EVERYTHING I wear on a mountain bike ride | MTB clothing check

EVERYTHING I wear on a mountain bike ride | MTB clothing check

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01:00 Smith Forefront 2 helmet http://bit.ly/2XF9TGV (Discontinued? Not in stock anywhere)
02:08 Poc Tectal helmet http://bit.ly/2KNlmyU (Affiliate link)
02:36 WHOOP Strap 3.0 http://bkwhoop.com (Channel sponsor, use code BKXC)
04:06 Troy Lee Designs Stage Helmet http://bit.ly/2OHHgF3 (Affiliate link)
05:09 Leatt DBX 5.0 Helmet http://bit.ly/2qtuou5
05:50 Ryders Eyewear Nelson Glasses http://bit.ly/2XIsVfG (I think these are the ones)
06:41 Smith Attack Max Glasses http://bit.ly/2D7jc99
07:53 Smith Squad MTB Chromapop Googles http://bit.ly/2QMyh7W
08:23 BKXC Jersey http://bit.ly/2L3mlv9 (My product)
08:39 BKXC Gloves http://bit.ly/37x6mz2 (My product)
09:10 BKXC Socks http://bit.ly/2DdekiQ (My product)
09:27 Marmot Windridge Long Sleeve Shirt https://amzn.to/2DdcTRu (Affiliate link)
10:01 KETL Jersey http://bit.ly/2rodnBi (Affiliate link)
10:44 Gore R3 Gore-Tex Jacket http://bit.ly/2KM9cWQ
11:32 REI Fleece (Can’t find original or comparable item)
12:35 EVOC Explorer Pro 30L https://amzn.to/34brTem (Affiliate link)
14:48 EVOC Stage 12L http://bit.ly/2OCGatX (Affiliate link)
15:13 EVOC Hip Pack Pro 3L http://bit.ly/37tvG8R (Affiliate link)
16:08 Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Liner Short https://amzn.to/2XMoUGT (Affiliate link)
17:00 KETL Slate Overshort http://bit.ly/2KNJbq9 (Affiliate link)
17:29 Sonya Looney “Do Epic Sh*t” socks http://bit.ly/2Og3bnJ
17:50 FIVETEN Kestrel Lace Shoes http://bit.ly/2OC6zbv (Affiliate link)
19:16 Scott Grenade EVO Knee Guards (discontinued, new version available: http://bit.ly/2KLJWQQ)

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  1. Love the video, thanks Mate 😉

  2. Ha ha, I just got a Troy Lee helmet and thought I was hearing voices. Was just the wind in the air holes. lol

  3. i live in SoCal, Ill mostly never need any winter gear. Sucks cuz i enjoy winter season, i like cold weather more than summer. ill get a lot of hate from my fellow SoCal neighbors for that lol

  4. I love Kali Protectives

  5. Khafidz Firdaus Sujan December 16, 2020 @ 9:31 pm

    I loike.. just give me an inspiration

  6. To put on a fullface, go face first and roll it on. You can also roll it off by lifting the face bar up and roll it back.

  7. bright orange helmet is weird? I think it’s better to be noticed especially during a tournament!


  9. Nice gear,, can you gave some of your gear that you dont used,, it might be useful to us, thanks

  10. Maybe look at Wiley X glasses, I had a pair for more then 10 years.

  11. You wrote googles instead of goggles in the desc. 😂

  12. Great tips and Enthusiasm. Top notch presentation and anecdotal info is always the best. You have ‘been there’.

    I’m 66 and can’t remember not cycling, Ha! For decades same issue with waist straps when backpacking, fishing, cycling, etc. My waist is about 29”…run out of tightening range. I cut the straps and sew the ends. An advantage of being light is that once a year mishap…I still bounce and just dust myself off.

    As a geologist cycling gets me into some remote areas of our nearby Canadian Rockies. Cycle then hike. However, much of the time when casual riding I prefer a handlebar pack to a back pack. The newer ones can handle a surprising amount of ‘stuff’. Safety gear oher than a Helmut…kneepads..! and did I say knee pads? In winter I add elbow and wrist guards if icy.

  13. I bought my helmet 2 years ago for 50$ and I have had a few light crashes, I really don’t see how a very similar helmet can cost 4 times as much, I get that if you want it to be a bit lighter or a bit more comfortable you would spend a little more, but I’ve worn two hundred dollar helmets and personally don’t think they are worth it, as well as with the riding glasses , you can buy a decent pair of sport glasses that will stay on well and keep gunk and uv rays from hurting your eyes for under 75$, so again how are the 250$ glasses worth 3 times more,

  14. Can you give me some pant recomendations? i live in Norway

  15. Sick "I’m skinny" brag bro.

  16. you get 8 hours sleep and you think you are overstraining your body?

  17. some V necks would be cool for a design i know you just came out with a new one but i have the trouble with feeling choked with regular shirts. im gonna try to see if i can work with a company to come up with something amazing. oh and Marks.com has some amazing glasses that feel amazing great uv and light i like to use their safety glasses they have some options but the ones i use are metal and have a bendable arms and nose and it comes with straps if you want to put them on. bonus is the lens is 1.5mm thick so any random debris your safe. you should totally rock the viper glasses kick retro style or shall i say cowboy style haha.

  18. Your are a super man met you tommorow

  19. Looks like you have a carbon bike but you’re wearing clothes and have all the accessories on you, would that add weights to your bike?

  20. I think that Fenix watches from Garmin track more sleep data (stuff like REM, light and deep sleep)

  21. Oakley’s have an amazing arc for your nose feels great

  22. Curious. You mentioned having a small waist and having to cinch down the EVOC 30 quite a bit. When looking at their sizing online, it seems to equate to their M/L sizing, much like their hip packs. I had the same issue with their hip pack and ultimately went with an Osprey Seral instead. As far as length from shoulder to waist, do you find the explorer fits well or is slightly long? This is without me knowing your height. With your other EVOC Stage 10 pack, are you in the M/L or did you go to a small for better fitment of the waist and torso? I ask because I am back to hydration pack shopping for an upcoming Whole Enchilada trip and am not sold on the Raptor 14. Feels just a hair long and the EVOC is also intriguing along with great reviews.

  23. dude, if you earned a quarter, 25 cents per view, you would have made 13 million dollars by now.

  24. I want to smell your bike seat

  25. Dallas A. Hendricks December 16, 2020 @ 9:53 pm

    Just got me a Diamondback Outlook on Craigslist. Dont have much gear and hearing your words, Just Go Ride is awsome.

  26. What shoes did you wear for the BC bike race?

  27. Use vacuum bag for jackets.

  28. I want a bike like him but my parents never bought me a bike😿😭😖

  29. Seems to b more about the most expensive cool guy gear…that u get sponsored by, ie it’s free

  30. Why does his gear cost more than my bike😭😭😭

  31. Do those Smith goggles offer UV 400 protection?

  32. The stage is an enduro helmet made for big days and whatnot, it is meant to be ventilated

  33. Parasitic Symbiote December 16, 2020 @ 10:02 pm

    Win win win

    For me

  34. get the Oakley Holbrook metal frame there very very sturdy and light but there a bit pricey but honestly worth it for me

  35. Do mtbrs wear their glasses UNDER their straps…? omg….

  36. What’s a shammy cream?

  37. I am your God 666 December 16, 2020 @ 10:07 pm

    Where’s the chest protection bro

  38. I just started, wondering if I need elbow pads?

  39. a pair of old vans some dickies and a t shirt is all u need

  40. Look at goodr sunglasses if you want glasses like the ones you want

  41. I remember watching your first video where you left your full time job. It’s great to see this venture has become a sustainable source of income for you. Love all the product links and detailed reviews.

  42. Why the hell would you pay 250 dollars for some boring glasses!???

  43. 0:37 me thinks of joke also me ha i should not say that

  44. Try out the Oakley quarter jackets

  45. My biggest issues with helmet’s, is that i end up wearing full on motor cross one, as i have the biggest head in the universe!
    Have you ever tried buying a cap in XXXL Yes trip X L I have a XXL one that looks like i am wearing a child’s hat, and i put it on other peoples heads and it swamps them, and i am like thats not big enough for me, So if any one can point me to wards a MTB helmet, that will fit XXXL heads, 64cm around in the Uk that would be grate!

  46. POC spin technology is scientifically INSANELY more protective for your brain than some plastic that moves 2mm(MIPS). Why would you tell people to think otherwise when it’s proven and you are a “professional”… lost all respect for you because of this video.

  47. POC > SMITH I’d literally put my life on the line for it. Smith is all about looking good while POC has had the same color schemes for years, yet keep advancing in protection and are at the top of the charts in protection because of spin!

    This is an infomercial the further I listen. Smith this, smith that. Even his not so bad negative comments. All publicity is good publicity.

  48. @BKXC try out the dango designs GoPro mount for your full face helmet all my racers use it holds well and is very good quality

  49. Angel Merced Legrand December 16, 2020 @ 10:20 pm

    5:56 the glasses name is Loops, not Nelson. They looks great on you!

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