Fox Racing Stacyc Super Grom Challenge

Fox Racing Stacyc Super Grom Challenge

Presented by Fox Racing
Last weekend, Fox Racing hosted the first-ever Stacyc Super Grom Challenge race at its Irvine, California, headquarters. Behind the brand’s offices are a BMX pump track and pit bike moto track, and they played the perfect host to the first official Stacyc race in history! Over 200 entrants signed up for the event, and we were stoked that we stopped by to check out some of the action!

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  2. They dont need helmets

  3. super! good review!

  4. So glad I found out about Stacyc bikes last year for my now 4 year old. He had been on a Strider and then a Strider 14x with the pedal kit. He learned how to ride a bike by 3.5 years old and then I got him a Stacyc 16 last summer before Junior Kindergarten (I live in Canada). He was the coolest Kindergarten kid in the entire school as we lived just over a mile from his school and my son rode his Stacyc on dry days and his Prevelo 16 on other days. I ended up getting an Evolve electric skateboard to keep up with him, and soon he was trying to race me in the forest (which was kinda scary since I was maxing out the Evolve off road). Now that school has been out since March due to Covid-19, I was lucky enough to grab a Santa Cruz 5010 MTB before the mass rush to get bikes. Being a dad of a 4 and 2 year old has put time constraints on riding on my own etc, but on days my son isn’t going hard on his mountain bike (I have to push him up hills since bikes that are 16 inch wheels don’t have gears), he can keep up with me on my serious MTB in some very technical trails on his Stacyc. I would like for my son to eventually get an opportunity to ride MX, but I also think the Stacyc helps kids feel the flow of riding a trail from start to finish without any assistance or getting hung up. His MTB riding is becoming next level because of the year on the Stacyc. I have him outfitted in all Fox armor and I bought several Fox MX hemets but found the Fox MTB Pro Frame to work really well in the summer heat. During the winter he was wearing a full face Ruroc helmet and that worked out pretty good when he was smaller (also doubles as a snowboard helmet and you can swap out lenses). Thanks again to Stacyc and Fox. I’m grabbing a Stacyc 12 and the new Brushless 16 so that my son’s friends can ride the original 16.

  5. It would be awesome to have something like this in UK my son has an electric balance bike but hardly anywhere to go. He loves competition please organise something here.

  6. Such a great training tool and cool to see a company like FOX getting behind them. That interview cameraman needs to learn to check focus though. Ugh.

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