How And Where To Apply Frame Protection | Mountain Bike Maintenance

How And Where To Apply Frame Protection | Mountain Bike Maintenance

As mountain bikers, it goes without saying that our bikes are our prize possessions! We want to have an awesome time getting sideways on our bikes, but we don’t want to put a big scratch in the paintwork by getting a bit over enthusiastic! So what can we do!? Doddy’s got the solutions!

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3M tape goes by many names. 3M, Helitape, Invisiframe or frame armour. Whatever it’s refferred to as by product variation, it essentially provides the same purpose. This is to protect your frame from superficial and cosmetic damage that could happen during everyday use, almost like a second skin for your bike.

3M or Helitape is great as, being see through, it doesn’t affect the look of your bike too much! After a few months of riding you’ll definitely be thankful its there and won’t notice it at all! Some level of protection for your frame is a must if you’re conscious of stone chips on your paintwork. Either as a happy owner or if you’re always someone with re-sale value in mind, some level of frame protection is great for protecting your bike!

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I’d recommend using latex gloves doing this, keeps the oil from your hands off the frame/sticker kit!

  2. hardToSignUpHere December 19, 2020 @ 9:40 pm

    @1:39 "… just because the material has got a warmer feel to it." – don’t understand the logic behind this statement!! 🥴😲😲

  3. Austrian Freeriders December 19, 2020 @ 9:40 pm

    What to do when there are already some scars in the paint job? I have a black Aluminium GT Fury Team 2017 and it has some scars (only the paint job) on the upper tube.

  4. Hi sorry you can tell the diameter the seatpost this bike 30.9 iu 31.6

  5. On the 3M 8 mil it works and forms best by using a hair dryer or heat gun as you conform it to the curves of the bike.

  6. Solid advice and tips. The only thing I’d do differently is to save the most cosmetically visible/critical stuff for last, so I can get the hang of working with the material first.

  7. Really regret not knowing this when i first got my bike

  8. how difficult is the tape to take off after a few years of use?

  9. Max Kueppenbender December 19, 2020 @ 9:46 pm

    Which kind of alcohol did you use? I didn’t really understand.

  10. 6:37 not true that is the only place where I have chips not at the bottom

  11. I find 3M helicopter tape 14mill to be the best. Maximum protection and form-able. Anything thicker is tough to work with. I get mine off of EBAY. Some people sell it by the foot. Two things though… the fine print and make sure you get the CLEAR tape….made the mistake once of getting grey once. Also….VERY important… make sure
    the tape you buy is not to old….AFTER I bought some that did not stick well and was slightly yellow….I found out it had expired 10 years earlier. Get fresh
    tape that has not been expired for more than a 3 or 4 years for best results. JMO!

  12. Oleg Petelevitch December 19, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    From Australia took your advice and did my whole frame on my knew E bike ! With helicopter tape ! One thing if you have air bubbles use tip of needle and hair dryer to get it out little trick NOT MANY TELL YOU ! Thanks mate not many that care to tell you swat in the bike shops here !

  13. How much is that frame protector cost?any links where to buy it?thank you so much and more power to you guys!

  14. This is awesome
    I loved the last one
    I’m gonna get it

  15. You can use those rubber things for your cables like $4 for like 10

  16. How in the world did you manage to miss the most-often nicked area of the bike… the bottom of the bottom bracket and underneath the down tube?

  17. Would the ppf rip the stickers off?

  18. Can i use normal wd40 to clean the frame?

  19. Yo I have some hard scuffs on my bike cuz the chain came with contact in the metal under it so is there anyway to remove them?

  20. Also put the mastic tape on the underside of the upper triangle where the chain clicks slap.

  21. what if you have a matte frame ?

  22. Thank you a million for this video. I got a brand new full carbon cross bike and I’m gonna use it every day for my job.
    I was very worried about its beautiful orange body. I searched the whole city for some covering tapes and now, you gave me the clues. Cheers really.

  23. Rubber baking spoon works very well for patting the film down uniformly.

  24. Felipe Rios Moreira December 19, 2020 @ 10:00 pm

    Nice Oakley time piece 🤙🏼😎💪🏼

  25. To my BMC TE01 frame I used Solidworks (you can use Autocad) to draw some shapes on a A3 paper and taking some measures on the frame at the same time. When completed I printed in true scale and cut those shapes and then used tape to secure them in place and check if it was ok!
    Then printed another sheet and with a marker I drawed the outlines of the shapes into the 3M Scotchguard A3 protective film and cut it. Worked out so good!

  26. I covered all my before the first ride! it took me hours triming and sticking the film, but it was easy with the bike perfect clean

  27. Is that just black electrical tape you used on the chain stays?

  28. can i apply protection on the surface with small pain chips?

  29. I WATCHED LAST WEEK BUT I WAS LAZY SO IM TOO LATE. serves me right huhuhu!

  30. rubber mastic tape doesn’t have an adhesive? any help

  31. Will that downtube protector at the bottom fir the voodoo Zobop 2020 model

  32. If don’t have a heatgun or hairdryer can i use the sun light in 5-10 minutes to heat the alloy frame before i apply the isoprophyl alcohol and apply the sticker?

  33. Getting this on my new bike that ive been saving for currently i have a appolo evade with disk brakes but its slowly breaking so im gonna get a btwin 520 so that i have a smoother ride when im out and about on my paperound and going on light offroad rides.😁

  34. Hope you said “It’s a wrap!” when you finished filming 😀

  35. You mention the 3M self amalgamating tape for the chainstays, but doesn’t this product only stick to itself. How did you get it to stick the the frame without overlapping it on itself. Are you using the 3M 2228 or 3M 2229 Mastic?

  36. Great video! Nice and informative , straight to the point and excellent explanation of why the protection tape was being fitted where it was.

  37. warmer feel to a carbon frame? it may feel warmer to your hand, but it’s not going to feel warmer to an inanimate sticker! if the bike is at room temperature, it’s at room temperature whether it is carbon or aluminium. The only difference that might affect adhesion is the surface treatment, ie whether it’s glossy or matt.

  38. MTB riders look for any reason to buy useless accessories. Good job!

  39. Is that a nukeproof?

  40. I cant find a good tape like that. just kits that are shit because they force you to apply where they want it and won’t fit perfectly

  41. Ty great video!

  42. Does it loose its adhesive after time?

  43. I wish my girlfriend would know me as good as Doody knows Neil

  44. im the only one that doesnt care about the paint ?

  45. This is great for resell value my brand new bike with only an hour of riding already has the paint scratched from the cables running down the down tube.

  46. Hi gmbn, you won’t reply to this because your too popular, but do I need to have a specific frame protector for a specific bike?
    Eg need a canyon frame protector for a canyon?

  47. When it’s time to take it off does it ruin the paint or if there’s any stickers on the bike does appeal them off to

  48. Anyone else have a negative experience with the 3M mastic tape where both sides a pretty tacky and while it does quiet things down and protects the frame, it collects a lot of dirt and debris?

  49. I think invisiFrame ktis are worth it. £70 to keep your bikes frame looking almost new. Keeps re-sell price up too.

  50. I find that after 24 hours or so you can get rid of any trapped air bubbles by pricking them with a pin or similar and then spray the hole with a 50/50 water/isopropyl alcohol mix and rubbing the bubble with a rubber wedge, or even a Bic pen lid, will really get rid of the bubbles. I’d also recommend going around the entire edge of the decal to ensure that i is really adhered to the frame. This is especially effective on Invisframe.

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