How Does An E-Bike Ride Without The Battery? | Battery Vs No Battery

How Does An E-Bike Ride Without The Battery? | Battery Vs No Battery

We frequently get questions about riding an E-bike without the battery! So… it’s time to answer them! How do the kind of times you can set on the lighter bike with the battery out compare to when the battery is in and ready to go? Chris headed out to Flyup 417 Project to find out ⚡️

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Malsawmchhuanga Sailo April 12, 2021 @ 11:37 pm

    Can you ride e bike without pedalling

  2. Something _must_ be wrong with those heart rates.

  3. It’s all about riding up hill!

  4. Pretty fit to pedal up that hill with 144bpm… I guess I would be higher with the battery in and on

  5. pointless, why would any person wish to ride/push an e-bike uphill

  6. Karolis Borkertas April 12, 2021 @ 11:41 pm

    Amazing shots on this video !

  7. Nice Video. Question: Isn´t it a bit dangerous driving without battery inserted. I have a bit concerns because of the mudd, dirt and the battery contacts? Or is it not a problem?

  8. Pretty sure on some models the battery offers structural strength to the frame… Probably best to check manufacturer before riding with out the battery installed.

  9. RoaringChicken42 April 12, 2021 @ 11:42 pm

    Also known as: "When EMBN becomes GMBN."

  10. Heart beating out of chest at 144 ? Really? I’d try a hr belt my garmin watch is miles of when using the wrist pick up compared to a belt.

  11. They should have them set up to wear when you ride on a dead battery the movement of the bike should be able to charge it. Electric motors with magnets in them can be used like generators

  12. Late to comment on this – I enjoyed viewing the rides and the post analysis. I recently got a light trail use hard tail ebike and have enjoyed it immensely. Next target is an enduro style ebike for the more challenging trails. Thanks for posting the video

  13. Well at least, this answers my doubt about damaging the motor by keep pedaling when the battery goes flat.

  14. E-Bikes clearly let you shred much more than an analog MTB. That’s why they will eventually takeover, except in certain competitions/styles of riding

  15. Basically for me I just want to ride my bike on a flat path, just a bit easier for longer distances (I end up being fatigued when riding my bike, so the electric motor assist would help a lot for just more enjoyable rides and not an extreme workout every time)

    I probably wouldn’t need a battery if the electric motor is powered by my pedals (am I wrong?) Is there a thing like this out there?

  16. I’m not hating love ebikes want one my self but is Sounds like you’ve used the ebike so much you can’t ride n clear jumps on a lighter bike? WHAT? 😅😂🤣 that was a stupid statement! 🤦‍♂️ it’s too skittish can’t preload my bike cause it’s too light can’t clear jumps cause it’s too light can’t ride a berm cause it’s too light that’s basically what you said… so what did you do before you got a ebike? 🤪😅🤣 just sounds stupid….

  17. Is there an ebike have a switch to turn on/off battery source? So I can use it when necessary?

  18. How long are you My Friend?

  19. Mark H Hendricks April 12, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

    Did you adjust the pre-load for riding without the battery?

  20. Sebastian Gruchacz April 12, 2021 @ 11:53 pm

    I miss fourth side of equation – what about riding with the battery, but depleted 😉 Of course down the hill only, we all know how would the climbing go…

  21. Should have used a gravel bike. You could have got up that hill without ‘dismount of shame’…

  22. This is just the sort of comparison I’m interested in. As a suggestion, what about a ‘control’ reference of the time down the trail on a comparable non eMTB? I ask because here at Christchurch Adventure Park (chairlift), eMTBs are welcome just so long as they don’t have the battery installed (something to do with regulations around the carriage of dangerous goods – NZ govt policy, not CAP’s). So when I get an eMTB, do I keep my Canyon Strive for park riding or do I just use my eMTB with the battery out out?

  23. I can’t change years without battery on mine

  24. You missed out the no battery option for spesh riders, where the assistance randomly cuts out on the trail. Kenevo, Levo and Turbo Levo, has affected all my mates.

  25. D.R. LITTLEJOHN April 12, 2021 @ 11:56 pm

    Why dont bike parks allow emtb?

  26. Those figures don’t make sense. He was blowing out his arse and could hardly talk up that hill with no battery and the heart rate time was lower than in the van. Head scratch.

  27. Well; I have the Merida E 1 sixty there ain’t no riding with out a battery ; with electric gears , good but 600 dollars for a new derailleur not good , but love it anyway

  28. Squirrelsqueezer April 12, 2021 @ 11:59 pm

    We ride our Kenevos in the WMBP . It’s not a problem regarding weight on the roll up trays, as our old DH bike from the early days weighed about the same as an Ebike.
    However, I would be hesitant to hang it on the hook by its front wheel – only because I’m not certain the lift attendant at the top , could remove it without a struggle. Not sure if It’d be healthy for the front rim, either?

  29. 145bpm on the uplift?
    Slowest down.
    I wonder if they were gassing you out on the way up.

  30. The main problem I see with this test is you didn’t change your suspension set up between riding with and without the battery. The test did show that you must be fairly fit to begin with and a pretty good rider to cope with a poor suspension set up.

  31. daniel charlie fernandez April 13, 2021 @ 12:04 am

    nocee, I´ve done the same and felt the same

  32. An EBIKE that has a removable battery and removable motor system would be a total game changer on bike industries which allows you get some fitness time and fun both. 🤔🤔

  33. I have a Yamaha first gen motor, no way you could ride up a hill with the drag from the motor.

  34. You can see he needs an ebike

  35. Why is your heart rate 145 in the back of a van? And higher than pedalling with the motor?!

  36. It doesn’t make sense to me. Everyone complain about weight and now this guy say that 19 kg was bad and 22 was great. Just wtf.

  37. When I saw the heart rate so high going up in the van I imagined it as some sort of flintstone’s type vehicle where all the passengers legs are the actual drive system.

    I came into this video expecting some sort of analysis of different motors and their drag. I think direct drive hub motors have the most drag but geared hub motors can freewheel completely without drag and mid-mount motors vary enormously depending on design. The old Bosch motors had a lot of drag but the new ones are massively improved in that regard. I was hoping for some analysis of the different brands of motors and how good they are when the battery is flat with regard drag. I’m none the wiser after watching the video. I feel the battery should be fitted at all times to protect the contacts and in case it has a structural purpose plus it will also weight the bike as intended for use.

    Of course if you have a e-bike conversion with a front hub motor you can quickly convert it back to a normal bike by fitting a standard front wheel and removing the battery. You can then use it and take it anywhere as a normal bike. If its a lighter geared hub motor then you don’t even have to change the wheel it will freewheel without issues. I know that won’t get much coverage on this channel which is mainly sponsored by higher end e-mountain bikes but there are many advantages to hub motors not just price. In this scenario where you are riding to the top of a hill by road or track and then riding it purely downhill on a trail I’m not sure a mid-mount motor has that many advantages, the extra torque is only really beneficial for steep inclines off-road but any hub motor will get you up any road going up hill. Admittedly a heavy direct drive hub motor is probably not ideal on the front for downhill tracks it would need to be on the back but a light geared hub motor could be on either wheel. Unfortunately like mid-mount motors the geared hub motors have more moving parts and therefore a shorter life and require more maintenance although still probably more reliable than most mid-mount motors.

  38. My ebike has a dead battery its like riding with a flat tire not easy but it can be done hope your going down hill, Not looking forward to buying a new battery $$$ money.

  39. Load of rubbish! Sorry can’t grasp this E-bike stuff so unsubscribing. Sorry.

  40. Actually you can take a electric mountain bike on an airplane as long as the battery is smaller than 500wh

  41. A bicycle with a battery is too heavy for a chair lift? Bwah, it’s junk! We have motorcycles/dirt bikes. After looking into the cost of a serious conversion and/or e-mtb I’m thinking that’s crazy. E-mtb is too heavy to be a bike and not enough power for the fun of a motorcycle. Just keep it pedal and by a motorcycle. If you want true, man power take an RMZ-450 for a ride.

  42. Come on, there’s no way to transport batteries of that size on airplanes? At all? That’s fucked up. What about sending it ahead of time by delivery service?

  43. Do a video between the lightweight bike vs electric bike up hills

  44. If we want to eliminate the speed limit in downhills, can we turn off assist mode and enjoy speed? or we still have to struggle with that strange limiter? I will be appreciated as it really on my nerve and I couldn’t find any proper answer to this.

  45. Your battery is weak

  46. Does it harm the motor if I use an e-bike often without battery power (just put it off but leave it on the bike).

  47. Bike parks do allow mtb
    All ebike can have the power switched of at any time
    Taking the battery out does not make it not an ebike the weight of the motor in the middle doesn’t change
    Like a lot of these videos , there is an agenda that’s not made clear to some
    There is no speed restriction on any ebike , just a limit to what the battery will help you reach then you can go as fast as are able under your own steam

  48. What I am missing is some explanation *WHY* the bike seems to handle less desirable without the battery … given that „normal“ bikes weigh far less than an e-bike without the battery but still seem to handle better. I sounds logical to expect that the handling would improve without the battery …

    Is this because of the weight distribution over the rest of the bike? So the balance might feel off without the battery?

    Anyway … interesting topic!!

  49. My e bike is like a dead weight without the battery

  50. PS4 Custom Gamer April 13, 2021 @ 12:35 am

    My 1000w BBSHD bike weighs 23kg with a 4kg battery

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