French Pistols of World War 1 featuring Othais from C&RSENAL I THE GREAT WAR – Special

French Pistols of World War 1 featuring Othais from C&RSENAL I THE GREAT WAR – Special

The next live event will be on September 3 6pm CET. Othais will introduce us to German rifles and pistols. You can already find a few episodes about them online on his channel:

This is the 2nd part of our special episodes on French small arms of WW1 and how they were used in battle. Othais explains the problems of manufacturing pistols like the Ruby Mle 1915 on a big scale. The French “Lebel revolver” also known as Model 1892 has a few interesting features like being a single action and a double action revolver at the same time. Particularly, the unusual reloading mechanism has a fascinating military history.

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  1. Yeah Bieber Alex tnkz for the recommending I got mine from the same store *mrmasterglock on wickr* is reliable and fast ..

  2. Is it grossly American of me that these might be my favorite videos in the series lol

  3. Closed captions: You keep saying "Pattern" when he means "Patent".

  4. That is such a cute little pistol! I seriously want to fire one.

  5. question. whats the point of adopting pistols with detachable magazines if you were only issued 1 magazine anyway?

    might as well adopt a stripper fed pistol like the M1912 or C96 and forego the risk of magazines deforming or getting lost

  6. I got to say it the french are the worst designers when it comes to military arms

  7. Where’s the bedelo

  8. Great video, but painfully basic in the extreme.

  9. sorry for being impatient but why havent you guys done british/ american rifles and pistols?

  10. One more comment…Hipster dude. Why don’t you learn the Spanish pronunciation, instead of the lame excuse. Show a little respect, dude. It’s not that difficult or is it? Bangkok-Johnny, again.

  11. Vincent Loparo III December 14, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    Wait a second, When did they talk about the power of rifles compared to AK? I missed that in the rifle episode.

  12. You can fire a .23 long in this eapon but the brass bells and it isn’t recommenede.

  13. So for the Lebel revolver why have a loading gate when it’s a swing out cylinder?

  14. hey othais, got a question to you 🙂 do you think battlefield 4 weapons are like in a real life (i mean the looks of the models)? thanks in advance and nice videos!

  15. tfw you’re like a year behind and grinding to try to catch up

  16. Only the magazine from the same sub contractor as the pistol itself worked? Sounds like a logistical nightmare.

  17. Here in Montana, we have a saying: "A pistol is your last best chance to get back to your rifle."

  18. Pistols were probably more for self defence and discipline against your very own men than for anything else.

  19. I wonder who the girl was who fired those French guns. She was quite lovely. Nice job.

  20. Marco aurelio Guerra December 14, 2020 @ 9:53 pm

    this channel is awesome!!!!

  21. MUCH, much better editing in this video compared to other versions, keep it up!

  22. can you do an italian pistols video?

  23. French _civilised_ cartridge – hmmm – not convinced on the reasoning he puts behind it – French Empire was pretty big at that time and America wasn’t supposed to have one but we all know the building of the USA was empire building. Sometimes we attach the wrong reasoning to things historical as we seek to cross "t"s and dot "i"s.

  24. Love segments that break down on the weaponry of the Great War and laughed my butt off on how the same basic gun could have problems with the magazine not being compatible!

  25. the Lebel would be perfect for me, being left-handed.

  26. Akenani Menatseah December 14, 2020 @ 10:01 pm

    4:31 Nice shot! If you know what I mean…

  27. Yeah its a great channel

  28. I have been a fan since day one, but I have found these gun videos just now. They are awesome, you guys rock!

  29. Ive been watching for a week non stop and I can’t believe I’m still a year behind

  30. Philippe Longuépée December 14, 2020 @ 10:06 pm

    What about the colt 1911 used in the AS (artillerie speciale = french tanks corps of ww1) ?

  31. best channal for Verdun players. !!!!

  32. Question for anyone who can answer: Why were the French buying millions of pistols (as stated by Othais in the video)? Were all French troops being issued pistols during the war?
    Thanks to anyone who knows!

  33. Man from Nantucket December 14, 2020 @ 10:08 pm

    "Here’s a pistol cobbled together in Spain with one magazine that may or may not fit. Now go fight a war"

  34. Perico De Lospalotes December 14, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

    Don’t blame my country, Spain. The massive production of Ruby pistols was a surprise and Basque factories were not ready for it, they solved the demand the best way they could. Surprisinly it was a very reliable handgun. Most remaining units still work perfectly today, one hundred years later! For a simple but high quality Colt or S&W revolver is not such a big issue, for a cheap semi-auto… hum… I bet your sons won’t see a lot of present Hi-Point pistols working flawesly in 2116.

  35. Both channels are super cool but it drives me crazy that in all these handgun episodes, she fires the handguns one handed. TWO HANDS GIRL!

  36. You guys should do a special on machine guns. I know there were not many at the time but I would like to hear about the Lewis and MP18

  37. Love these vids. When are y’all gonna do a video on British rifles/pistols?

  38. you shouldn’t dry fire a exposed pin revolver particularly a 100+ year old one use snap caps if you don’t you risk crystallization of the pin and breaking it

  39. For these weapons Balalaika from the anime Black Lagoon she wouldn’t only be insulting them but also the reasoning behind them as well. Which in this case she would be right.

  40. The dude explaining the guns looks like Jack pattillo if he liked guns

  41. Luis Moreno Castro December 14, 2020 @ 10:19 pm

    6:02 its not spanish,those are basque words

  42. lars kuno Andersen December 14, 2020 @ 10:26 pm

    shot your enemy in the face. shot placement people

  43. When he says "there’s just not a lot of thought put into these guns"…WWI stupidity is everywhere. You have an army. Armies have been using guns for rather a long time by now…and they don’t think about the guns??

  44. why haven’t you guys done a a part on british and american weapons in the war

  45. Officers and pistols. One primary usage wasn’t mentioned: To shoot your own soldiers who defy orders.

  46. Never thought of WW1 as an era for semi-auto pistols.

  47. Let us Americans not forget why we declared Independence after this holiday. OUR FIRST BATTLE WAS OVER TYRANNICAL GUN CONTROL!

  48. hey remember othias dont dry fire exposed firing pin revolvers that crystal izes,the firing pin

  49. Did officers carry handguns to prevent soldiers retreating without being permission ?

  50. I’m loving these videos, especially the sexy lady firing the guns!

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