Gocycle GS Electric Bike Review | Electric Bike Report

Gocycle GS Electric Bike Review | Electric Bike Report

https://electricbikereport.com/gocycle-gs-electric-bike-review-part-1-pictures-specs-videos/ Here is a closer look at the new economical Gocycle GS folding electric bike with high tech features like magnesium frame & wheels, smartphone ride customization, one sided wheels, and much more! https://electricbikereport.com/gocycle-gs-electric-bike-review-part-1-pictures-specs-videos/

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  1. Clunky awkward fold.


  3. Giorgio Fioriello December 15, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    Bisogna per forza togliere la ruota per chiuderla?

  4. Too expensive. E-bikes need to come down in price before mass adoption can happen.

  5. I feel sea sick!! Bit of advice, move into the part/area/function you wish to talk about and remain steady as you talk about it. Simples!

  6. but its not total uk bike design is it,there ar japanese and german components on this bike.if you look at a german or japanese bikes you will see thay are total japanese or german bikes no other components what so ever,SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?

  7. Your voice is really nice, but your amateurish camera work makes me sea sick!

  8. 10:15 It lost me right there. Dogs pee on bike racks in NYC. And most racks are full with delivery bikes. I prefer something I can ride and then take indoors with me. At the time of this comment, it’s the Immotor Go.

  9. Nice bike but by the time I fold it up the train has left the station!

  10. More like disassemble than folding. 5.9 sec is the world record for Bromptons.

  11. you forgot to mention. When you pedal, does it charge the battery?

  12. Looks nice but overpriced and not that convenient to fold. Folding should be easier and still maintain ability to wheel along to take on buses, subways, to school and into any building. Portability is the whole point of having a folding bike. I would expect that function at this price. Also too many proprietary components. All bikes need maintenance and will break down so fixing this will be a pain. Easy pass for me.

  13. Nice bike, but the carrera cross city e, for less than half it’s price, is better

  14. is it possible to chip the max speed to 45kmh ?

  15. $2800…22 volts…still too much

  16. LUDOVIK MALKOVICH December 15, 2020 @ 10:16 pm

    Electric Bike Reports, read the comments, how come you come a different conclusion to everyone else, £2500 for this and the top model of this bike which is the one you want is £4800 and £250 for a rack and another £150 for a pannier bag, you see where I’m going with this, nowhere on this bike, 20mph for about 2 hours ! . . . . get a taxi to costa coffee to meet the hipster fashanistas instead of looking for the Allen key, this bike is way off what anyone actually wants,

  17. Nice useful video. 

    Shame the bike doesn’t fold anywhere near as easily as a Brompton does.

  18. I think riding through the city with your expensive smartphone on the handlebars is not such a smart idea. Surely it’s possible to use the bike without a phone at all? Thanks

  19. ..easy to fold..? 😀

  20. I saw nothing too much on this bike and does not justify the absurd price. In my opinion it’s an ugly bike; doesn’t seem light enough for the price; It has no headlights; It is difficult to fold and especially should have tires with Kvlar protection; in case of a hole where will i fix the crap?

  21. at 7:04 – 7:05 is there anything else i need to do to get my tire off

  22. How much could I sell mine for I only bought last year new tyres fully serviced anybody no how much I could get i paid 2700 euros

  23. Could the throttle be moved to the right side?

  24. Yeah, so many of these electric bikes are priced for the 1%. The profit margin must be be pretty sweet when they manage to sell them.

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