How To Get Perfect Gear Shifting On Your E-Bike

How To Get Perfect Gear Shifting On Your E-Bike

How your gears shift can make or break an electric mountain bike ride. Incorrectly indexed gears can jump around and on an e-bike with the added torque of the motor, it’s very important to have gears that shift properly. In this video Doddy shows you how to check the alignment of your EMTB gears, set the limit screws and correctly index them.

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Don’t forget to turn your motor off when performing maintenance on your e-bike.

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Readers Comments (44)

  1. My God at that derailleur position on the bike riding by at the start. Lol. Shift down a ring in front for God’s sake!

  2. I have a brand new lectric xp . bike. It shifts fine and everything you said was Chinese to me. But Mine wont shift up from 5th. t works fine on 1-5, usually but it will not go into 6 or 7. never. Since it is new, I dont think it could be something major, and I could only cause more trouble by attacking with provided allen wrench. (Co. did provide one) Im thinking barrel adjuster, like the one you use to adjust brakes? MAybe when i shift to 6, i need to realign the path with the smaller gear? If I move it by hand it willl travel back to lower gear. Ideas for a neophyte.?

  3. Once again, great job! I’d like to do this myself as soon as my new work mount arrives. And I might need this measurement tool for the chain as well 😄

  4. First off. must clean the chain. adding lube to old lube is a no, no.

  5. What wheels are on this bike ?

  6. Love the info. Hate the Democrat solicitation ads.

  7. I’ve got the EX1 on my new (2017)KTM Macina Lycan. I’m hoping to get more than 2 or 3 chains to the cassette…a new cassette is £340 (!!)…But When the cassette goes unless there’s been a huge drop I’m converting to the NX Eagle as the chain/mech/cassette/shifter can be had for under £200….(and it’s what the 2019 KTM has…..I can see EX1 dying a slow death)

  8. #ASKEMBN "Nice one Doddy very well presented"

  9. hate your editor. that song is so stuck in my head. what is the song called?

  10. if that’s what you call "basics" i’d hate to deal w/ the advanced techniques. 🙁 thanks for your knowlegeable contribution to the youtube community.

  11. You are a great teacher. Good job. I hope it is as easy for me as it was for you.

  12. Ace very clear! Thanks.

  13. Alternatively at indexing, you can just go completely up teh sprocket set once and see if it has troubling jumping over or down cleanly. Sound changes too

  14. Cheers Bro-absolutely gorgeous vid!

  15. Richard Lockwood November 26, 2020 @ 7:37 pm

    So…. brand new e-bike, I didn’t know how to check it, and shop said they had checked it.
    First ride last thurs night, and bam!!! Exactly as described here! I shifted down to 1, the chain came off the cassette and down the back!
    Broken 5 spokes, and now they’ve had to order another part. Wish I’d have seen this video before!

  16. ANTONIS PANAGOPOULOS November 26, 2020 @ 7:39 pm

    A WE SO ME video.
    Thanks a lot man!

  17. *We bought this for our grandson and he loves it.~~>**** It arrived on time but the front reflector was broken and the cable for the gear shift the housing was torn off underneath the rear wheel! Easily assembled!*

  18. Sixty Seconds of Stephens November 26, 2020 @ 7:42 pm

    I need to do this myself as I just haven’t mastered it as of yet.

  19. Best gear shifting video ever! I have Di2. Possible to make a similar video?

  20. Hello Doddy, remark: right chain length is crucial.

  21. Thanks for posting this,I did not know how to set it up.very well explained

  22. I have put the EX1 -speed on my bike but have trouble to make it shift correct.If I set the B screw correct , I have problem to shift up or down in the middle of the cassette. depending on the settings, the chains don’t jump down or up on one click .
    If I set the distance lower about half, then the shifting is better but still not perfect as I would expect from this expensive groupe.
    I have starting to use a 11 speed chain , that works much better but att 22mm I still have problems and have to run lower distance to make it work. I have checked that everything is strait, the hanger also. Any ideas how to solve this?

  23. I am buying a giant ebike and doesn’t come with a clutch, how much of a problem would this be? Thanks in advance.

  24. Sram Bscrew Sagged gap 1×11 gap=15mm Sitting on the bike is a better idea so the sag is done, maybe pull air from the shocks and set sag manually to adjust it nicely , it makes a bit of difference to have the right gap and also a straight hanger , like 500 bucks more of gear set for a bit of tweak ! oh and Sram NX dont ball race the idler wheels , GX is the lowest model with ok bearings.

  25. Roger Lindsay Tasker November 26, 2020 @ 7:48 pm

    Which Park Tool Chain Checker should I buy.. I have a Haibike all mountain Xduro with 11 speed?? Is it the CC-2?

  26. The rear xt derailleur on my giant full e+ makes quite some noise on the smaller sprockets if I don’t stop pedalling. What can this be?

  27. Doddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. It’s so simple to do…. until you give it a go yourself!

  29. Thanks for the dimensions

  30. John Wick: Parawarralellagram

  31. Great video, mentioning whether the mech hanger is straight is critical- should have shown the process of straightening one, often bikes at my workplace get the cables fiddled with and make things worse but nobody checks the hanger alignment first!!!

  32. that tyre needs more logos

  33. Thanks Doddy, that was the clearest and most informative demonstration I’ve seen on gear maintenance.

  34. Electric Mountain Bike Network November 26, 2020 @ 7:56 pm

    What else would you like us to address about E-Bike maintenance?

  35. What is sagged / unsagged?

  36. How long do chains last on E-bikes generally?

  37. Awesome, best explanation so far on YouTube

  38. Excellent video for a novice like myself, hopefully I can improve the shifting on my new e-bike. Any tips on how to eliminate rattly brake calipers also welcome.

  39. What kind of wattage are you able to run through a geared system before early failure presents?

  40. I need your wisdom please..
    Do you think a bent deurailler could be the cause of an ebike power cutting out?
    I dropped my e bike about a month ago and since then I can only use fourth gear as when I am in any other gear u can hear the chain clicking on the deurailler touching. Is the batter dying really quickly attributed to by the inability to change gears ?

  41. Never seen derailleur set up explained so well, good vid Doddy. 👍

  42. tractor restorations November 26, 2020 @ 8:11 pm

    Hello you probably won’t read this
    I’m having a trouble
    I’ve got a bergamont e trailster Pro its running the sram nx gear setup 11speed its 1st gear 42tooth
    I’m wanting to upgrade to a 50t

    I’ve seen the sunrace cassette 11×50
    Is this compatible with my hub abd derailleur
    Its quite confusing all the different options im not wanting to waste money in trying hence why I’ve asked

    Hope you can help



  43. What about chain length?

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