Gocycle G2 Video Review

Gocycle G2 Video Review

http://electricbikereview.com/gocycle/g2/ The Gocycle G2 is a premium folding electric bike with an internally geared three speed hub in the rear and a 500 watt geared hub motor in the front for “all wheel drive” pedaling + motor support. Extremely light weight at ~36 lbs, unique quick-release wheels, lots of upgrade options for added utility (fenders, locks, panniers, travel bags and lights). Mini rear suspension offers 1″ travel for improved comfort, available in three colors, Bluetooth smartphone app for advanced controls and ride feedback, solid two year warranty, fairly expensive starting at $5k. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ElectricBikeReview.com

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  1. overpriced 200 watt hour bike.

    i know nyce wheels loves selling these to upper east siders. and i think it’s great they can afford to be guinea pigs for new technology.

    if gocycle has any meaningfully great technology that proves itself. the chinese will gladly copy it and we will get it cheap in the u.s. hopefully.

    a patented clean drive system is probably not such a big deal. injected molded magnesium. really. great. i mean, you may as well go for carbon fibre and charge 10k . why not?

    i think at 11;03 he says it all with it being an ‘automobile design play’. that’s why it so high quality, and as expensive as a good used car.

    and as for all the great technology in the bike, the main things needing improvement are the batteries and the chargers, and there’s absolutley nothing new in that arena. i’m tired of hearing about the ‘technology is so many new ebikes.

    as if people don’t know the only real important tech is the batteries ….and chargers.

    gocycle is great and it’s no mondo footloose …but it’s

    not for the masses………..

  2. I love this bike, I am not much for these mini folding bikes, but this is one I would get, I love the tech packed into it. I hope the company makes some other styles of bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, fat tire bikes, I def will keep my eye on this one for my next bike purchase.

  3. lol they put the wrong tires on this thing. This will never go that fast you should have gave it softer tires. James May was right the Nürburgring ruins everything

  4. Those removable wheels are incredible!

  5. $5000??? I could get a used car for that, easy.

  6. wow , id call this a masterpiece work. incredible

  7. Sad to see a chanmel that has over 80k subscriber but shows stats on a phone instead of the screen….

  8. Γιάννης Γαλάνης November 27, 2020 @ 8:03 pm

    13:30 I think I can hear your hart beating.

  9. $5000? Are you kidding. I was guessing $2000 at the most!
    It’s way too expensive for a noisy under powered ebike.
    I could put together 5 ebikes for that price!

  10. I’m from the UK and this has always been my dream E-bike. I think I’ll have to wait for one to be on eBay though!

  11. 5000 is way to much. The only bike I would pay for 5000 is stealth bomber bike but unfortunately they cost 10000

  12. Concerned about servicing when everything is so internal and electronic

  13. This bike is amazing. This might seem trivial, but I love how it automatically switches to first gear when slowing down, so you can take off easier.

    With my bike fixed with a bafang kit, I have to awkwardly switch gears when stopping and accelerating in traffic. Its annoying, but it really extends my bike’s battery.

    Electric bike companies, take note 😉
    It can potentially saves lives. Less fidgeting, and more paying attention to what’s happening around me 😮

  14. incredible piece of engineering. you miss showing full bike folding 🙁

  15. also god lord those are the easiest wheels to steal in the world how did you not see that one coming

  16. Richard Thorpe, the founder of Gocycle and the designer of the bike, is the smartest man I know. Absolutely brilliant.

  17. It makes my heart pound and my jaw drop! I knew it would be pricey based on the slick design, but I guess between $3000 – $4000. To learn I was still at least $1000 under is quite surprising. I can’t really seem my self doing it, but you never know I suppose.

  18. You don’t do Very Well @ Responding to Comments, therefore I deem You to be Gay!

  19. How does this bike do on hills? That’s my question for any ebike. I weigh 200 pounds. I see some reviews mention a 250W motor and 500W motor. Are there different models or different motors?

  20. Can you stop reviewing these overpriced pieces of shit?

  21. Any review for the G3?

  22. Thank you for this test !!

  23. Make an off road version please! 🙂

  24. Awesome you finally got the chance to do a review, I’m actually a owner of one of these. even though people are turned off the price. in my opinion its worth the money. I wouldn’t say the bike is under-powered a speed of 25 MPH is adequate for city riding. sure its not as fast as say a stealth or any of those 1000 watters.

    The stock tyres are pretty awesome, however i ended up switching them over to Marathon Pluses, as the stock tyres were prone to too many punctures. which compromised the tyre performance a little bit. I do find the speedo is a bit pointless as you do not even know how fast your are going.

    but yeah this is probably one of the only bikes that grabs attention due to its unique styling. and i’m pretty sure its quite deterrant to theft as if say someone did steal this bike. you couldn’t really do much with it. as none of the parts would compliment any other bike and plus they would be wanting a charger

    Wondering did you try different settings with the app?

  25. Amazing piece of tech, love that red light display. Those quick release wheels are a great design. you would certainly turn some heads riding that thing around.

  26. Paw Prints Jersey November 27, 2020 @ 8:34 pm

    Where are they manufactured these bikes?.thanks..

  27. Please. Introduction in spanish for presentation my guns

  28. I own this bike. In 2020, it still runs great! I had it serviced once at a local shop that sells gocycles. Battery and range are still good, tire changes are super-easy. I love riding this in the Twin Cities. I don’t do long trips, just around town.

  29. McLaren!

  30. gocycle kick starter go to their web site and save over $1000.00 7 days left from today.. Oct 25 2016.

  31. Leo_inter_Hyaenaem November 27, 2020 @ 8:46 pm

    Buy one for about €1000 off on #KickStarter before the offer expires. Ships worldwide. Only 23 hours left.


  32. Que bonita es. Cuantos dólares cuesta me gustaría tener una. Es muy. Chula. ???

  33. This is the bike that I want and will get…..yep

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