ESG's Top 10 Accessories For Electric Scooters

ESG's Top 10 Accessories For Electric Scooters

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Well i dont have a lock yet, so im just driving the scooters in the grocery store, had no problem so far. but i always buy a 6 pack of 7 up so i have an excuse

  2. smart helmet too

  3. I would rather have brain damage then look like a dumbass LOL…….just kidding

  4. Hey guys, was looking at your video today. The recommended bell qualifier helmet does not accommodate wearing glasses. Do you have a recommendation for one that is eyewear compatible?

  5. Great list of everything you need, however as mentioned in other comments you should have included a bell/horn of some type because it’s very important to warn pedestrians and cyclists that you are coming it’s a must have in my opinion !

  6. As a driver I don’t get why mounted lights on a bike or e-scooter have to flash! It’s not like the light on them are dipped stopping other drivers getting dazzled like all other cars!

  7. Great tips!

  8. Very disappointed!
    They sold me a refurbished scooter instead of a brand new one.
    Brakes are loose, the front wheel is not centered in the front fork, they adjusted the brake with washers and spacers to adapt to the wrongly fitted wheel. The handle bar is always wobbly even after adjusting the screws, the stem is wobbly due a faulty design, the max range is a marketing trash statement! The LCD screen is monochromatic NOT color so it’s hard to see during the day, there is NO information regarding the displayed numbers!
    They build this scooter buy buying spare parts here and there and you can do the same, just go to Aliexpress and buy frame, wheels, battery and you’re done and save money!
    Be ware of these marketing trash people!

  9. What you U kryptonite lock or kryptonite chains lock?

  10. Bright reflective armoured motorcycle jacket for anyone going faster than 25mph imo

  11. What u guys suggest as accessories for Zero 10x? Extra lights necessary, or not?

  12. you missed 1 .rear view mirror

  13. Thanks for the video. You helped me choose my 1st scooter (M365)! Excited! I would also like to see if you can do a video about carrying groceries/commuting/running errands about bags, that sort of thing. Thanks for the great content!

  14. Charles Stacy Harris III February 8, 2021 @ 8:42 pm

    Could you do a segment on carrying accessories like shoulder straps, bags in which to carry the scooter, and so on It seems like a quality shoulder strap would help for people who need to carry up a few flights of stairs and want a scooter like the Zero 8 or Zero 9. Thanks for the super informative channel!

  15. Uros Radomirovic February 8, 2021 @ 8:42 pm

    Never buy tire slime i bought and dosnt work no diference, but my tire was full of slime and nasty.

  16. Add elbow and knee protections.
    Regarding the lime I’m contrary because it adds weight to the tires and I believe in the long run it damages the rubber.

  17. Excellent tips.

  18. What is the brand of the escooter he is using on this video?

  19. Saw video for THE 1ST TIME!!! (June 17, 2020) …. "ME LIKEY!!!" Yall know your stuff! x) 😀
    (I’m SUBSCRIBIN’!!! x) xD)

  20. Harry Dee - 李漢昌 February 8, 2021 @ 8:48 pm

    should my tires be tubless before I put in slime?

  21. @2:13 please note: if you crash your scooter, you WILL turn into a black man. It’s science!

  22. i bought a folding lock that has a case that u can attach on ure scooter. a must have

  23. Do u recommend slim in tubeless tyres on scooter

  24. Dawn Woody-Poitra February 8, 2021 @ 8:52 pm

    I want a scooter so bad but fear I will fall off or have it stolen. Need it for work

  25. It’s a D lock not U lock 🤣

  26. gotta say over the last few months the videos have gotten much more professional and the content is just awesome, keep up the great work guys.

  27. Are you the love child of Ivan Gazidis?

  28. #5: Lock – I have had a lot of luck using the Master Lock Cuffs on my scooter. While no lock is perfect these are pretty good and will thwart all but the best prepared thieves (mostly you want to slow the thieves down, given time any lock can be defeated).

  29. Great info just got my first scooter 😊. I have most of the items. Now I’ll be purchasing a few more. And remember there’s a time and place to test the limits and speed of your scooters. But it’s not all the time and every place 🤨. Translation don’t be speed demons all the time. The laws and rule’s are very new. Especially in NY. Be cool and be safe.

  30. Sloane Slaughter February 8, 2021 @ 9:02 pm

    Do you have to deflate new tires before using the sealant?

  31. My other accessory … and bear in mind most scooters are a dark color .. i have used flourescent reflective yellow tape on the stem and below the deck on the side flanks to offer even more visibility to oncoming traffic at night.

  32. I can’t believe you actually forgot something important also i have learned to get and it has already paid for itself "motor cross jacket"!!!! i bailed on my wide wheel and had gloves, helmet, jacket walked away with out a scratch and was going around 18 MPH jacket saved my arms and back from what i can only imagine would have been BAD road rash. 100$ on amazon for Duhan jacket and it is still in perfect condition after my bail.

  33. Mentioned it on the live cast already, one of my favorites is the Tracer 360 visibility vest. I have to say its probably the best way to stay seen at night. I don’t get anything from the manufacturer but highly recommend checking out their site. Also besides gloves for falls I’d recommend some knee pads. The tiny front wheel on my Gotrax GXL V2 disappeared into one of those infamous Giant New York pot holes and what I hit first was my hands then my knees, not fun.

  34. Very helpful video !! Thank you very much !! I have a seat so I find a mirror very helpful in traffic . Gloves and helmet are a must as well as the vest for night riding . My bell comes in handy also . You can buy a pair of mirrors fairly cheap . I only mounted one . I don’t think it will fair well if / when I crash or if the scooter accidentally gets knocked over .

  35. Needed this vid! Thanks

  36. Hello,

    Do you think this helmet is a good option for electric scooter that goes around 25 to 30 mph?

    Thank you,

  37. Wat would slime thing in uk.,be called just got kugoo m4 first week. Got up tester dày8m ashum8ng a b8g grown man can fix it

  38. Great video! Very helpful thank you

  39. Where does that guy carry that big lock?

  40. Best accessory is a gun holder for them sketchy hoods

  41. Konrad Schneider February 8, 2021 @ 9:15 pm

    I use the AfterShokz air daily. It allowed me to listen to music/directions while I ride but keeps my ears free to listen to traffic.

  42. thanks much,. much info to learn

  43. I think you should have add knee pads and elbow pads. Hey 25mph is a tuff fall
    I fell off my electric skate broad and broken my collar bone very painful.

  44. Moto jacket, Elbow Guards, knee and shin guards… Smashing your joints is a bitch.

  45. Just my Old School Grip Tape!

  46. The phon fall off went into the sewer…..

  47. Henry Cole Stage February 8, 2021 @ 9:29 pm

    Good thing when the big guy crashed that the kickstand was already out and ready to hold up the scooter 😉

  48. Hay Chuck, I have this problem… I want another scooter, but the choices are many. I have a Boosted Rev but in my opinion, it was too much money for what you get. I guess that’s the price one pays for name recognition, eh? This time, instead of losing my mind when a new scooter comes out, I will now do my homework. FYI, the Boosted Rev did not last fifty miles. Just rolling down my driveway the frame broke right where the rear wheel is mounted to the frame. So I called Boosted and nothing. Email, nothing. Then I came across a video on YouTube showing how they went belly up. So now warranty coverage on my Rev. So sad. They should have stayed with what they were good at, and that was electric boards. Like Apple, they had a huge following. C’est la vie… Anyway, I am quite partial to the Emove, the 10X, and the

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