HONDA CBR 1000 vs 125cc SCOOTER !?!? – Who do you think will win in this racing on a track

HONDA CBR 1000 vs 125cc SCOOTER !?!? – Who do you think will win in this racing on a track

Thailand is one of the country where everywhere you can see motorbikes, big and small. You might even noticed that your favorite parts of your motorcycle is made in thailand as they have very large industry in motorcycle parts manufacturing.

Thailand is also the small bike drag racing capital of the world. You can see is most thailand cities there are racing tracks designed for each motorcycle class. In this video you can see its a mixed racing of different types and class of motorcycle. from 125cc to 1000cc motorcycles.

With these type of racing and race track style. Your engine size will not really matter as its a race of skills and talents. Just because you have the fastest bike in the track, That does not mean you will win the race! on the other side even if you have the smallest engine in the track, it also does not mean you will loose the race.

An example is this video where a 125cc yamaha mio scooter race with other bikes and it shows how nimble and equally fast to the 1000cc bigger bikes like honda CBR1000 and other brands like Kawasaki ninja, Yamaha R1 and Suzuki GSXR.

Its so funny and exciting to watch this small yamaha mio scooter to race with these big bikes.


if your answer is the small bike, Lesson learned here is dont under estimate the small bikes, They can win in the race!!!

Note: This video is for EDUCATIONAL,DISCUSSION, REACTION and for COMMENTARY Purposes only

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