How to Buy an Electric Bicycle, eBike, Under $1700 in 2021 – Shop owner over 35 years experience

How to Buy an Electric Bicycle, eBike, Under $1700 in 2021 – Shop owner over 35 years experience

Electric Bicycles aka eBikes are becoming more popular every day. They are fun to ride, increase your ability to go further, faster, and provide an outdoor experience during COVID for folks of any age.

However, BUYER BEWARE! There are plenty of possible bumps in the road when buying an eBike. This is one purchase that you don’t want to buy online.

Lloyd Bumstead is the owner of Bumstead’s Bikes, the oldest bike shop In the US under the same family ownership, founded in 1909. Lloyd has been working in the shop since his teens and owner since his 20’s. The shop was a Schwinn shop for many years, but has been Trek for the last couple of decades.

Lloyd has been selling electric bikes for several years and has had a chance to carefully consider a number of brands and models. He has reached a number of clear conclusions regarding the way you should look at a possible purchase, including multiple wrong turns you might make if you haven’t seen this video.

While bicycles continue in strong demand and short supply in 2021, Bumstead’s has been able to get a supply of electric bikes. Come by the shop and check out the options.
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Video Produced by Randy Kirk and Associates

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  1. Great video! Thank you I purchased AVENTON LEVEL hope to have it by March.

  2. Alexander Belov April 8, 2021 @ 11:14 pm

    Great content, Sir!

  3. Paul-John Charron April 8, 2021 @ 11:24 pm




  4. Me with DIY 48v 1000w ebike using it to commute to work: 馃憖

    But seriously, he is right. If you don’t know how to fix ebike, you should buy an ebike from the shop.

  5. It鈥檚 great that you sell eBikes with LBS assembly and support at a price of a mail order bike. I was very impressed with the Aventons I saw in your shop a year ago.

  6. I bought a radmission from the radbikes store here in Vancouver and got very lucky because they actually had one in stock. I’m not particularly mechanically inclined so I was very happy that they put the bike together for me too. I did much research before choosing rad and they seem to have excellent customer support and the bikes are solid quality products. My radmission is the midstep which gives me really good stand over clearance and it looks great as well. It’s got good kenda ebike rated tires, tektro mechanical disc brakes and heavy duty spokes. All in all its a great bike and the shop is only about 40 minutes from home for whenever I may need to get there for anything.

  7. Tony in Rancho April 8, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    Excellent video. By coincidence, we bought 2 Aventon Level models yesterday, before seeing your video. Having just viewed it, I’m feeling even better about our decision to buy locally rather than from a competitor that only sells on-line direct to consumer.

  8. Out and About on the Bicycles April 8, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    Thanks for the video it was very informative lucky for us we have a Averton dealer here in Co. Springs, CO. Can’t afford the Level will be getting the 350 W step thru basic models for the wife and I. Too bad we aren’t in your area, we would never buy a bike from the internet, much prefer a good bike shop! 馃檪

  9. Andy K. Liberman April 8, 2021 @ 11:37 pm

    Lloyd- good, helpful presentation. Luckily, I picked Aventon (uh VENT’ tun). Mine’s a PACE350 Step Thru. My issue right now, after getting my bike in March, and riding regularly locally here in Santa Monica since then, is the brakes. I need to regularly have them adjusted. Is it hard to do it myself? Thanks.

  10. My ebike cost 6K 馃槵

  11. Great video keep making them plz very informative a really great job ty sorry 鈿♀湆锔忦煔拆煍モ殹馃挜馃憤馃獝

  12. Hey LLoyd , found this video on ebikes and there you were, So nice to meet you today and I must say after I test drove this E-Bike today at your shop I was sold on this Great bike. I cant wait to pick up my new bike.. Thanks again for your information and friendly service and letting me test drive this awsome E=-bike…Cheers J.Q.

  13. Richard Rivest April 8, 2021 @ 11:43 pm

    Hello to you i would like to know which ebike you can advise me between the ride up 700 and aventon steph thru tank Richard from Qu茅bec

  14. Boardwalk Bullies April 8, 2021 @ 11:47 pm

    I no longer have the only level step through video on YouTube. Lol.

  15. Thank you for the video! I’m kind of a gambler: I like so much the Aventon Level Step-Through that I bought it even though I live in Lima, Peru… where nobody has ever heard of Aventon. So, wish me luck. However, I’m curious about the handlebar of the bike in the video because it is not the handlebar the Level Step-Through comes with. I requested Aventon to change mine for the 500麓s handlebars before shipping but they declined my request. Which handlebars did you put on your bike?

  16. Great video. I wished I had seen this before beginning my research! I am considering this bike after research and actually trying it out at Piedmont Bikes in Winston Salem, NC.

  17. AwesomeAlex! Adam April 8, 2021 @ 11:50 pm

    Thanks Lloyd you addressed some areas that no one else has and it’s appreciated Thanks again

  18. Great information, well delivered, but please kill the music while you are talking. It is distracting and makes it hard to focus on your content.

  19. Great video but I would like to ask what your opinion is of the 1 Ride Up?

  20. Great video! Thanks brotha!

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