Gravel Electric Bikes: Intro & Review | Specialized & S-Works Turbo Creo and Bulls Grinder Evo

Gravel Electric Bikes: Intro & Review | Specialized & S-Works Turbo Creo and Bulls Grinder Evo

Gravel bikes are making a huge splash in the bike world. With their drop-bar road bike style looks and trail riding capabilities, gravel electric bikes are a one stop solution for a wide variety of riding styles – and they’re so much fun. Whether you want to ride on trails, dirt, or roads, electric gravel bikes offer great features, and geometry for all kinds of cyclists. We’ll review 3 gravel e-bikes to help you decide which one to get.


You’ll start to see more eGravel and cyclocross races popping up in due time. Get a jump on the competition by grabbing your bike now! The best thing about these bikes is their versatility. Unlike an eMTB they’re just as effective on the road as they are on the trails.

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We believe that an eBike can fit into the day-to-day life of just about anybody. Whether you’re searching for the best eMTB to explore the mountains, a Class 3 commuting electric bike to cut down on time in traffic, or you’re an athlete looking for a gravel eBike or road electric bike for recovery days, Fly Rides has you covered.

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00:00 Intro
1:34 What is a gravel ebike? Geometry, wider tire clearance, dropper seatposts
2:50 Pros and cons of gravel ebikes
5:04 Lighter weight thanks to frame materials (carbon), smaller batteries and motors
5:30 Range and torque
7:00 Fazua drive system
7:16 Bulls Grinder Evo Lite:
8:40 Specialized Turbo Creo line:
S-Works Turbo Creo SL:
Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo:

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Readers Comments (30)

  1. I’m pumped to get some clip-ins and get on one of these steeds. Sea Otter Gravel eBike race in 2021 maybe…?!

  2. William Vanderpool December 6, 2020 @ 8:01 pm

    better start making them in the….. usa not over SEA’s

  3. racing with a gravel ebike? yea, that’s not a thing.

  4. I want more life advice! And the specialized creo

  5. There are two downsides to the Creo. First, the battery is contained in the down tube and is not designed to be removed. This is a problem if you live in a cold climate and store your bike in an unheated garage. You should not charge the battery at temperatures lower than 32F. Second, the torque provided by this bike is lower than what is available in the Turbo Levo (mountain bike). If you ride an e-bike because of disability, make sure that the power available to you is adequate. For me the Creo came up short for these two reasons. The Giant Revolt E+ Pro gravel bike and it’s road companion generate significantly more torque for the rider. It’s equivalent to the Specialized Turbo Levo (about 80 Nm). The battery can be removed and an extender battery is available. The Giant extender is ugly compared to the Specialized extender. That said, the Creo is very nice to ride. I haven’t yet had a demo of the Giant Revolt E+ Pro, but I did ride their e-bike from the previous year (which had a larger battery). It too was very nice; I have a slight preference for it. FYI, I’ve been riding the Specialized Turbo Levo MB since late 2018. It’s super-fun. Lots of power if you need it, and a full-on mountain bike. I totally love it, but I really want to back on the road too.

  6. Buy the one that runs on gasoline…..

  7. Great 101 review. Where are those rides in San Diego?

  8. Great review and roundup of electric bikes. My next bike will be motorised and there is a massive surge in ebike development that blows my mind.
    However in saying all that reliability has been a bug for many brands and serviceability is mostly non existent for many motors with a short service life.
    Other factors to consider is crank versus hub drives. Crank drives are sleek and practical in a few different ways but rapidly wears your drive train prematurely. Very costly over time. Then there is the issue of water ingress that has been a bug for earlier Bosch and Brose motors.
    Exciting as they are I will have some reservations until proven otherwise. My dealer will be bombarded with questions before I purchase though.

  9. just buy a electric mountain bike

  10. When I started looking for an ebike I knew it was pavement and gravel both that I would be riding. At 70 years old and being off a bike for last 25 years, I knew emtb wasn’t what I was wanting. During this pandemic, local selection is terrible unfortunately but I did find the Specialized line and the Vado models fit my budget and functional needs. I purchased the Vado 4.0 LTD and it’s been excellent for me. It’s almost like a hardtail mountain bike in it’s looks but definitely isn’t a mountain bike. With its 700-50 tires, real gravel hasn’t been any issue and pavement is easy too.
    Looking forward to growth in this market of ebikes. Thanks again for this video.

  11. Title : Which Gravel eBike Should I Buy? / 6:49

  12. Jonathan Boutelle December 6, 2020 @ 8:10 pm

    what about the yamaha wabash?

  13. Gilligan Phantom Presents Mobile Dwellings December 6, 2020 @ 8:10 pm

    Sweet video. Does anybody know of a gravel e bike that is a single speed? That’s what I’m looking for.

  14. Karl Siegl Folienart December 6, 2020 @ 8:11 pm

    I would buy the spezialized!

  15. Thanks for the video, I just bought a cannondale Neo synapse 1 and adding wider tires for fire roads but I came across the specialized creo now and I’m thinking about changing to the specialized. Any feedback on which to go with? I want a strong motor because I live on top of a ridiculously steep hill and it’s a tough climb for me. The cannondale is heavier with the larger Bosch motor. But the specialized seems to be quite strong as well.

  16. I have the cannondale synapse neo se, and I am having a blast with it. I ride it in a large city with a lot of park areas. While the motor does not much on the road avove 25km/h+ the e-bike’s fun starts off road. I am not a high performance road cyclist, so there is that, but I feel like the frame is agile and does compansate bumps offroad. Parts are mostly propietary (this is a problem which is not just tied to the brand because laws concerned parts are more in line with cars than with the everyday bike because beeing an e-bike) which will probably be the same for most e-bikes which is a turn-off if you are used to customizing your bike. For eu/ger the tire size is special too, so that is something to keep in mind. But in the end I am happy to have this bike which brings a lot of joy in my daily commute and spare time. What I mean by these legal constraints? I would like to oufit my bike with a flatbar. But law has it that the particular bike part from a different company needs to be released by the manufacturer itsself, so it is actually more difficult to alter the e-bike than altering a car where the part manufacturer is responsible for getting the permit opposed to the bike manufacturer to release the permit for that part (in the eu/ger).

  17. Specialized all the way for me!

  18. Full carbon chass-iss…

  19. So when you say "won’t break the bank" I interpret that as 1000.00$.
    Stating prices on these bikes would’ve been nice.

  20. Wooly Chewbakker December 6, 2020 @ 8:18 pm

    Electric Bikes are the next evolution in cycling for all types. We have had Dutch Style eBikes for some time. Now the road and off-road eBikes are becoming much more desirable.

  21. After my back surgery I have been looking at not getting back onto my emtb but one of these. Not sure they are any better than my Levo with gravel tyres? On road I can just lock out the suspension, off road it would kill a gravel bike.

  22. They all look really impressive…but can’t get over how sleek the Specialized is! Also nice to see the use of the 105 Shimano Grupo.

  23. Why choose a gravel bike over a touring bike?

  24. Can anyone help out with advice on an entry level but robust e-bike for use on recreational rides for someone who is not old, is athletic, but new to road cycling (and had a looong break from mountain biking too)? Is there any reason not to choose the Canyon Roadlite:ON 7.0? Or should I just not be afraid of the more extreme position on the Endurance:ON 7.0? Are there any essential differences in the two other than riding position that are essential? (There’s of course the slight difference in included stock tires but those are easily changed)
    My intention is to ride pretty much but in a more enjoyable and less serious manner for the first year at least. Not extremely long rides. And almost always in the Alps (that’s why I’m buying an e-bike: don’t want to waste the whole day going at a snail’s pace uphill). I was thinking that I’ll probably like to do some occasional errands and other riding than just purely training on the bike too for fun and to enjoy cycling, though never any commutes.
    Also, any thoughts on Boardman ADV 8.9E, the brand’s overall quality and comparison to Canyon? I guess Canyon is a respected brand but seems like their aesthetics are less finished like how the Boardman has smoothed out welds while the Canyon looks a bit crude.

  25. Fly Rides Electric Bikes December 6, 2020 @ 8:28 pm

    Which Gravel eBike would you grab?

  26. Gotta love the gravel eBike!

  27. Hi is Cube bike available in the States. I know it is an European Brand. Thanks

  28. I’m pretty sure that using the word ‘acoustic’ to describe bicycles is against the Geneva convention.

  29. I like Hyper E Bikes the design. They are pricey though. I live in a Bike city now

  30. Got a turbo vado sl 4.0 last week, comes with 38c pathfinders on it. Same frame motor etc… as the aluminum creo, just with flatbars. 28mph assist the bike is a blast

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