Fully Charged – London Electric Bike Shop

Fully Charged – London Electric Bike Shop

Fully Charged has been selling electric bikes in London (and other parts of the UK) since 2014. We were invited to visit their main stor and take a tour. In this video, I fly from Denver Colorado USA to London, take a train, and meet Ben at the store to look at some of their ebikes and film reviews. The very first Fully Charged outlet was in a tube station (the subway) and they have since expanded and brought on more brands.

Fully Charged carries the following brands:
– Riese & Müller
– Moustache
– Vintage Electric
– Raleigh
– Tern
– Gocycle
– Urban Arrow
– A2B
– Haibike
– Butchers & Bicycles
– BH Easy Motion
– Coboc
– Desiknio

After a tour around the shop, we visited the London Bike Show and met Dan Parsons who was the first employee of Gocycle (doing quality and safety testing) and has been working in the ebike space since 2008. He is head of operations now and will be helping with the Fully Charged Barge initiative, a floating demo station that will give people in London a way to discover and test electric bikes in 2018.

Official Website is: http://www.fullycharged.com/
Official Instagram: @FullyChargedUK
Shop Address is: Globe House, 37 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3JW

The music used in this video is from Be Svendsen, used with permission. You can visit their Soundcloud page to listen to more tracks at: https://soundcloud.com/besvendsen EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ElectricBikeReview.com

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  1. Glad to see you made it to London and get a chance to see the European scene.

  2. Lips to die for Man Fred February 8, 2021 @ 8:26 pm

    I can do 20mph on an ebike in the USA, I can legally do 28mph in Germany no restrictions? Yet I come to the UK and there ebikes are restricted to 15.5mph? Pointless buying one in the U.K. Rather walk

  3. Loved the Mustache balance bike for the little one. You probably know this but after the balance bike when he’s big enough for a pedal bike, after one day without pedals, you put them back on and he’ll be away.

  4. Great video and fantastic shop. Well done all round and we will definitely be visiting the shop when in London next.

  5. Is the guy burping all the time?

  6. The music at the beginning of this video is absolutely fabulous. I cannot find it on the selection in sound cloud. Can you please tell me what it is?

  7. Antony Stephenson February 8, 2021 @ 8:33 pm


  8. EverythingElectric February 8, 2021 @ 8:35 pm

    What gear are you using to do these interviews? Gimbal? GoPro? Mic? Camera? Selfie stick? What?

  9. Nice bike shop! Ben looks like a young, thinner, Orson Wells. Great video, love the enthusiasm, and those jumping shots!
    Are you people associated with Robert Llewellyn?

  10. David Carruthers February 8, 2021 @ 8:37 pm

    Thank you for the great video….what a classy line up of bikes, and a beautiful store 👏👏😀

  11. Well made. And above all a wise talk.

  12. Wow looks like a great and exciting company. These guys are all so filled with so much class and seem like they are overflowing with passion for the biz in this space. Cheers!

  13. Good video although they’re mostly mid drive and upper end e bikes! I’d be surprised if they did anything under a couple of grand. (Maybe that wee balance bike lol). London company Swytch have just released a superbly designed kit that’s good value on Indiegogo at the moment,& will fit your normal bike,from a 16” Brompton to a 29’r.
    Danish company mate.bike’s Mate S is really good fun and very good value for the money,about a grand after the import fees & shipping,also an IGG campaign tho it’s now on in demand so you won’t have to wait long.

    Link for Swytch kits:

    Check out Swytch: Convert Any Bike Into An eBike on #indiegogo!http://igg.me/at/swytch-electric-bike-kit/x/8336513

    Link for mate bikes 🙂

    Check out MATE. The coolest eBike EVER on #indiegogo!http://igg.me/at/matebike/x/8336513

    Get insurance as bike crime in the UK is terrible,mine was stolen within 8 mins in a very crowded area with CCTV,2 locks and they got away with it! 🙁

    Like other backers I’d love to see what you thought about the mate on EBR,it’s not top end like these but is good value and spades of fun. The Swytch kit would also be a good EBR review

    Thanks EBR

  14. That was awesome I like that video very nice …..

  15. Can i become your salesman or barista? Cheers for our e-future!

  16. OK GREAT!
    NOW …Where IS the Auxiliary Battery Connection located on these bikes?

  17. So you went from snow to even more snow, I miss living in England sometimes. What a great shop from Fully Charged, wish these guys the best of luck!

  18. awesome intro to ya shop dudes! #goelectric

  19. Great to see you in my local area. 👌🏻 but the Shard isn’t in the “heart of the financial district”. Great shop but it’s in London Bridge not the City of London which is 1 mile away.

  20. Very nice report 🙂

  21. talk to much show action

  22. jeez you are too enthusiastic and irritating

  23. Great, another hipster using the "green" card to get rich (yawn). Reality check; You sell an over-engineered, toxic and hard to re-cycle product (with a short shelf-life) to the lazy. E-Bikes DO NOT replace mass transportation systems, they replace the good o’ fashioned, muscle-powered, push-bike. Take a look at London’s rivers, they are full of dumped bikes. What happens when you add batteries and motors into the mix? The "too posh to push" may thank you, the environment will not. Just quit all the "saving the earth" BS.

  24. I would buy from them guys but the markup is too high sad!

  25. Great video, I almost thought I was watching a PBS show;)

  26. UK e bikes are so boring at 250 watts max!

  27. Really enjoyed this video. Love what they are doing over there at Fully Charged. Keep up the good work!

  28. ‘Curated’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Hi . Good biker eletrik

  30. That shop is sweet tastefully done

  31. Brits do it better!

  32. One thing to note about London is that as a city it is becoming more ‘bike friendly’ with the construction of dedicated bike only ‘super-highways’ along the main commuter arterial routes – separating for significant stretches of road, ‘pedal bikes’ from general vehicular traffic. So there is definitely a transition happening.

  33. Damn. I was there all of February right up to the 24th. Wish I knew about this shop!

  34. Wow, what inspiring people you interview here, Court!

  35. Sorry but 15.5 mph restriction is simply ridiculous, I will buy when they set the speed to 20mph which makes more sense, my friend bought a hybrid so that he could use it off-road on his parents farm, but he hasn’t the ability to switch the stupid restriction off? He got rid off and will never buy another one ( insane government idiots who dictate and treat people like children ) the speed limit for my car is set down on various roads, but I have the ability to break that speed limit as my car is capable of doing 150mph? Where is the logic ? Ebikes ( 15.5 mph ( full stop)

  36. Quality video – Fully Charged are very impressive.

  37. Interesting to think about the future of biking. My local bike mechanic – Bosch accredited and mobile! – tells me that he has been surprised by the LACK of growth in traditional cycling. He expected to see much more interest following GB’s success in Olympic and Tour de France cycling but this hasn’t happened. What has happened though is growth in e-biking. Any views on whether this will be sustained in the longer term?

  38. Extraordinarily high level of good vibes with this video Sir.Kind regards to you from the UK.

  39. If you are riding in the city, this bike is awesome🚲>share4.photo/FatTireBike?ㅎ110 The Battery kicks in right away when you start to pedal or you can use the throttle. Top speed was around 18 mph while pedaling with battery activated. The bike will help you up small hills with minimal effort. Down hill you don’t need the battery, but don’t burn out your brakes. The bike is a little bumpy with no suspension to absorb the shocks of bumps in the road. The bike wasn’t too bad to assembly but can see why a technician is handy to help. They battery is strong and lasts for about 15 miles. A cool option would be if while manually pedaling the battery was charging too. The seat and handle bars are too close together for tall people. Overall, this is a fun bike.

  40. This dude deserves every success

  41. Great video Court! Jealous that you got out to meet Ben and the team before me.

  42. "The world is on loan to us from our children." Ben seems to have a unique understanding of the e-bike culture…it’s not just for fun anymore. The densely populated areas of the earth have a compelling NEED for the benefits offered by e-bikes. I hope we’ll see more of Ben, and someday, Wolf as well, in the future!

  43. Great video – thank you. I hope you enjoyed your visit

  44. thank you

  45. Hey Ben and the Fully Charged UK team! 🙂 So good to see your video and see how good the business is doing. It’s amazing that you guys care about making a difference & have established a meaningful business that is dedicated to creating a greener and cleaner future. The future of transport definitely is going to be focused on ebikes, that don’t just protect the wallet, but also our environment and promotes a healthy mind & body. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and everyone this awesome business is impacting! Good luck team!

  46. Much better production video ,great 🙂

  47. I love your idea,coffee and bikes all in one,,,i should do that over here 2 😀 …I am electric bike collector and also supplier,, https://thebikerider.site

  48. Great video, 2 wheels is the future for London. We are completely grinding to halt on the roads, too many buses, taxis and cars in the road. 90% of these journeys can be done on bikes of some sort, whether it be motorbikes, push bikes or e-bikes. The roads would be a lot safer and pollution would be cut dramatically. Plus the cost of public transport is ridiculous high and unreliable. Can’t wait for the day when you’re running into town on the A4 and all you can see is bikes and the odd electric vehicle. keep up the good work chaps 👌🚴

  49. This is the worst reporting I have seen in a while. It’s all yeah….yeah…sweet…yeah….yeah and hipster self indulgence. I learned nothing about electric bikes.

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