronic Mountain Bike Shifting | What Is It & How Does It Work?

Both the big players in Mountain Bike groupsets have electronic shifting at the high end, but how does it work and is it better than the mechanical shifters? Neil explains.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Cable less systems aren’t the way forward. Easier and cheaper if they stayed electronic and were cabled to a battery on board the bike. for example ebikes.

  2. I just got done installing my electronic shifter on my single-speed I just can’t figure this thing out maybe I’m going to have to take it to the bike shop!😅

  3. I’ve used Ultegra Di2 on my roady for 4 years and it’s brilliant! I’ve never felt like I would have it on my MTB though🤔

  4. Sram bluetooth drivechain costs 1000 pound u could get a good bike for that much

  5. I love the idea of this, especially as I’m beginning to get arthritis in my hands, after a long ride my thumb can be pretty sore. But the price is hard to stomach. But in the long run it’s this or grip shift…

  6. JAMES MICHAEL GOODWIN December 15, 2020 @ 9:28 pm

    Very interesting concept. Something to watch in the future. But for me, it is hard to justify the cost to the need…at least for now. If the cost came down, then that might be a different story.

  7. I recently put SRAM AXS on my SC Chameleon. The only stumbling point is transitioning from a steep down very quickly to a steep up where you need to shift 4 or 5 gears very quickly. It just cannot do it quickly enough and you end up crunching the gears a bit. Other than that, it’s superb. Battery life is excellent…Is it worth is? No it’s just nice bling at the moment. When it’s half its current price then it will see off geared systems, guaranteed.

  8. That is some technology 🔥

  9. You see quite a few bikes for sale with the sram wireless but you don’t see many with the Shimano wireless!!!

  10. Although not a mech rohloff has the e14 hub and bosch now has full integration with rohloff in their ebike kiox controls it looks very interesting.

  11. Sir I wanna race with you but problem is that I’m in Pakistan😓😓😓

  12. I wanted the sram. I neraly swallowed my tongue when he said the price…

  13. Is this what Paradigm Shifting is? If it isn’t, does anyone know what it is?

  14. I have XTR Di2 and love it!

  15. I’d prefer an auto shift for when you drop or increase in rpm too much.

  16. Jalaludin01 Jalal December 15, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    Saya pake altus

  17. I like your video

  18. I can’t wait till they invent a bike that doesn’t require you to pedal.

  19. 15 seconds into the video you realize you stoped watching it the other day in a shorter time…. sorry m8! Why don’t you talk about cool stuff like them freewheel cranks on them trails bikes! Hell just start talking about trials bikes!!!! We need more of them marketed to the world!!! You realized in the states there are no shops that specialize in them or even sell them!!! The UK has all the cool stuff ! Guinness, trials bikes and sticky grippy dirt! Please change your format to folks in the states that want to do UK stuff! I have been all over the world and mainly 3/5ths of the world in just one year two years ago! All I want is to go back to the damn UK

  20. I fell last week and tore a ligament in my thumb(ulnar collateral). I couldn’t shift to climbing gears without dislocating so surgery is scheduled this week. I came across this while searching for an option to get back on the bike. I would hate to invest $2000 to ride again but I am not sure there is another option if I want to get back on my bike.

  21. Is it possible to use the bike’s battery on Bosch motors?

  22. How long before the controller is smart enough to do the shifts for you? You set parameters, ie pedal RPM or power, and it keeps you in that range through gear selection. Just something I’ve been thinking about…

  23. As great as Sram and Shimano systems look, the archer system looks like an ideal upgrade to my 20 year old Rockhopper, along with a 1x conversion. interesting… (scratches chin thoughtfully)

  24. can GMBN not start a series: Trails First Add

  25. Get rid of cable, here come electronics… here have a homky ass big wire now… ding it on a ride, oh noooooo stuck in gear

  26. I’ve got DI2 on 1 MTB and standard Sram SX eagle on the other MTB. There’s next to no difference in the real world on the trails.

  27. So can we expect wireless brakes maybe next year?

  28. Ooh, I bet it’s a real thrill when you smash it on a rock – the excitement of all that cash turned to scrap. And worse, you can’t cobble a mech for the following day from your old non-e worn out / bent mechs in the “spares” box. If it ain’t squaddie proof and field maintainable with a leatherman then it’s a liability. However, on a road bike, given the relatively controlled conditions they do have a certain appeal, apart from price…..

  29. I don’t get the shimano one cuz if u want electronic what’s the point if u still have a cable running.

  30. It is obviously too expensive

  31. I have maybe a silly question, but perhaps someone can help me:
    What could be a logic reason to change gears at the back with the right hand, and braking the front with this hand,
    and shifting the front gears (if there is more than one sprocket) with the left hand, and braking the back?

    Wouldn’t it be much more logically, to brake and shift the front with one hand and brake and shift the back with the other hand?

  32. Seems like as much of an "innovation" as the silly automatic shoulder belts from early 90s cars.

  33. Global Mountain Bike Network December 15, 2020 @ 10:04 pm

    Do you have electronic shifting on your MTB? Would you consider it? Let us know!

  34. Nigel Brownwellington December 15, 2020 @ 10:04 pm

    Archer D1x is a legitimate contender here. Shifts a bit slower, but it’s precise, built tough, and can make almost any derailleur go with almost any cassette. Super cool.

  35. Cristóbal Muñoz December 15, 2020 @ 10:05 pm

    Like thes news electronics shifting of. Esram in yuor #Moutainbike guy’s of the #GMBN so ergonomics for my #Moutainbiking. Thanks guy. Nils Saluds from chile 🇨🇱🤘😀🤘🚵🚴

  36. There is around a $500 price difference between the sram and the Shimano, but I would say its worth the extra cash for the sram. I’ve had absolutely NO issues with mine, I’ve had it for around 9 months now, about 1200 miles on it, and it has never skipped a beat, not one delayed shift. But I couldn’t afford a cup of Ramen for about three months after I bought it🤣

  37. David Barros Bravo December 15, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    No se puede escuchar en español

  38. I have thumb issues. This could benefit me but too expensive at this time.

  39. Might as well ride a motorbike

  40. What the heck is Shimano doing 🤦🏻‍♂️

  41. Klotsopatinades Klotsopatinades December 15, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

    To be viable first of all the cost must drop a lot the idea that someone can hit a rock with a 500€+ rear mech is terifing and long term reliability is something that remains to be seen but i like the idea of not having cables except the ones for my brakes

  42. The elephant in the room there is that Di2 is still only 11sp and falling behind other shifting technology. XTR Di2 feels a lot like Yumeya was on the old XTR gear.

  43. I’m sure we would All love these. Pity is ebay don’t allow you to sell a kidney. So pennies in a jar for a long time yet I fear

  44. I have the Archer Components shifter and really enjoy it. Obviously, a bit heavier than a standard setup but so easy to set up and adjust and perfect shifting every time. I’m curious how it compares to SRAM or Shimano’s offerings but for the price it does everything I need! With only 6-8" of cable, I no longer have to worry about cable stretch adjusting the accuracy of my shifts. Plus, I can adjust the shift location in tiny increments so it’s perfect.

  45. Shimano Di2 wireless with a wire? Hahahha lame!!!!

  46. I have SRAM eTap on my road bike, and every time I see a Shimano Di2 system, I just can’t believe how ugly, awkward and odd it is. "A bit of a job to wire it up". Yeah OK. Battery on my SRAM lasts a really long time as well. etc. etc.etc.

  47. I wonder if they could get more creative with the overall design and placement of the rear mech given that it isn’t constrained by being actuated via cable pull. I don’t even put money the top tier traditional rear mechs because they’re the easiest thing to destroy, but if you could hide the e mech such that catching it on a rock was near impossible, it would be a much more sensible investment

  48. My Cube has di2. It behaves perfectly, shifting gears precisely and quickly. But then so does a good regular shifter. I have mine set up to do synchro shifting which is great but newer bikes don’t tend to have two front rings any more.
    Bottom line, it’s nice to have but if it hadn’t come with the bike I wouldn’t spend the money on it.
    That said on downshifting it makes an electronic robot-like buzzing whirring noise and that tickles me every time.
    Yes, it’s childish but then so is grown men riding bikes in the mud.

  49. In 2019, I managed to break 3 rear derailleurs. Imagine the money I would have spent if I had the Di2 or AXS system on. No thanks, I’ll just stick my cheap and reliable Shimano xt. I still enjoyed the video though.

  50. what about box racing

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