Factory KTM vs. SUR-RON X | Electric Dirt Bike Test

Factory KTM vs. SUR-RON X | Electric Dirt Bike Test

Tucker Neary from Electric Cycle Rider does a head to head comparison of the KTM Factory Edition 250 SX-F vs. the Sur-Ron X on some rough trails in Florida.

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These two dirt bikes are very different in almost every way possible.

The KTM 250SX-F is a Factory Edition 4 Stroke Motocross Bike. This dirt bike comes stock with Factory KTM upgrades and is the lightest 4 stroke in KTM’s MX lineup. The only additional parts added to this KTM 250 is an FMF Exhaust.

The Sur-Ron X is an electric dirt bike, otherwise known as the LightBee X. The Sur-Ron is an ultra light Chinese moto that combines features of a full size motocross bike and a mountain bike to make a dirt bike that rides in a category of it’s own.

To make this test fair, Tucker used a LITPro GPS Tracking device on his helmet to record his lap times. To learn more about LITPro, check out their website: https://www.litprolive.com/

Camera Equipment I used to film this video:
Sony A7S II: https://amzn.to/2ssK6pN

JOBY Gorilla Pod Tripod: https://amzn.to/34oiiAn
GoPro Hero 7 Black: https://amzn.to/38GB1uc
Dango Gripper Mount: https://amzn.to/36HaYkR

For more in-depth tests and reviews on the best electric motorcycles and dirt bikes, visit: http://ElectricCycleRider.com

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. An actual enduro bike like the KTM 125XC versus the Sur-Ron X. Comparing motocross bikes to Enduro e-bikes doesn’t seem quite right to me.

  2. Tucker – what shoulder/chest protector are you wearing? Brand and model. Thanks!

  3. Any good electric dirt/PIT bikes for under £700 – £800?

  4. shit!!!!!

  5. Sur-Ron x vs anything, we just want to see if it’s worthy of the money, so many good reviews

  6. You need to find out what sort of air time each one has at the speed.

  7. Thats the crappiest track ive seen in long time

  8. You riding the future.. all AMA events will have to incorporate the e bikes into the fold just like every other discipline…

  9. Vruumm Vrumm, zeeee, zeee, zee, Vrumm Vrumm, Vrumm, zeeee , zeeee, zeeeee

  10. Hey Tucker, how tall are you?

  11. JK Cinematography February 8, 2021 @ 8:35 pm

    Would like to see this again with an upgraded battery and controller in the sur ron x

  12. Doesn’t matter. Always pick the Brap over the whirl of a pencil sharpener.

  13. They sound like this cause this guys shred,but normally they are super quiet

  14. How long battery last

  15. I liked the part where the handlebars bounced up and down.

  16. Electric is ok but hate the charging time. I enjoy just filling up the tank and getting more riding time in.

  17. Finally a dirt bike that’s fast and silent enough not to piss-off the surrounding wildlife including people with a normal life in the proximity. The hell with gasoline combustion crap!

  18. 잘 봤습니다~

  19. Really good video 🙏

  20. Half the fun is the sound of the bike. But at least we can ride without pissing off the neighbors 😃

  21. Личный аккаунт February 8, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

    Русский коммент

  22. Thats not a litpro

  23. What are the battery levels after the five trips around for each battery thank you have a blessed day

  24. The camera angle makes me keep trying to look up

  25. Ubco
    Neematic frx1 electric bike

  26. Cool videos, gotta angle that ride view camera angle up a little more though!

  27. Past Vs.Future

  28. durango in the bush February 8, 2021 @ 9:01 pm

    Shoulda bought a YZ lol

  29. Great videos! Have you looked into the kuberg freeriders? Would be interesting to see a comparison!

  30. Sand tracks always seem to whoop out allot

  31. The 4 stroke and electric technology is progressing so fast,interesting test,enjoyed it, regards Tony GB.

  32. Those trees scare the shit out of me

  33. What’s even crazier is that some top runners run a 3:47 mile.

  34. Josh Street Design February 8, 2021 @ 9:08 pm

    Come ride with me man! https://youtu.be/0YHcvZToE1I

  35. Compare Boxxbike Valkyrie with KTM:)

  36. Which price

  37. A mile in 4.02 …..Roger Bannister is laughing in his grave.

  38. Try the CZEM drill one it seems way quicker then the SUR RON.

  39. Cool channel, I always wanted an electric dirt bike. I got here from browsing/shopping for electric hub motors for my downhill bicycle.

  40. It seems like you rode the sur Ron mostly standing up more like a mountain bike it’s not more like a mx gas bike more like a downhill mtn bike pedal power

  41. Estevan Coertzen February 8, 2021 @ 9:17 pm

    crappest track in the world

  42. Surprsingly close but I reckon the CZEM Drill One would smoke the KTM

  43. In England Manchester everyone has got one now there 😍

  44. With just a little more range I’d think seriously about the Sur-Ron

  45. It’s better than any 250 cc . Period

  46. Im pretty sure if you had the top of the line FOX suspension or ROCK SHOX suspension youd lay down a much faster lap and probably be more consistent with your times

  47. Most animals will here you coming on a dirtbike on an eletric bike i think you will be meeting a lot of rare animals.

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