How to exchange the cassette / freewheel on the hub motor of your fat-tire electric bike

How to exchange the cassette / freewheel on the hub motor of your fat-tire electric bike

This tutorial shows you how to exchange the sprocket/freewheel on your Unimoke electric bike.

The standard sprocket has 14 – 28 teeth while the new one has 11 – 32 instead, giving you more torque in 1st gear and a higher top speed in 7th gear. You’ll still feel resistance pedaling even in the highest gear which hasn’t been the case with the standard sprocket.

This update should increase the overall range of the UNIMOKE, also making it more flexible going uphill.

11 – 32 Sprocket:

How To adjust your Gears on UNIMOKE:

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Hi, so I have the exact same freewheel replacement, the 11-34T DNP Freewheel. I had dropped off my ebike at a local bike shops to install the freewheel. They called me and told me that they need to perform a Rear Hub Overhaul to replace the freewheel. This would cost an additional $55, ridiculous. I think they were trying to con me. Does that sound right to you guys?

  2. Where can I get this sprocket?

  3. is this any good for a 26 inch fat bike ?

  4. sorry, i meant to say a larger sprocket,

  5. the motor plug for mine is huge that cassette tool would not work? What are people using to get around a huge plug?

  6. would it be worth changing the front sprocket to a smaller one for extra top end speed ?

  7. will the birzman socket fit over the bafang motor plug? did you have to modify or remove the plug? or will it simply fit right over?

  8. mywave78 wellowoody December 14, 2020 @ 10:05 pm

    I’m in love with this company and guys

  9. Super nice

  10. Can i get a free bike to advertise

  11. HI there, Got a question…This afternoon, When I tried to pedal, the freewheel is not biting at all, so I can move the pedal forward and backward, only freewheel turns but not turning the whole wheel at all. – what do you think the problem is? Thanks….

  12. Thank you, learned a lot 👍🏼

  13. Nice some tooth finetuning…

  14. FWIW, to avoid drive chain drop outs at the front sprocket, check your chain tension carefully , especially if you install a wider gear range cassette.

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