GenZe 200 Series e-Bike review

GenZe 200 Series e-Bike review

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. AS long as I can charge my laser slingshot with it.

  2. The most important question: Does it come in black?

  3. Muy bien, excelente producto

  4. That’s hideous. Why not make it look like a normal bike?

  5. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

  6. So what’s the MPH!!!!!

  7. That frame is two sizes too small for you. It’s a shame it doesn’t come in the right size for anyone over 5’10".

  8. I agree the frame design is not good. The last design was good they just needed to improve on the battery and a stronger motor. I liked my e101 but due to it not being strong enough for my long commutes I returned it and got a Giant Quick E+.

  9. Did I miss the price?

  10. Don’t look now, but I think your bikes on fire, all that smoke isn’t good for the environment. Smoke….not exactly what you want to see from a Ebike review.

  11. Too expensive. Rad Power and Juiced bikes have 750w motors and the bikes cost less. GenZe is a ripoff.

  12. This bike is ugly they should work on design

  13. Price $1,899

  14. Haha! Ppl calling it’s hideous design…why not you get normal bycycle and have battery in your backpack and ride around??

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