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  1. The people not liking this video are jealous cause this was great!

  2. toujours aussi bon apr猫s qq ann茅es :))

  3. Love you guys. Thanks a lot for that!

  4. WOW 馃憣馃憣

  5. I will be here when it hits 20 mil views

  6. So pure, so good! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  7. Subscribed and "rang the bell" — thanks Nathan & Eva — great watching and listening to you perform!

  8. I always come back to this song 馃檪

  9. It’s so beautiful seeing them singing my favourite song.
    i wish you very happy life鉂わ笍

  10. OMG I just caught the harmonica flip! After at least 50 views 馃檪

  11. I’d bet that this beautiful, harmonious scene is a result of good parenting.

  12. really wonderful!!! I love it!!

  13. That was lovely.

  14. im here after my sister send this video, cuz she got it from her recommended videos too xd

  15. These guys are GREAT! If this can sound fabulous with the kitchen sink imagine getting them in a studio. Get going!!! Well done.

  16. Best cover I’ve seen till date

  17. Thanks for sharing! 馃榿

  18. this video is more than 7 years old now but it is somehow one of the best covers out there! Two talented siblings

  19. Why is the tempo so fast?

  20. So f-ing cool guys!

  21. You 2 have old souls in your voice. Tender and pure, It’s so natural Love the harmonica flip! . Great job!

  22. That was magic

  23. 1.4 million more hits than the "Official" video.. Way to go!

  24. I remember watching this years ago, and it just came up in my recommendations. Just as great as I remember

  25. You guys are really good!!!

  26. This is amazing

  27. Jades Goudreault December 9, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Wow 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ

  28. Lovely, two siblings just hanging out together and producing beautiful music and talented voices, keeping it humble and real… not all talented people need to be in a studio.

  29. Reanbrant Pacaldo December 9, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    hey guys, can i join your next cover? i can wash the dishes. hehehe

  30. I heard this in a video recently and couldn’t place where I’d heard it before. It was a studio version and wasn’t quite right so I searched a little more and found this version after so many years. Comfort. Gives me chills just like the first time I heard it

  31. They killed it. Awww man, I miss my sister

  32. Wow. What a treat. Came across this by accident – great talent. Going to look for more by you two.

  33. What the .!?"#"# …. Wauw .. just WAUW! <3

  34. I鈥檓 late to the party. Wow that was great! What guitar is that?

  35. thank you for moving me to tears

  36. beautiful voices wowoowowwow

  37. Nice move ^^

  38. I love this cover…always come back to it. Epic talent and a joy to my ears.

    This is real…馃憦馃憦馃憦

  39. I remember when this video first came out I鈥檓 so glad this duo is getting the recognition they deserve hope they鈥檙e doing well

  40. no matter how bad of a day ive had, this always manages to make me smile 馃檪


  42. positively delightful

  43. Volcan Productions Inc Vlog December 9, 2020 @ 10:11 pm

    George and Minx played Minecraft together for 1 hour. Later she tweeted that she hated all men.

    Andrea played Minecraft for the first time with George.
    She killed him multiple times.

    Dream remains heartbroken to this day.

  44. Just love this video. Thank you for making it.

  45. 1,3 people dont be exist

  46. Fantastic!

  47. Great job You two!

  48. The originals timing was perfect why did they choose to change it.

  49. This is beautiful!!!

  50. I really want that fox sweater.

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