How to get parts for your electric motorcycle when you live in the middle of no where

How to get parts for your electric motorcycle when you live in the middle of no where

There are no Zero dealers in New Zealand, so how do I get parts for them? The short answer: Hollywood Electrics or AF1 Racing. Also, I hope you like the anime Outlaw Star, because it’s all over this video.

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Bike: 2015 Zero SR 12.5kWh, 2016 Zero DSR 13.0kWh
Gear: Huawei P20 Pro, GoPro Session, insta360 One X
Location: Wellington, New Zealand

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  1. hey man happy Christmas i take it that you still have got noting from lightning did you refund your strike reservation ?

  2. Nice clips. So many appropriate clips. I feel like they were almost broke more often in Outlaw Star than Cowboy Bebop.
    I’m sorry to hear they aren’t honoring the recalled item because of your location. Maybe you should start a go fund me to pay to get certified as a mechanic through Zero. I would happily chip in for that cause. Whether you can afford it or not I imagine some of your viewers would like to contribute. 🤑 That may also help Zero because they could assure you were giving trained and accurate info. I’m sure you are already extremely accurate any way. But would the certification prevent you from talking about aftermarket parts or being honest about poor quality mirrors? I’m sure you would like to keep full autonomy with your videos.
    Is your cat pregnant? That certainly didn’t look like kitty fat. 😸

  3. If you can find somebody who repairs handbags (those things women use) they should be able to fit a new zip, it should save your import fees.This is what is so great about living in the island on the other side of the planet here in the UK, we can order anythng from anywhere in the EU no extra fees apply! Oh, sh!t br…

  4. Great show as is my Bamboo electric bike, home built. Check it out

  5. I crashed with my cheapy Amazon mirrors and the ground just knocked one off. Seriously, it didn’t break, I just put it back on.

  6. You cannot show us a box and a cat in a video and then not show the cat in the box.

  7. Good to know about alternative sources. I forgot to get a spare belt when I got all my other parts on my last USA trip.

    My DigiNow 10 kW charger kit is en route! It might be here for Christmas! Merry Christmas to me! 😁

  8. all lives matter November 25, 2020 @ 7:25 pm

    i love it aye, ev owners really do think they are different to every one else, seriously its like anything that they dont here

  9. I love when your clips fit the story this well. Great work. Outlaw Star is a fun choice too. Y’know, I was actually wondering if you really needed to get Zero specific mirrors ad then you basically said you didn’t need to so, Question Aanswered! But wondering why you still don’t is probably going to haunt me.

  10. Like what you are doing very interesting, I own a super bike and was wondering if there is more or less engine inertia than a conventional inline four, I have variable engine braking and of course using gears and electric bikes have brake Regen just wondered if you know any difference?

  11. thanks so much for that I wanted to buy a replacement belt

  12. I got some Rizoma bar end mirrors to replace the elbow viewers that came on the SR/F. Expensive but sexy AF.

  13. *shudder* rusty craft knife!

  14. Haha serious ninja Outlaw Star action 👍🏼
    Sad that everything must be such expensive only because of customs 😕 Maybe there is some trick like we use here sometimes for single parts. the dealer can ship it as a gift. This way its dutyfree.

  15. Do you have a email address?

    Need to ask a few lengthy questions..


  16. You were supposed to show the cat playing in the Zero box 😉

  17. Nice videos but personally I find the anime insert annoying

  18. I love your anime parts. Great videos! Greetings from Spain!

  19. I have Zero dealers in the Netherlands, still I order at AF1 racing in America…. 😯

  20. From Zero Motorcycles:
    We at Zero Motorcycles have long been at the forefront of advocacy for tax incentives for electric motorcycles. Now, with the help from some of Santa’s little helpers, we were part of a coalition that got a massive EV tax incentive included in the new spending bill just signed into law.

    Starting today, new Zero motorcycles are eligible for a 10% tax credit, up to $2,500. This tax credit is retroactive and also applies to new electric motorcycles purchased in 2018 and 2019, which means recent Zero owners may be eligible for a surprise tax benefit from Uncle Sam!* For complete details, contact your local Zero Motorcycles Dealer today.

    We hope this message reaches you at a good time to help cut down some of the stress of the season. Also, from everyone at Zero, we wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season.

    Happy Holidays,

    Zero Motorcycles

  21. I really want to meet you with ur zero sr

  22. Was that an earthquake at 3:16 or just the cat purring next to the mic? We will never know!

  23. Cool video again. I like the clips you insert its pretty funny. What edited software do you use?

  24. What comes before second? pinaero™ of course. #firststrike

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