Hottest E-Bikes For 2020 | Cycling Weekly

Hottest E-Bikes For 2020 | Cycling Weekly

As road e-bikes continue to grow in popularity, we take you through the hottest new models for the new season.

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  1. Выдвижная Пушечка September 21, 2020 @ 6:40 pm

    Is that possible to buy new 2020 road e-bike for 3000€?

  2. What makes the Canyon Roadlite ‘not suitable’ for Alpine passes? Just the slightly more upright riding position? I’m not old but new to road biking, and was thinking that the Roadlite would be a good choice? It wouldn’t be too extreme in ride position, I’m a bit worried that if I buy a full-on road bike I won’t enjoy being so crouched over for long periods of time. I don’t see the point of maximising the torture of yourself for a few km/h more of speed since in the end my body will still get the same workout no matter what my road speed for that effort is. Also it being an e-bike that means that overall my progress will be swift enough.
    I definitely won’t use it for commuting or anything like that, but in the alpine area I live in it’ll still be fun to use on less serious recreational trips without any specific training purpose. I’ll definitely do some errands with it just to enjoy the nice weather sometimes.
    Similar logic as with the position applies to e-bike vs. non-ebike: I don’t need to have a ‘pure cycling experience’. With e-assistance I’ll still pedal for just as long (I plan my rides based on duration of the trip of course, my schedules are determined by time, not distance), but I’ll have a more enjoyable time since I can breeze past the long alpine uphills instead of them taking forever, and I’ll just transfer all that effort into a longer overall trip distance and therefore I’ll cover more ground, have more fun, and still have the same overall workout. My reasoning is that the lighter, less powerful e-assistance of the Fazua makes sense since on road riding you don’t use the assistance on level ground or downhills anyway, and the Fazua is more than enough for uphills. I won’t be doing massive 100km+ rides in the first year anyway.
    Anything else that the Canyon Roadlite is missing as an Alpine machine for a recreational biker due to being a ‘city bike’ (?) compared to the Endurance:On? Should I absolutely choose the Endurance:On for my short to medium distance alpine rides instead? What about Boardman ADV 8.9E compared to the Canyons? Is there a difference in quality, it seems to me that the finishing of the Boardman is better with the smoothed out welds at least?

  3. Did you look at the Cannondale NEO’s?

  4. No comparison just a promo

  5. when your like cycling but youre also lazy af. thanks but no thanks

  6. Great video mate but we hear so much about those e-bikes lately that we don’t know what to believe and they are not cheap….!! we would love a comparison test so we get the real figures and the truth, not what the manufactures claim. Also Pinarello has nice e-bikes. Thank you

  7. Fortunately my paper route just happens to pay 11,000 Euros!

  8. It really surprises me that you guys don’t mention the Orbea Gain range. They make road and gravel versions of the Gain, and at competitive prices. They’ve been in this market for awhile now, yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention them, why?

  9. Edward Villarreal September 21, 2020 @ 6:51 pm

    Solar powered cargo tadpole trike please.

  10. Why one would spec a dura ace over an ultegra group set on an e-bike is beyond me….

  11. The Treks look horrible.

  12. I’mm about to ordering the Orbea Gain D50 LR Ebike 2020, so want to know why you state otherwise. Any info and advice? I’m very new to cycling to work.

  13. Have you not heard of a Plumm Motorbike?

  14. Trek–Do you think People ever Steal $5000 30 lb urban carbon framed bikes with bosch componentry? My guess? Nah… might as well risk it. Maybe if youre willing to pay that much for a bike every place you ever ride has a special garage, but still everyone parks their bike in the same place when they go to the grocery store, or the post office. Just like a parking lot for cars…. except bikes do not have anti theft, and are not so heavy that they cannot be picked up. Maybe if trek sold insurance with their bikes it would make sense to buy one. As of now that concept is marketable to about 4 people with more money than brains.

  15. I have the Cannondale Synapse Neo. No mention of that!

  16. Trek has an amazing road e bike. Looks amazing and the engineering is number one. But you didn’t review this one.

  17. i didnt see this bikes when i took footage in 2020 toronto bikes show

  18. So Willier and Ribble claim to be the lightest, could you just weigh them both and let us know?

  19. What are ebikes like to ride once the battery runs out???

  20. Sad that the one thing that may get non cyclists out on a bike has such a high price entry point. I’m a dedicated long term cyclist but couldn’t possibly justify paying £5000 plus for a bike never mind someone who was buying their first bike.

  21. The moment I hear the word Free instead of Three and Sink instead of Think I get lost in a cerebral game of trying to figure out what he’s actually saying, and then once I sort out the translation I then start wondering what he would say if he actually meant Free instead of Three and Sink instead of Think…and…oh yeah, bikes, I was shopping for bikes.

  22. This list is very incomplete and you mixed road e-bikes and touring/gravel VTC. If you included TREK, why not CUBE with e.g. its Kathmandu Pro 625 , a serious competitor too. Then if you included road e-bikes too, you can also include Pinarello Nytro, Orbea Gain, Colnago e64, Bianci Aria, and other Cannondale and Giant. Then your list will be more representative of the current market.

  23. So the bikes cost seven fowsand pounds.

  24. do you get paid for this shit, i hope so. what bollocks

  25. What’s the best affordable road eBike?

  26. Camden cycles
    1 second ago
    Best E-Bikes Collection 2020 on Camden Cycles

  27. The moment I hear the word "customizable" it’s out of my price range

  28. They are electric scooters not bikes. I’m nearly 70 years old and ride a bike in San Francisco when I’m passed on hills by 20-somethings on electric bikes everytime when I look up I just think, pussies.

  29. Here come the Luddites…

  30. You forgot the orbea gain

  31. did i hear £7000 lol

  32. Theoretical Cyclist September 21, 2020 @ 7:31 pm

    E-bikes are only "hot" when the battery pack gets on fire 🙂

  33. Road ebikes make no fkcuing sense esp w the 25kph limit… Mtbs, yes because you have power spikes and hills

  34. You need to do some home work. You are conflating watt, watthour and torque into a big mess.

  35. Got a 2020 Giant Explore E+4 Hybrid & it is amazing!

  36. Hey what about the Pinarello Dyodo?

  37. yyour choice i no you born with silverspoon only you lot can afford

  38. Why bother you can’t peak performance !!! Ridiculous EU restrictions keep these from being fun 😬🚫

  39. So when the battery eventually dies after 10k miles you have to sling the frame. That’s Fukien retarded.

  40. The bmc specialized Wilier look amazing, but why…will a serious cycling buy this….take the bmc who will buy that…i love the idea of these for city commute or for my wife but as an avid cyclist I would just rather suffer vs the bike doing all the work

  41. Comedy prices

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