Hottest E-Bikes For 2021 | Cycling Weekly

Hottest E-Bikes For 2021 | Cycling Weekly

With all of its new releases, 2020 has been an exceptional year for electric bikes. We’ve seen the weight of bike’s come down, battery life increase and motor technologies accelerate away. We’ve seen the expansion of gravel electric bikes, further refinement of road e-bikes and continued proof that electric bikes make great utility vehicles.

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  1. Gabriel Fagundes March 30, 2021 @ 11:02 pm

    Great video!!
    GIANT are making good e-bikes too aren’t they?

  2. Like their automotive brethren, they have an awful long way to go in terms of development, technology and, most importantly, price before they become a realistic proposition for the masses.

  3. Completely off the wall, but the Super73. Not suitable for most riding, and probably enough to upset the constabulary, but damn its cool!

  4. Belt drive is the future of bikes….get on board!

  5. You lost me (aka you are full of crap) when you said the Canyon offers the range needed with a 500 wHr battery! Come on guys, this is an infomercial. Shame.

  6. When are you doing a review of the Belt Drive variants?

  7. I purchased the Orbea Gain in January and absolutely love it it’s only 7.5 kg in weight and is an amazing ride

  8. ‘fitness ebike’ is an oxymoron imo

  9. B.W. Vertrieb GmbH March 30, 2021 @ 11:34 pm

    Nice Video, short and informative with a cool selection of bikes!

  10. I’ve owned the new Orbea Gain M20 I for a month or so now I gotta say it’s a joy to ride. Yeah the ebikemotion x35 isn’t overly powerful but honestly that’s what I loved about it. The work I’m putting in is still mostly me. Also even unassisted it rides like a normal bike, which honestly was what sold me on it.

  11. manggala wirayudha March 30, 2021 @ 11:39 pm


  12. Thanks Nice group of bikes, what about the Bianchi they have some good ones. I hope you do a full review for E road bikes

  13. I expect to be passed by some unlikely riders in the future. I think I saw one last week on an open road, the guy looked fit and knew how to ride and wa peddling strong, but I was doing 30mph on a flat road which all I had and he passed me so fast I coulnt even see what brand the bike was and he was out of sight in a couple of minutes.

  14. Thanks for not featuring any under a £1000 bikes and making me feel like a fucking pauper

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