How to Choose The Correct Bike Size

How to Choose The Correct Bike Size

Choosing the right sized road bike is essential. James and Chris explain how to chose the right frame size as well as how subtle changes to parts of your bike can affect the way it feels and performs when you’re cycling.

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Frame size, stack and reach as well as adjustment to the saddle and handlebars all have an impact on how a bike feels and handles. This video helps shed some light on all of these things to help you make the best decision when deciding what size is best for you.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. My hair is Full of hair January 8, 2021 @ 10:36 pm

    The problem with the GCN videos us they only use top end bike as an example. Nit everyone has them.

  2. Lets make it complicated then

  3. i love how he sounds like james acaster

  4. Really wondering what year version your Orbea Orca Aero Disc is? 2018 or 2019? Really hope you answer me. Thanks!

  5. I take it, ‘long and low’ means you want to be riding an out and out road bike to go on w/e sprints with mates on, and a more upright position means you’re looking more for a bike to go touring on and also commuting on.

  6. He had no problem sitting on his saddle. I have to pedal and make my way to sit on the saddle. Do I have the wrong size bike?

  7. I got 2 size up with long wheelbase hybrid… everything is adjustable in wide range, after some custom parts added. Currently planning to install pedals lowering joints to get better pull and also to lower my seat all the way down , that way my feet be able to touch the ground when I stop. I like my setup . With big tires it looks more like a motorcycle to me.)) Sweet big bike

  8. I’m only 5′ 8" tall, but I ride 58cm road bike frames as I have a rather short torso, but long arms and legs. I’ve even had people refer to me jokingly as "Monkey Arms". 馃ぃ

  9. At 5’8" I ride a Medium size bike, but next time I’ll but a size Small.

    The frame size chart usually indicates a split at 5’7" from small to medium.

    It’s more comfortable, at least on a MTB.

  10. That Pinarello is so pretttttyyyyyyy馃槏.

  11. Couldn’t quite get the trick hoe to find the right size of the bike..

  12. Find a reliable online bike size calculator. Done.

  13. That hip angle is closer to 60 degrees! And good arms are around 93

  14. KUAN, Kevin Abiog January 8, 2021 @ 10:54 pm

    im 5"3 can someone help me find my perfect fit for this bike lol

  15. I’m 6’8 I’m always forced to ride bikes like 5 sizes to small of what I would be

  16. So much easier to make an mountain bike fit.
    Have one hardtail and one full suspension bike.
    Both fits me like a glove, super comfortable.
    The road bike was much harder to fit, and is still not nearly as comfortable, but then again I’m not so flexible.
    This winter between riding my full suspension with studded tires I will start streching out my body.
    Now I can just barely touch my toes from a standing position, I’m sure if I become more flexible my road bike will feel much better to ride.
    The size of my road bike seems good, I’m at the upper limit of my size falling almost between two sizes with 3 cm to go.
    Not my bike size that is the trouble is my body, lifting weights for years without streching out will do that to you.

  17. I’m short but i have longer arms and shorter legs. Finding a bike that is low enough for standover, but long enough not to have a 200mm stem is difficult.

  18. Covid here. Only XS sizes available. People be riding tiny bikes in style…..

  19. bro i need gsn jerrsy

  20. He’s hugging his bike 鉂わ笍

  21. Very improper video. You confuse people rather than help them. Just use simplicity you dumb fucks!

  22. Jannik Henriksen January 8, 2021 @ 11:01 pm

    My hight is 184cm but my leg length is 90/91cm… My hight says I should have a size 56 but my leg length says a size 60 (TREK) what measures are the best???

    Currently I have a Battaglin Stealth size 61cm… but to get the reach comfortable I鈥檝e changed the seatpost to a zero setback and the stem to a 90mm with at 75mm reach handlebar… The bike feels good but it鈥檚 a little lively on descends…

  23. I’m 5’0 and wanted to buy 26 inch road bike. would it be too big for me?

  24. Ludvig Andersson January 8, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

    In the part where it says you need to have 40-45 degrees the angles are not 40-45. Can you explain what the correct angle should be?

  25. Umm, wut??

  26. I am a runner. Me knees have taken a serious beating over the yrs. So @ this pont I’m contemplating on crossing over to cycling. I had no idea how big cycling really was. & yeah how expensive & technical it can get to purchase the right bike for u. This video certainly helped in my search of understanding the cycling world.. thank u

  27. TyrannoKoenigsegg January 8, 2021 @ 11:12 pm

    You should always get a bigger bike so its easier to get aero

  28. best light with horn is on sale at

  29. Maria Esperanza Relente January 8, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    Very informative vlog.
    Thank you.

  30. Nice and clear understanding about this complex subject of Suitable Size ! Thanks !

  31. Christopher Thiel January 8, 2021 @ 11:17 pm

    I like that Dogma f12. Lets see if its affordable, 12 grand. Tears

  32. Who knows what the best bike for 2k is preferably cyclocross if possible due to being capable of many surfaces

  33. I just buy the smallest bike I can get away with as I prefer the feeling of a small bike

  34. Wonderful video, nice information about bikes, hope to get similar videos soon 馃槉

  35. Thanks I am indian cycle travler. Manoj bihar.

  36. I thought Stack was from centre of bottom bracket to top of head tube. Not the length of head tube as you demonstrated??

  37. Wow nice information and thanks for this

  38. You missed the freaks with long arms and legs who have no choice but to get a long bike lmao

  39. I use a professional fitter when deciding on a new bike. He has all my measurements and helps me make the correct choices. I bought my Niner gravel bike that way. Most comfortable bike I own

  40. What size unicycle should I ride …?

  41. What about wheel size?

  42. I now understand why the bikes in all these videos seem so small. All the cyclists are quite small! I’m riding to lose weight, but i’ll never be as small as these cyclists.

  43. 193cm tall, 37.5鈥漣nseam – stuck between whether I need a 61cm or 58cm frame (endurance geometry). My legs are quite long…

  44. I鈥檓 gonna get another beer, and stay on the couch.

  45. So is it normal not reaching the ground with your feet when you stand still on the saddle? @2:00 seems you have to bend on one side to stand while sitting

  46. Good advice. I’m beatwine 52 and 54 frame size. I’m choice 54 frame but clerance beatwine insade leg size and frame is 20 or 30mm . Reach I’m changed stem length and little bit upper (adjustable stem) .
    Someone ask me why? Well when I’m checking 52 frame I’m, don’t feel comfortable on bike and my position doesn’t be correct. And second I thought wheel with my shoes.
    Basically I’m always take one size bigger road bike 馃榿
    P. S Sorry my English 馃お馃お

  47. Wot o_O

  48. Wow pinarello ,

  49. I want max speed capabilities also

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