FREE EBIKE MOTOR: Bionx PL350 Repair/Repurposing Tutorial

FREE EBIKE MOTOR: Bionx PL350 Repair/Repurposing Tutorial

This video shows how to dismantle and repurpose a bionx PL series hub motor for use with any battery and external brushless controller.These motors are often thrown out or sold at cheap prices due to Bionx’s proprietary & overpriced battery and controller system that only allow them to be used with Bionx’s parts before this kind of modification. Useful if you have a dead Bionx battery, controller, or BMS, but the motor is still working.

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  1. Hey Kid,
    Exactly what do you mean "draw wires out"? And how do you know which wire goes to each of the 3 different motor wires of the new controller?

  2. Awesome vid dude!!!!

  3. Guide for Repair of a bionx motor with internal hub sram?

  4. Can i put 72v and 20A in this motor

  5. How to megnet change

  6. monstercolorfun co December 25, 2020 @ 10:10 pm

    I would only use a cracked motor for country riding. It could lock at speed and be unpredictable.

  7. This motor can used with controller 48v1000w ???

  8. How can i put hall sensors on it without damaging the windings i have a sensored yuyangking bluetooth controller

  9. Mission Impossible December 25, 2020 @ 10:26 pm

    How fast can you go with your battery setup?

  10. Mission Impossible December 25, 2020 @ 10:27 pm

    What controller are you using and how many watts are you pushing to this motor via the controller?

  11. Joe The Eurosquatter December 25, 2020 @ 10:28 pm

    The controller being in the motor is not inherently bad for the planet. What’s bad is designing the thing to pop MOSFETs in extreme conditions (e.g. 60 km/h regen), and as you mentioned, proprietary programming. As for shipping things to China, this is a symptom of CAPITALISM. There is no way to solve this problem without eliminating capitalists from the equation, period.

  12. Just subscribed as 981, you are not far from the 1000 you need 馃檪 now a pair of question for you, i am assuming you left away the hall sensors in the motor and you will only use the 3 phases of the brushless motor, using a sensorless controller. I want to make the same to keep the setup as simple as possible but will this setup give any problem at startup from standing position ? Do you use the pedals to start and then apply the power to the motor ? I have a BionX e-bike running with original BMS, can-bus computer system and all the proprietary limitation (already programmed to gain little speed but you can’t really unleash all it’s potential. Now my torque sensor is broken and cost a lot to repair and i will upgrade to your simple but universal setup to use my bike as a commuter vehicle with or without pedaling. Can you suggest me a good sensorless ESC you alrealy successfully ? I actually run on 12S2P LiPo (nominal 44.4 V 12,4 Ah, peak 50.4V) and i want to get rid of all BionX limitations (BMS, computer, regulator…) and use universal ones. Thank you in advance ! Have a nice day and thanks for the interesting video !

  13. hi there i have a problem with the built in conroller and the battery, if i bypass the controller can i use it with any battery? thnx

  14. Good to know! I wonder about my Grace Easy that has Bionx 350 hub. There is an intermittent power issue and now I suspect it could be the controller because the battery and display have been changed and that made no difference. Do you know if there is a way to fault diagnose? Or, do you know if it is it a common issue for power irregularities when the controller is faulty? Appreciate any help or advice you can offer.

  15. I’m planning to do the same

  16. why is this nut case explaning how a wheel puller works .?

  17. 2000 watts ?? i have one with a good controller and motor , dead batts tho . Can you link to a forum post or something that shows a how-to on this ? or post a vid ? thanks

  18. Carlos Mario Perea Jaramillo December 25, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

    En espa帽ol por favor y como obtengo repuestos(cableado) para bionX

  19. Didn’t talk about the battery. Once you set up your external controller do you just select the type of power setting for whatever battery you have. Additionally once you have pulled the cables through the axle how do you seal it.

  20. Excellent. May convert my wifes motor to my trail bike on the front. Gotta find someone to re-spoke the wheel . Will look at that cost.

  21. I have like this hub i remove the controller but i have 9 wire of hall how connect them the controller !?

  22. Can I get a Bionx battery to work with a non Bionx controller? If I do this to my Grace Easy, will I lose my regen feature? Cheers

  23. This is what i was searching for, almost all videos are showing disassembly of different motors which have many screws, i got one of these which don’t have any screws so I was wondering if the process is same. Got my answer, thanks. Just one thing, what nuts did break your case while pulling it apart?

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