Gocycle GX review – the best electric bike?

Gocycle GX review – the best electric bike?

Fed up of public transport or paying or paying through the nose of parking? Could the new GoCycle GX be the ideal solution? It’s for people who like the idea of cycling but can’t be bothered with the effort. People like me then ! So I went and bought one! In this video I put it through a series of tests: a range test, acceleration test, relaxation test and a folding test. And also reveal what’s not great about it to help you decide whether it really is worth £3,000.

Check out more about the bike here: https://gocycle.com?utm_source=&utm_campaign=matwatson&utm_custom[email]=

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  1. How to lock it up?

  2. What we want to know is how it sounds when you rev it.

  3. 😮 Can you put a small Dachshund in the front bag so you can ride with your favorite buddy?

  4. Давид Бондаренко December 2, 2020 @ 8:22 pm

    эй по русски говориш

  5. Nice bike! but 3000??? Better try Sur Ron X ! I hope you can find time to show this mad bike for us!

  6. Those are some pretty good guns 💪
    Also, the bike looks great too!

  7. Find the best ebike under £1000 and review it please!

  8. Roger Golten Posture and Massage Therapy December 2, 2020 @ 8:26 pm

    Spot on Mat. I bought one & took delivery today. When I was showed it in the shop I spotted that flimsy thingie you mention at 14:20 & guess what? It snapped off the very first time I withdrew the seat post from the tube! I agree about the mudguards & lights. I think a phone charging point would be so useful. My phone battery died on my first test drive using maps. Finally, having had my Brompton stolen on Monday this generally gorgeous bit of future classic British design has cheered me up a lot! I am never going to let it out of my sight!

  9. custom ebikes are the way to go as you can have as much power as you want

  10. Its definitly not the best electric bike you should have researched CAKE and their electric bike

  11. Rishabh Chatterjee December 2, 2020 @ 8:33 pm

    I prefer my manual bike. Only an idiot would pay that much for a bike

  12. Bentley is actually German Matt

  13. I think the delay in shift downwards is a lack of tension on steel cable, for bikes with external gear shifting the cable is kept in tension by the the spring in the derailleur and the shifter (pressure applied by your wrists/fingers). If the spring on the derailleur is too tight, it will be difficult to shift up gears. If the derailer spring is too loose, you’ll get a delay or lag in changing down a gear. If the cable is too worn the cable will stretch more and changing gears will feel sluggish or unresponsive going up and down gears.

    As for the brakes, it sounds the front pad is more worn and will need some adjustments or replacement of the pads. If there is too much gap between the pads and the rotor, you have a lot of travel on brake level before the pads grabs the rotor. I’m not sure how to adjust hydraulic brakes, I’ve only worked with steel cable brakes where you shorten the length of the cable for adjustment to reduce the gap between the pads and rotor. Like all vehicles, bicycle require maintenance as well.

  14. Hey just so you know I filmed this a few months ago before lockdown. But now I’ve finally had time to edit it out. Anyway, are there any other videos you’d like me to do here? Should I just do cars? Or would you like more odd stuff like that or even some more radio controlled cars?

  15. Hey Matt!, congrats on your purchase of this e-bike !

  16. I wasn’t sure if I’d take to an ebike. So I converted my old MTB for 300 quid. I’ve got a switch to turn off pedal assistance, so I can run on pure electric if I want. I get 27mph out of it ( on private land of course ) and because it isn’t a £3k ebike, I can leave it somewhere without it getting nicked.

  17. In some parts of the U.S I think they can have 750W bikes.

  18. PURABI PATTANAYAK December 2, 2020 @ 8:40 pm

    James may calls it Gokykel

  19. The price is just ridiculous. Not even a belt drive for that price! Insane!

  20. nice bike but a bit pricey as is the accessories.

  21. It makes me super uncomfortable the fact you don’t have a bike lane and you cycle in the middle of the rode.

  22. You guys get lots of cool cars we cant in the ukget so maybe thats why we get bigger batteries in north america

  23. Olesya&Barrie Gunn December 2, 2020 @ 8:45 pm

    Good review, the electric 6 speed brompton is 18kg, I looked at this bike and ended up going for the furox as its the lightest folding electric bike

  24. FWD eBike 🤤

  25. Keyboard Warrior December 2, 2020 @ 8:46 pm

    250w 😄 in the USA, it’s 750w and 27mph.
    Of course many of us build our own with 6000w-8000w, no pedal assist, and 50mph. join us: http://www.endless-sphere.com

  26. Look’s like weather is so cold

  27. Way to much cash. I would get a carbon fibre xc mtb for that. With top spec parts. Or a trek ebike hardtail.

  28. Great review Mat! I am thinking of getting one through my employers salery sacrifice scheme. Which will bring the cost down to under £2000 spread over 18 months interest free! Any chance of doing an updated long term review now that You’ve had it a while?

  29. Wow, at 12:00, looking at those guns make me weak in the knees.

  30. Wouldn’t an electric scooter be a good option? I’ve heard they’re kinda illegal in the UK but people still ride them?

  31. Robert Ruehlmann December 2, 2020 @ 9:00 pm

    Could you Test the e bikdcycle from KTM please?
    Also, Iike your car reviews since years and do remember your early days. My German Humor is amused, entertained and enlightened by you. Cheers from Germany

  32. Ebike prices are just outrageous. There’s no justification for that price for a foldable bike….

  33. why do hardly any ebikes have any suspension ? 😮

  34. Classic Retro Game Room December 2, 2020 @ 9:02 pm

    Complete and utter garbage.

  35. Great video and probably one of the most detailed reviews I’ve seen on YouTube. Any chance you’ll be doing a similar review of the Brompton folding e-bike?

  36. The Brompton battery isn’t on the front handlebars it clicks onto the front mount which is on the headset on the front of the frame

  37. I’d love to have one

  38. BenjaminHolmsteen December 2, 2020 @ 9:09 pm

    Your saddle is adjusted about 10 cm too low. Good luck with your new e bike 😏

  39. 15mph is what puts me off,20mph would be fine

  40. Bently? Are you kidding me? You want Bently, you go with big companies like Specialized, and riese & muller. This thing is a smart fourtwo of ebikes. A small vehicle for the same prices or more than more practical ones. Bet this is sponsored by gocycle themselves. This guy can’t be ridiculous enough to say this is a Bently and then go out to say he researched ebikes. Could easily find similar bikes at half the price and better at the same price point with a few seconds of Google searcging.

  41. First impression is not bad. But your comments that the break cables are not adjusted perfectly, or some accessories may not fit very well means its probably news or time to expand its suppliers, more people creating various accessories for various parts, which may lower its price or improve it’s quality. Once there are many brands, many contributors, the overall price of the individual bikes will become cheaper. Brompton gives an impression that their parts are well made and fitted a-nally after assembly. That’s the term the founder kept using in his review of the Brompton factory video. I get the impression that Go cycle is very much more simple machine. But then I am more likely to have a bag fall off.. Why that is even though the prices are the same as a Brompton electric, and the latter seems more finicky and less powerful. I love the idea that with a Go cycle there is less cleaning to be done…no screwing and unscrewing of finicky bits just to tighten the chain from time to time, or the seat level etc…May be this video is not changing the inner tube after a puncture. The Brompton will definitely be dirty sooner, I reckon, and require alot more "maintenance" to just keep it clean and mud free. I can’t do the maintenance, which rich bloke keeps cleaning his Bentley. Anyway this is just from first impressions of seeing the relevant videos. If parts are so involved then constant cleaning or maintenance is more likely to need new parts..How about telling your audience what parts had to be changed after 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, a year etc… Thanks for your video..

  42. No stick test? Dislike

  43. Hey Matt. I’m thinking about buying the Gocycle and wondered if, after six months ownership, you still rate it and could recommend it? Thanks. Ben

  44. 3k for a bike! Could get a tidy motorbike for that 🤣

  45. Sakshyamindra Budhathoki December 2, 2020 @ 9:15 pm

    I would have bought a honda grom

  46. Mat, you can download the US firmware to get access to the higher top speed and assistance without peddling. Obviously you can only use these features off the public highway😉

  47. It is cute and practical but I still like the MTB more…

  48. No Mat, i spent £90;00 on a drop handle bar bike from a seller on Gum Tree , had the bike six years now. Spent about £30;00 on repairs. If you are spending £3,000 on transport it can’t be a fucking bicycle, sorry it just can’t, you could get a motorbike for that money and run it cheap too. Like the channel but thumbs down on the " e bike" or whatever it is called.

  49. Mat why not review the leading Dutch e bike brand “Van Moof” as their e bikes are sublime and work better than Gocycle!

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