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  1. Ufff..!! Man, Excellent gilera..!! 

  2. ma il blocco era originale? ?

  3. Τι μπιλακια έχει; Έχω ένα ίδιο με 15 gr μπιλακια και βγάζει 135km τελική. Με 14 gr έβγαζε πάλι 135km αλλά ήταν πιο νευρικό. Τι άλλο να κάνω για να βελτιωσω τελική;; Πες συνάδελφε πες!!

  4. HONDA PCX 125 MALOSSI MHR January 12, 2021 @ 11:17 pm

    Fantástic video friend
    Im your fan now for sure
    Subscribe my small channel too please
    Keep the super work always
    Best regards from Portugal

  5. Forse lo scooter piu bello mai prodotto. Volava!

  6. pero’ l’olio del miscelatore come se lo beveva ricordo che dovevo aggiungerlo sempre

  7. with one hand? your mad

  8. Nice ear rape man loved it

  9. Stock runner mi o ?

  10. 150kmh? Very impressive.

  11. Do you know had there been a big stone lying on the ground and he hit that stone at full speed I guarantee you…

  12. great gilera,is it full stock or it’s been tuned a little bit ? 🙂

  13. si io l’ho avuto rubato dopo un anno e vi giuro faceva paura

  14. Jes Ascanius Thusgaard January 12, 2021 @ 11:48 pm

    My runner that is only 70cc can do same speed, but it is a racing engine, could be funny to see how much this hexagon 180 could do if tuned, perhaps 200

  15. tuned a lot

  16. Γιώργος Μπακόπουλος January 12, 2021 @ 11:55 pm

    file posa aloga?

  17. noises of broken engines

  18. Che monti ?

  19. with 1 hand u crazy

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