Gazelle Medeo T10+ Review | Is This The Best Class 3 e-Bike? Commuter eBike with Bosch Gen 4 Motor

Gazelle Medeo T10+ Review | Is This The Best Class 3 e-Bike? Commuter eBike with Bosch Gen 4 Motor

Our Gazelle Medeo T10+ Review will guide you before you buy. Is this the best Class 3 e-Bike? It definitely offers a lot of value in a budget-friendly commuter eBike. This new Royal Dutch Gazelle electric bike has it all: Bosch Gen 4 Speed motor, racks, Dutch design, a high-step and a mid-step version, and everything you need to commute. But does it perform well for the price? Let’s see!

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Gazelle electric bikes have a history of excellent design and performance. They partner with Bosch to bring you electric bikes with reliable and powerful motors. They value comfort over everything which results in an electric commuting bike you’ll want to ride every day. Check out our Gazelle playlist to see all our Gazelle reviews so you can decide which one to grab!

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Readers Comments (24)

  1. Love to see that the low entry gets to upgrade to an additional battery.

  2. Scott – You mention the dual battery but does that work on the midstep on this model or just the high step like the Ultimate?

  3. Can’t wait to get on one of these!

  4. Great review!…..what’s your opinion of this vs specialized Vado 4.0 limited? Thanks.

  5. Really cool bike!

  6. Bike looks great 👍👍 keep up the vids!

  7. even it’s not exactly the same goals, regarding the price and including accessories like windshield and top case, you may get for 3500 euros a NIU NQI sport scooter (45 km/h limit). It means that the electrical bike industry has to revolutionize their average price and average level of equipment on speed bike 45 km/h !! On an e-scooter you obtain much more global level of equipment ; security and diagnosis equipment : lea light. beacon, flashing, warning, large beacon, cruise control, cloud: data upload statistics, battery status. cells level of load on smartphone apply in teal time, scooter diagnostics, GPS, 3G corporate permitting a worldwide uploaded management. Sound alarm, unauthorized movement acknowledgement on smartphone screen in real time, smart check ( over 100 point checking)… Bosch on wheel full silent engine, Panasonic cells battery removable on the floor, titanium rear wheel arm, full led lights and flashes, etc etc. At your home with windshield and shad 39 rear box, for 3450€ plus 150€ of delivery ( france)…

  8. A class 3 Bosch Gen4 Speed, 85Nm of torque, integrated battery, rack, fenders, cafe lock, Ergon Grips and an adjustable stem all for $3,499?! SAY NO MORE !

  9. Riding through Griffith Park, this Gazelle Medeo T10+ tackled everything I threw at it. I went from the south gate to the LA Zoo, to the Observatory and back. Comfortable at speed and plenty of power (and gears) for climbing. Great Commuter Bike Alert!

  10. so cheap I’ll take 4…..

  11. BIG difference between the Ultimate T10 and T10 plus is battery location. I noticed that a band of some type was wrapped around the battery in one of the clips…battery falling out? Buying one tomorrow, so maybe buy a roll of Velcro (beats duct tape). Awesome bike for the $$. Thanks for putting this vid up.

  12. Fly Rides Electric Bikes December 4, 2020 @ 8:20 pm

    Will you be upgrading to get 2x 500 Watt hour batteries?

  13. Christopher Sanders December 4, 2020 @ 8:24 pm

    This looks pretty awesome. Ive been looking at Gazelle bikes pretty hard. I want one. The Ultimate T10+ or this bike would be fantastic for me.

  14. Definitely considering this for my next commuter and solid vid!

  15. Loved riding this bike! Sleek design, incredible power on the Bosch Gen 4 speed motor, and having the option to upgrade to the 1000 watt hours is pretty unique on a bike priced at just $3499!

  16. Definitely most impressed they were able to keep this at $3500, pretty awesome for a Gen4 speed model that is nothing but comfort. Gazelle is always a smooth ride and I love that you are done with purchase, lights/fender/rack/ergon grips all included with purchase!

  17. Nice specs and super sleek looking intube battery! Great review!

  18. Appropriate comment on the battery cover. I noticed the strap holding the cover during your rides. I have a R&M Multicharger battery cover that the rubber hinges failed after 3 months and lost the cover on a ride. Luckily I found it and it now has a strap holding it in place.

  19. Great review. I love seeing it ridden in real life situations. Is this bike made in The Netherlands?

  20. MyDaughter ,My nemesis December 4, 2020 @ 8:39 pm

    great video and channel! keep on!

  21. I am looking at the Medeo T10+ for my all-around bike. I ride about 75% of the time on roads/paved paths, but the rest on crushed stone, gravel, and the occasional trail (think fire road). The only concerns I’m having are over the fork and tires, and wondering if they are enough to handle the limited off-roading I do.?.?.?

  22. Hey great stuff really appreciate your videos. One point, however. You’re way way off on the Trek dis, ie, "3000 more" that’s simply not true. The comparably spec’ed Trek Allant + 7s is, I believe, $3899.

  23. Love those lines! Such a clean look.

  24. I do like the frame. It’s really clean looking. How does it handle?

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