Heavy Duty Fat Tire E-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack In Action at 70mph! | Vibrelli V70 Sport Review!

Heavy Duty Fat Tire E-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack In Action at 70mph! | Vibrelli V70 Sport Review!

Heavy Duty Fat Tire E-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack In Action at 70mph! | Vibrelli V70 Sport Test and review.

Vibrelli V70 Sport Assembly and specs video. https://youtu.be/PgqUKfZKics

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Readers Comments (28)

  1. I have a KAC model and the hint is to remove the hooks first then lower the vertical bar and it is MUCH EASIER to look the bike straight from the front. No sideways loading to avoid hitting the vertical bar.. Once bike is in place, raise the vertical bar, slide on the first hook and secure bike, tilt back up, and load the second/front) back, piece of cake! I love these things.

  2. Well done video. Thanks for the review.

  3. UNAVAILABLE on Amazon!

  4. Ever tried 2 E bikes in rack?

  5. Thanks for your review. The mounted rack held up well. By chance can you tell me which GoPro mount you’re using on the back of the vehicle. I use a cheap one but I normally Scotch tape the base to the glass for extra protection lol. Regardless if I get a cheap or expensive mount I like to tape it down for piece of mind cause my Gopro 8 black is not cheap.

  6. I am still impress with your bike rack video. I was so impressed I’m having a hitch rack installed on my 2011 Ford focus. My only problem is the bike rack on this video is only sold at Amazon I even checked vibrelli website and they sent me back to Amazon where is the only place it’s sold. Do you have any suggestions on where else I can pick up this item? And how strong is the center rack or stem that the bike rest on? Why I ask I see a couple reviews from other companies bike racks reviewers who states the center bike rack bends and disappears from their rear view mirror which to me is scary. Looking forward to your reply.

  7. Jeremiah…. awesome channel! Very informative and thorough reviews. After watching several of your videos over the last few days, we ordered 2 Lectric XP step-thru bikes, just this morning. BTW, your wife’s input really helped us settle on the step-thru bikes (height and hip/knee issues). Also, I like your reviews on accessories and will be purchasing some of the items following your links. Thanks so much!

  8. That’s a great bike rack. Holding really well. My Scion XB doesn’t have a place for a bike rack, so I’m glad the bike folds and will fit in back.

  9. What is the cover you have on the Lectric screen?

  10. That rack looks a bit flimsy to me. I’d be worried about metal fatigue with all that bouncing going on. Also the liability if it fails and crashes into a car behind you.

  11. Looks like a good rack, although I don’t plan to use one myself- just put the bike inside. Looks like your wife could use a new seat on her bike. Why do you not pull her seat post off and put it in the car?

  12. I had no idea that the Lectric XP could go 70 MPH !! 😏. Looks a little shaky to me 😱

  13. So that whole assembly pivots on a SINGLE bolt that has a wobbly fit to start with? Imagine after a 1000 miles of that bolt sloshing around n that joint? Thumbs DOWN. No way. And you guys who have 3 bikes and one is a heavy folder…and you put the non-folding bike in the car that has plenty of room…its time to turn off the cameras for a while.

  14. Hi Jeremiah, those bikes barley moved. There was no different in movement between 30 & 70 miles per hour. Great video, I’m convinced.

  15. I have the KAC Overdrive Sports K1 1.25” receiver and I used it for the first time this past weekend. Drove a total of 600 miles and the bike never moved. I know you have that rack also but the 4 bike rack and you know that is also a great rack. I did get the car to over 100 for a short time with the bike on it. and no troubles at all. I love the way the tire hoops work on my rack. Since I need a 1.25" I can not use this rack but you did a nice job showing it for everyone that can use a 2" receiver.

  16. The rack is $400 and having a hitch installed on your vehicle is $250. A better deal is to go to Enterprise and rent a little pick up.

  17. I’ve used hitch mounted racks for years. Never with an ebike however we load 3 regular bikes on and it’s probably close to 100lbs. They always bounce around a little as yours did… however we have never had an issue. Same Thule rack for 15 years now… probably 15,000 miles on it. I think you are gonna be all set with your rack for a long time.

  18. Well, I’ll have to check and see if a rack can be added… but I kinda like the idea of having my bike inside the car. I guess. LOL 😂

  19. I make a habit of not driving behind any vehicle with bikes in the rear, not everyone is as meticulous and responsible as you.

  20. Jeremiah, great video, as usual. I know you mentioned the bike could get stolen(previous video). Is it pretty easy, as well, to steal the rack when left unattended. The keyed lock doesn’t look that sturdy?

  21. Do you think this is better than your other bike rack the overdrive?

  22. I thought the rack performed very well on paved roads. What about a dirt gravel road? Thanks for sharing your video’s. I’m learning so much as I wait for my Lectric Xp to be delivered. I’m a new subscriber and think your channel it great. 😀👍🇨🇦

  23. C’mon, those bikes weren’t even worth the price of the rack… 😆

  24. logical

  25. Would love to buy one but was totally out of stock do you have another suggestion I have two Lectric e bikes.

  26. Vibrelli must be Italian for vibrate.

  27. I have a question about the lectric ebike display settings, when you set them do they stay set or do you have to reset them every time you turn on the bike?

  28. Thanks again for a great video on the e bike

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