FASTEST ELECTRIC BIKE 7000W 70MPH – Wolverine BM (Ballistic Missile) FIRST LOOK by Top Gun Bikes

FASTEST ELECTRIC BIKE 7000W 70MPH – Wolverine BM (Ballistic Missile) FIRST LOOK by Top Gun Bikes

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The Wolverine BM (Ballistic Missile) is the most powerful electric bike ever produced at 7000w of power we believe can reach 70mph and we will be putting it to the test. The Wolverine BM is exclusive through

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  1. WHERE’S THE BIKE ROLLING DOWN THE ROAD ??? Isn’t that what everyone clicked on this for ???

  2. Preston Mcdowell January 30, 2021 @ 8:01 pm

    Damn it’s a shame this company don’t make these type of bikes anymore I miss this bike 馃槶

  3. I would think you’d want bigger spokes on that back rim

  4. Is this bike still sold today…

  5. Stop dribbling shyt and ride the thing

  6. Might need some new rear spokes there pal… I鈥檇 hate to see u waist all ur money on carbon fiber just to send the hub motor into orbit.

  7. the fastest? dont know…not seen any movement 馃槈

  8. 7kW 70mph? bullsh*t this bike is a joke just like the kook making these videos. He obviously never heard of hydraulic brakes either. 45 50 mph at best with not enough torque to be useful. Quit blowing smoke dude…

  9. How many miles will it go on one charge?

  10. all you have is a very slow dirt bike and a frame and running gear not meant to take all that power and frame and very limited range and stupid price.

  11. all the damn yappin…just sit your ass on it and ride it!!!!

  12. Talk about how your bike gos 70. Fucking Ride it and show us the 70mph. fuuuck

  13. Video fail no price no proof can we sll give a thumbs down???? Aghh ya.

  14. Turned out after he made this video he still couldn’t find where the key was…

  15. Not a lithium battery??? Sounds fishy as hell…. and the components dont sound like they could deliver that kind of speed.. another thing… the bicycle never moved an inch?? So????????? Really???????????? Sounds like a bad elaborated scam…

  16. Carbon fiber sticker you mean

  17. David kowalewski January 30, 2021 @ 8:23 pm

    Would you rather have gears or gearless? on this bike.. I see they are made both ways?

  18. He’s talking about it as if he developed it lol Chinese eeb Enduro frame, it’s the wolverine haha

  19. Why wouldn’t you make a video riding this thing ? And wide open at that ? No one has seen it.

  20. Take the video down it SUCKS – 70 MPH sucktion speed – take it down

  21. Carbon print side panels 馃槀

  22. Coffin on wheels

  23. 賲賳賵毓丕鬲 鬲賷賵亘 AK 8BP January 30, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

    How much is the price of this bike

  24. 2020 ELECTION SNAPSHOTS January 30, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

    Have one made myself runs at 50 MPH cost 700.00 usd

  25. There is video where guy goes 90khm not fastest

  26. You r too late,I was done this experiment in Yamaha RX 100 when I was in 2nd class with vacuum cleaner moter of 1500 watts last speed is rating of 95 kmph..馃槀馃槤

  27. Propane TreeFiddy January 30, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    Don’t put speed in title if you don’t ride it, you fucking hack.

    Thank God for adblock.

  28. All show, no go.

  29. Where can i buy this

  30. To much fucking money ten thousand no way in hell I’m buying that

  31. Drive it

  32. It looks like fun but the tyres have no speed rating and the tread will just fly off at high speeds, also bicycle disc brakes wont slow it down very well.

  33. never seen anything moving so fast could barely see it move . whew!

  34. I like how the guy says the fork "travels all the way up to the top of the headset" Ummmm, nope. Also, the bike has a "rear" seat?? What the fuck dude

  35. Lame name… hub motors are for soy boys

  36. We鈥檙e can you get it

  37. 7000w and only 70mph?
    What’s with the hub motor?
    Seems like a rip off.

  38. Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you, if you do this at home, please start with a motorcycle and work down. Don’t start with a bicycle and work up

  39. just gonna say this that the derail-er button is a a real inconvenient spot

  40. Bullshit!

  41. Great effort but having ridden motorcycles for over 30 years (including 10+ as a courier) I would not want to do any more than 30mph on real world roads on a frame/wheel set like this!

  42. Where can i buy the rear shock sir please answer?

  43. I don’t see this on your site?

  44. Do you still make this bike

  45. I would ride that but go like 40

  46. You’re words mean nothing I want to see action!!

  47. Where can you buy one?

  48. why dont you ever put chain gaurds on these powerfull bikes… once that chain snaps at hi speeds you are fucking fucked

  49. One big sack of shit

  50. Why you not drive it? Dislike for your BLABLABLA

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