How to add any LED lights to an electric bicycle

How to add any LED lights to an electric bicycle

Ebike headlight:
Headlights and taillights:
12V LED light strips:
36V Ebike-specific headlight:
DC-DC converter for ebike:
Switch for lights:

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  1. Question for Micah and everyone else, it’s it easier or better to convert a multi speed bike to electric or a single speed bike? Or is it just personal preference?

  2. December Ysabelle Ico April 10, 2021 @ 11:34 pm

    Hi! Can you make a tutorial on how to connect tail light / brake light on escooters? ^_^ thanks in advance!

  3. Good video very interesting yes a good point why not use a converter, they can be kept reasonably waterproof like other items on your bike.

  4. I have been using LED strips on my bike and trailer for a couple years now (when necessary), but the power in the battery is the most valuable thing I carry. I use a dynamo hub for most of my lighting needs and use it to charge power pack(s) whenever my bike is moving. I have even used my front wheel as a small water wheel one night and woke to a fully charged power pack. LED’s are great but I rarely tap my drive batteries to run them. It’s like using my water in the Mojave to keep the rims clean.

  5. awesome video you know I am going through this now. Thank you for the shared knowledge 馃檪

  6. Can I use a 48volt front hub motor as a generator to keep 48 volt battery on rear wheel charged?

  7. Finding 36/8V lights is not a problem. But store-bought ebike battery has only female socket where you plug the controller in, you don’t want to mess with this socket. You have to open the controller, find 36/48V output, solder the lights wires to it and solder some ugly connector outside the controller box. That is, if you get lucky and controller box is accessible. Those blue bricks in the video are for DIY crowd, maybe 3 years ago more people were making their own ebikes but now it’s gone out of style.

  8. Torrington Park April 10, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    Bro I need your help

  9. I use a rear button light for the moment but, do worry about the future so will look or a front charging port light thanks!

  10. Ismail Adiputra April 10, 2021 @ 11:45 pm

    This is great! How do you actually connect it to the batter? attaching splitter on the batter leads?

  11. Great clear presentation but didn’t help my search. I have a 48V 1000W e-bike and I want a good strong durable headlight to the handlebars. My controller even has a plug ready to connect a headlight to it. However, I cannot find a headlight with anything but bare wires in the end which means I have to be a connector expert to know what male connector to order. If you could kindly point me to headlights that have connectors ready attached to simply plug in to the white ready installed female connector on the controller, I would be extremely thankful. If you shave your legs, I might even marry ya!….LOL

  12. What about the amperage? Im running a 5p 15s battery 馃攱

  13. bb1983 Snakebite April 10, 2021 @ 11:47 pm

    dont you think your bike is "glowing" way to much and that you are a danger on the road ……

  14. Would it work to put two of the lights with built in DC-DC converters in series or parallel? I’d like to run the lights in parallel with the motor off my battery (assuming the lights will only pull what they need), but wasn’t sure how to approach lights with built in DC-DC converters, as far as whether the lights relation to each other should be series or parallel. Any thoughts?

  15. Why is running your own dc-dc converter a "cop-out" or "cheating"? It opens up your options to the lights you can use instead having to use one that has a built-in converter. Running an external converter opens you up to a lot more options or brands you might be partial to instead of having to hunt for one with a built in converter.

  16. Micah 馃憤馃憤馃憤

  17. I have AXA 6v lights. How can I make it work?

  18. Do you know the name of the cables that split the connection from the battery? So I can add the lights to the wiring.

  19. Super helpful! Thanks!

  20. Princess Leila Daco April 10, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

    Can you make a video of those 4 led strip lights wire series and where did you connect it. Im also using a 48v ebike. Thanks and ride safe.

  21. hi sir good morning.can you help me how to install 72 volts to 12 volts converter

  22. bruce sweatman III April 10, 2021 @ 11:56 pm

    There is a third way?? wire 12v dc led lights where you want them, then add a switch and run them on a separate 12-volt battery to run the system, and save power draw from your main battery. Since the lights, your mounting is staying with the bike make the wiring clean, permanent. This way no extra part to foul up your main drive system? if the lights system fails your main power there? just like in a car or plane keep power system separate and have fewer problems. Just an idea that I would do. OR?? the old ways days leave your lights on come back out a car is dead or e-bike? having the light system separate this problem could not happen?wOULD NOT THE EXTRA DRAW FROM YOUR L.E.D. GIVE FITS TO YOUR B.M.S.? What do you think of the idea? input is always welcomed!! Thanks to you the most costly parts of e-bike are the frames and batteries, but thanks to you I, am making batteries, and now my own designed bike frames!! Save a lot on overhead, and let me have just what I want, where I want it?? like playing mad scientist at times but such a blast, now on to my next project, a paramotor electric that lasts more than four hrs. have it up to three now but want that last hr. for the customers!! they would love it, and deserve it!! weight is the factor.peace.

  23. Antonio Galluccio April 10, 2021 @ 11:56 pm

    My kit has a 5v connector to install a front light that did not come with the conversion kit. How can I use that?

  24. How do I wire for my 60v bike?

  25. Hi Micah. I love your helpful videos. I’ve been thinking about using your 4 x 12v light strip setup, with the white in the front and the red in the rear. it occurs to me that if one were to add a flasher somehow it could also function as turn signals. I just don’t know how to do the flasher thing. Anyway, thanks for all the great ideas and tips. Keep ’em coming, please.

  26. Can I use a 48volt front hub motor as a generator to keep 48 volt battery on rear wheel charged?

  27. Sir. it’s safe to use my light here’s the info (+/-12V-85V) it was written that way for my Ebike 48V 20A?
    please reply. please.

  28. Freedom Transportation, Inc April 11, 2021 @ 12:01 am

    Do you have a video that shows how to add a USB outlet from our battery? I have searched everywhere and couldn’t find a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

  29. How bad do the LED lights draw down the battery?

  30. Subscribed.
    Thank you for a "Insightful" video with some Excellent UTubers’ commentaries contributions…
    "Ride to Live + Live to Ride" plus a Multiple Survival Tip #1 " Assume that 1/3 of the caged drivers can’t see you; Another 1/3 of the Mad Max Road Warriors are trying to kill you because of their road rage; The remaining 1/3 Will not see you because of a DIU-DWI and/or driving while distracted on their smartphone and/or other (emotional?) distractional issues!
    Three Thumbs Up with a many pleasurable and safe miles of riding for everyone!

  31. So much easier to just get wheel brightz….

  32. Angelito Aramil April 11, 2021 @ 12:05 am

    I have a 3wheel ebike with 60v battery.if I put a 6strip lights on my ebike, will this strip led light can consume my battery fast if use it for let say for 45minutes running motor?

  33. How to install a second light on your e-Bike very easy, i dit it also like this and i am very happy about: 鈥媓ttps://

  34. Thanks i looked everywhere for this information because i have a e scooter and i want install two more headlights, but it says dc12v-80v . So i was confunse , it means that i can use power source from 12volts until 80v correct ,my scooter is 52v 18.2 amp .
    So i want add two more headlights i should make them in parallel or series ?
    You was the only one that i found after one day looking and asking people for this matter .
    I hope you can help me with this i would be very thankful.

  35. Useless, Why not tell us to duct tape a flashlight to the bike frame .

  36. There are a few problems with some of this advice. Mainly, wiring anything directly to the battery introduces another quiescent current drain through the extra DC-DC converter unit(s). (Although a standard western component should be at around 100uA, the cheap Chinese eBay units (0:28) can be as high as 10-20mA each, and one would suspect that the ones built into cheap lights would not be the best.) This drains the battery when everything is apparently switched off, unless there is a primary switch on the battery itself, or at least upstream from everything else.
    Using the recommended solution (lights that each include their own separate buck converters) merely multiplies the quiescent drain problem – each one sinking up to 10-20mA. Although this is small, it is important – if a battery is nearly depleted, and left for some days, this is non-trivial for the many batteries that have no main switch. Storing a bike for a couple of weeks in an empty house could be disastrous, or worse if occupied.
    Also, although the BMS will have some measures built in to recognise its own very small quiescent drain, this may not watch the charging port, and might over-discharge the battery if current is drawn from this port. Depending on the chemistry used, this too can be incendiary. The video above ignores the fact that type and condition of viewers’ batteries is not known.
    A full 10Ah battery will be depleted by 2 low-quality buck converters in about 21 days. A quick search on Endless Sphere shows someone whose battery dropped a couple of volts in 4 days with such an arrangement. Even in the best case, a good DC-DC converter at the 40V range can achieve around 300uA ‘standby’ current, which will drain a battery from 10% (a typical level at which one might be stored by a careless owner) in around 3 months.
    Giving general advice to novices about specialist, potentially dangerous matters seems unwise.

  37. I didn’t know you could get lamps with converters in them – thanks for that! I used a buck converter to drop to 12v – i also use it to power indicators & its okay, i made an effort to waterproof it with dampstart on the pcb. The 12v lamps in series should all draw the same current or close to it.

  38. I found that LED strip lights and most led lights like 9v batterys. Could use the 9v battery indpendantly and leave your main battery for the turning wheels. Create a seperate charging with recharge able 9v battery. charge and swap when you need it. A option anyways
    still learning BMS like stated below

  39. justinspirational April 11, 2021 @ 12:13 am

    Thanks for your video..How do you connect the led strips in series to your 48V ebike power supply and be able to switch it on and off please? Will having to connect 4 led strips in series means you are limited to how you attach to your bike frame (ie. Can you only install the strips 4 rows thick in parallel or can you still have one or two of the rows of the four strips installed and the other one or two rows installed elsewhere on the bike? Thank you

  40. "in series"? Means nothing to me. And you can operate lights by plugging into the charger outlet?

  41. can i just tap the 12V from my battery pack?

  42. what a fuckin joke honestly, a 48 volt ebike lol that’s 20 ah you are talking about here, 48 volts of lights on your battery while you’re riding has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, never mind this guys waving his hands all over the place like a fuckin idiot, ps 48 volts LMAO whats the point

  43. To confusing.

  44. Is it possible to turn off the lights while still running the lights?? How would i add a switch?

  45. Not simple enough. My battery has one plug to my motor. I don’t know how to connect a new plug.

  46. i just bought a dc to dc converter and plan on mounting it to the outside of my e mountainboard. im building a 36v battery 10s12p abd all i want to do is to add USB charging somehow and run these smaller 5v blower style fans inside the chassis to try and put some airflow over the BMS and the pack in the hot summer months

  47. You still have to use a switch for the lights to turn them on and off so there really is no advantage of using either of the methods so I’m not sure how would a dc to dc converter be a copout?

  48. how do I give the leds power from the battery?
    (electric scooter)

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