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  1. Mate, I’m a recreational emoto rider here in NZ, was on a Zero and now upgrading to the first Energica in the country. I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for a stash of emoto that were imported to the south island, and maybe it was Dean Graham who imported them?? I’d love to know and have a chat, as I’d like an enduro version for myself and Alta were the best. Cheers for the vid

  2. woody Vallallellalunga May 19, 2021 @ 12:57 am

    The whole point of an engine is power and sound that comes through the exhaust, keep your plug in hairdryers.

  3. Yoshi Kisihimoto raced ana electric bike at the cemetery circuit 2017

  4. JK

  5. Hair dryers are noisy.

  6. you need to no about 5G we not safe.

  7. Only problem is when they break.

  8. I am a petrol head also and like the noise of mx 2 or 4 stroke, especially the start gate !!!
    I think electric bikes do have their place especially in suburban areas where noise is an issue, and Bush riding, they will eventually be brought in to race against 4 strokes, I disagree with the specs vs specs though. You should be running the same hp as the lites bikes. It’s like when 4 strokes came in and raced 250s vs 125s.
    I personally think electric bikes will kill the spectator sport and bring it more to the big screen. But it is kind of cool in it’s own way.
    MCD edits do a great job.

  9. one of those guys May 19, 2021 @ 1:43 am

    This must be an old vid, seeing as Alta stoped making e-bikes. Also, KTM raced an e-bike in NZ years ago.

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