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  1. Does anybody know how long do them extend? please let me know thanks

  2. So, obvious issue here is that the heights are pre-fixed by the manufacture. You can get around that by determining the perfect ear-height and than securing it with pipe clamps right where the upper pole goes into the lower pole. Just tighten them real tight and it’ll hold an elephant up there.

  3. Ok good

  4. how tall are they plz

  5. Quick feedback here: I bought your monitor stands because of this video.

  6. For those wondering what to do with the spikes, use the 6 silver nuts for the 6 spikes at the bottom of the stands. It’s to stabilize the monitorsstands if you have carpet. Hope this helps

  7. I looking to buy this stands. Do I need to buy also isolation pads to put under the monitor if the stands already got this vinyl ( 1:50 ) ?

  8. do u use an apollo interface

  9. Is this a jojos reference

  10. what kind of nails does it have cuz i lost them and i don t wanna buy new ones

  11. Mine didn’t come with the bracket nor with the screws

  12. Does it come with the long bolt? I don’t see mine in my package and it doesn’t show them on the picture on your website

  13. Mine came with 6 odd looking silver screws and 3 silver coins ?

  14. What’s the other hardware for? Plastic clips.

  15. I purchased the stands, and they are excellent – they work great! However, (#1) the manual is the worst I have ever seen. It doesn’t cover what you do with the large amount of hardware in the polybag, so I built my stand and had the metal brackets left over, the plastic clips left over, etc. Afterwards I ran into this video and now I get it… but that manual itself needs a lot of work. (#2) also when you put on the rubber sheets on the top plate, you have to cover up two holes on each top plate. What are those holes for? Thank you.

  16. Hi, what is the dimensions of the top square plate where the speaker rests?

  17. I find the monitors end up to unprotected with those stands… I cannot trust them, I wish there was something like PA stands for studio monitors.

  18. vaja resoluzión November 27, 2020 @ 8:48 pm

    Did he placed te plate with the sides facing down, while at the end those seem to go up(?) emai clear?

  19. Aaliyah Jade Brown November 27, 2020 @ 8:48 pm

    where can I buy the screws separately ? I’ve moved house had to dismantle it and must have misplaced some

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