How to fold your GoCycle G3

How to fold your GoCycle G3

The Gocycle G3 is one of the latest and greatest electric bikes out there. This bike is lightweight, easily collapsible, and completely customizable. Want throttle? You can have it! 25mph? pedal away! The GoCycle App lets you control all the features this wonderful piece of machinery has to offer. You can check out more info about it on our website here:

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  1. worse folding engineering ever ! a folding bike which takes at least 5 min to be folded… the bus has the time to leave before !!

  2. $4000 馃檧馃檧馃檧

  3. I’ve had folding bikes exclusively (dahon, tern) and this looks like such a pain in the ass to fold. Not to mention those small pins and parts that can be easily lost. Looks like a terrible way to fold a bike and for $4500!!!. I’ll pass

  4. Thank you for the great videos! I love this bike, but admittedly, only have to fold it up twice a year so it’s not too much trouble. Just updated firmware and it solved a couple of riddles. Way to go, GoCycle!

  5. How silly, can you imagine going through that folding/ unfold-process daily, twice a day when boarding a train?

    May have its uses as a one off fold to take on a long journey once in a while in your car, but that鈥檚 about it. Impressive speed though

  6. Which colour is this Gocycle3? I know only 3 colors (Matt black, white and electric blue)…. Maybe is electric blue?

  7. pointless

  8. Thanks needed this as Gocycle totally fail to put Folding Into Docking Bag instructions in their manual which for 拢4K is totally crap!!!!!!!!!11

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